Map. History of Ukraine conflict

22 สิงหาคม 2018

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In Rada appeared bills to abolish the special status of Donbass and Amnesty of militants
Airfield Dzhankoy(based Mi-17,-24,-35, Il-76MD)
NATO's @PMBreedlove: 4 Russian "battalion task grps" remain "inside Ukraine." Down from 10, but they remain near border, ready to go back in
Italian politicians put on the session of the European Parliament white t-shirts with the inscription "No sanctions against Russia."
#Strelkov accuses "DPR" Deputy PM, Vladimir Y. Antyufeev of treason & sabotage in "#Novorossiya"
Protest in Philadelphia in support of Ukraine
Protest in Philadelphia in support of Ukraine
DNR welcomes the adoption of the law on the special status of the Donbass, if it means his independence
DPR fire self-propelled artillery shots
DPR fire self-propelled artillery shots
#Canadian and #Portuguese fighter jets fly side by side to protect #Baltic airspace @RCAF_ARC #CF18
Fountain in Dnipropetrovsk in colors of Ukrainian flag
Russian billionaire Yevtushenkov arrested
Leakage of rocket fuel at military warehouse in Orenburg region of RF
Leakage of rocket fuel  at military warehouse in Orenburg region of RF
Ukrainian President Poroshenko will address Canada's parliament on Wednesday
Poroshenko said that the law on the special status of Donbass can cancel if they will not work
DNR & LNR militias join forces to create United Army of Novorossiya
Burning Tires near Rada
Ukrainian parliament adopted Lustration law
Car of Zhirinovsky which was given to LNR terrorists
Burning tire near Rada
#Latvian TV program claims #Russian embassy in #Riga recruits mercenaries 4 #Donbass separatists
Russia sees no reason to respond to new western sanctions except in agricultural sector - Economics Minister Ulyukayev
Pro-Kremlin Tycoon Alisher Usmanov Buys Russian Social Media
Naryshkin: "The arms sale to Ukraine by NATO members interferes in internal Ukrainian affairs"
Rally near Verkhovna Rada
Former finance minister says Russia needs government investment to avoid recession
Bus with passengers was hit by a shell in Donetsk . 1 dead
Terrorist Pushilin: "Now no one will be able to call the militia terrorists"
Clashes near Rada. Police used tear gas
23-year-old Ukrainian soldier was killed in Donetsk airport
Russia must respond to situation in Ukraine by deploying a fully-fledged and self-efficient military contingent in Crimea - Defense Minister
MIA Deputy Min. on the special status law for Donbass: Result of the Minsk agreements, made under direct military threats by Putin
MP Vitaliy Zhuravsky was "lustrated" in garage container.
Tires near Verkhovna Rada
Russian drones violated the Ukrainian airspace near Transnistria
Militants in Donetsk captured Consulate of Poland and the Czech Republic - the NSDC
Major Russian Naval Exercise Underway in East Sea and Sea of Okhotsk
The Russian foreign Ministry outraged by the statement of the Prime Minister of Romania, about the imminent accession of Moldova
[email protected] has signed the law on ratification of the agreement on Association with EU
Ukrainian MFA @PavloKlimkin: I am happy
A deal to die for. Literally. Delayed but ratified. In sync. #EU-#Ukraine #AssociationAgreement #Strasbourg #Kyiv
Ukraine has ratified the association agreement with the EU, 355 for, none against, 26 abstained
Transparency of Ukrainian parliament.
Russian irregulars are trying to push the Ukrainian forces from positions in the area of Donetsk, Avdeevka, Debaltsevo and Schastya
#Rada adopted the law on the special order of government in some areas Donbass period of 3 years. For 277 votes
A big day for kids in Schastya, E Ukr frontline, starting school for 1st time. Council cleared shells fm school yday
Garbage container for lustration near Verkhovna Rada
The founder of the Ukrainian social networks WEUA Bogdan Olearchyk was beaten in the center of Lviv
Demo in support of lustration near Rada now
Russia, US may discuss compliance with intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty, timeframe and format yet unclear - Russian Foreign Ministry
Collapse of Russian economy. One more bank closed. Queue of it's customers in Yekateriburg
Crimean Tatar Mejilis, last place where Ukrainian flag is flying in Crimea, blocked by Russian militia
14 bodies of Ukrainian soldiers were found near Krasnaya Polyana
9 bodies, likely Ukrainian soldiers, show signs of gruesome torture. Most had eyes gouged out by pro-Russian forces
Russian humanitarian aid in Luhansk contains Ukrainian goods. Possible not delivered from Russia, but stolen in Ukraine
Putin hold telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel
NATO's Breedlove: "the little green men" script from Crimea is now noticed in Moldova and Transdnistria
Donetsk. Woodworking in Kuibyshev district is on fire
First Arctic project unaffected by sanctions - Gazprom Neft chief
Current ceasefire in #Ukraine threatens to lead to frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine says @PMBreedlove
#Lavrov: #US fails to set whole world against #Russia
Rally for "Joining Customs Union" in Moldova
Police detained three men who were going to organize the series of terrorist attacks in Odessa
Georgia will take for treatment 125 Ukrainian children from the Donbass
Azov Battalion fighters arrive in Kyiv
YouTube has blocked the page of Kremlin channel LifeNews
Ukraine's combat dolphins are now swimming for Russia
Russia's strength is being tested by sanctions imposed by the West, Medvedev says
Smoke rises over #Donetsk airport again
The European Union may impose new sanctions against Russia next week
Russian foreign Ministry: Statements of Riga on the elimination of Russian schools is unacceptable
[email protected]: recorded interview with ex-prisoner-policeman from Donbas.He confirmed,he saw "DNR" separ. beheaded the man before #Donetsk "parade"
The building of Mejlis in Simferopol was attacked by armed men in masks
Show in Luhansk
Bodies of 24 Ukrainian soldiers were found near Illovays'k
At the entrance to Dnipropetrovsk from Zaporizhye detained a car with weapons
Ukrainian children in London singing to raise humanitarian aid 4 #Ukraine
Ukrainian children in London singing to raise humanitarian aid 4 Ukraine
Kids of Moscow's school express their support for Ukraine
Putin and Russian NSDC discussed crisis in Donbass and Ukrainian-EU AA
MP and Putin's girlfriend Alina Kabaeva left the state Duma on her own
#Makiivka, Queue for water
The President of Ukraine hold a telephone consultations with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel
Poroshenko Introduced to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law on ratification of the agreement on Association with the European Union
In #Ukraine, Exercise Rapid Trident--Battalions from 15 nations,1300 personnel
Advisor of minister of Defense: the terrorists in the Donbas have nukes with yield of 2 kilotons
Truck of moto-club "Night wolves"
SBU detained saboteurs In Mariupol
Explosions In Leninsky and Kirovsky districts of Donetsk
A group of OSCE monitors was hit by mortar fire in Donetsk
Russian drone had violated the airspace of Ukraine tonight
Explosions near Kirovs'ke - Rozivka
Russian irregular troops parade military vehicles through streets of shelled Luhansk
Russian irregular troops parade military vehicles through streets of shelled Luhansk
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