Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 กันยายน 2018

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Russian EU envoy: West and Russia involved in active information war - 'and Russia is winning'
BBC statement on Ukraine banning @BBCSteveR and @Emmawells1.
Spanish journos Antonio José Rodríguez Pampliega, Angel Sastre in Poroshenko's sanctions list. They're in Syria, kidnapped by ISIS
The State Security statement reg banned journalists by @NSDC_ua decision to follow in the morning
Commander Joint Task Force Ukraine marks start of Canadian soldiers training Ukrainian troops this week
Unknown location
Ukrainian MLRS at base
Rail transport of Russian military equipment in Novocherkassk
Former US ambassador -Russia is recruiting fighters in eastern Ukraine to deploy to Syria
Russia’s isolation may increase - U.S. Department of State
Fire in Donetsk
Fire in Donetsk
Poroshenko approved the decision of the national security Council on sanctions against persons involved in the annexation of Crimea and aggression in the Donbas
Poroshenko Held a Skype conference with @BillGates Discussed the issues of cooperation with the Gates Foundation.
Kharkiv journalists honored the memory of Georgiy Gongadze and other killed journalists
Odessa - US & Ukrainian sailors train together
7 cars burnt in Kyiv for two hours
Lenin was removed in Svitlodarsk
The limitation of the right of veto in the UN security Council was supported by 73 countries - Y. Sergeev
Poroshenko urged the world to continue and expand sanctions against the Russian Federation for the decision to hold fake elections in the Donbass.
Zhebrivsky says it would take 1 week to establish Ukrainian jurisdiction on occupied territories if state border was controlled by Ukraine.
Zacharchenko: "DNR is independent state and will have its own elections"
Hug: extensive military movement, much of it away from the contact line, on the government-controlled side
Ukraine and Sweden have agreed on a currency swap for $ 500 million
Rada has terminated the agreement with Russia on the construction of the Khmelnitsky NPP power units
Verkhovna Rada calls on the UN to do everything possible to stop the Russian aggression
Rada urged UN to take all measures to stop the aggression of Russia vs Ukraine
"Right sector" will support Crimean tatars in blocking Crimea
Project 636, improved Kilo class submarine Novorossiysk transits northbound Bosphorus
Russian Navy Kilo Cls Sub is crossing the Bosphorus northbound at the moment. Escorted by TCSG 10 and P 1207
Canadian soldier salutes Ukrainian flag during launch of OpUNIFIER, Canada's military training mission in Ukraine
In Odessa refugees from Luhansk region organized tent camp
Strelkov: Russia will hand over the Crimea to Ukraine if step down at Donbas
GRAPHIC. Russian propaganda agency "NewsFront" showed movie "American Provocation. MH17". Blames US and Ukraine in Boeing shotdown
GRAPHIC. Russian propaganda agency NewsFront showed movie American Provocation. MH17. Blames US and Ukraine in Boeing shotdown
Drills of Ukrainian armed forces near Mariupol
The FSB detained three Ukrainian fishermen near Crimea
'Alarming' Russian Arms Buildup Said To Have Closed Gap With U.S.
Putin flew from Dushanbe to Sochi with Lukashenko and Nazarbayev: went to the residence of Bocharov Ruchei to continue communication
Head of FSB Patrushev: US is to blame for hostility between Russians and Ukrainians
Dmitry Peskov: Putin is open to dialogue with Barack Obama
UA C/p at Debaltseve attacked: 2 KIA, 1 WIA, 2 captured by DNR
Recently Modified Russian Tanks Filmed This Week In Gorlovka.
Smoke over Mariinka
Rosh Hashanah in Ukraine's Uman
OSCE Sec. General Zannier tells that Russian-backed militants may have shot down OSCE drone
230 Russian soldiers & 30 vehicles "take" remote Arctic island
Russia must fully recognize themselves as a party to the Minsk agreements and Norman agreements - Yuriy Sergeyev
Trial of Ukrainian men who allegedly fought w/ Chechen rebels and killed Russians in 1990s has begun in Grozny
OSCE Ambassador says Moldova wants 'European Future'
Militants reporting about Ukrainian artillery near Donetsk
The founder of theory of "economic proposals", famous US economist Arthur Laffer became an adviser to Minister of Finance Natalia Jaresko.
Russian military convoy in Donetsk
Russian military convoy in Donetsk
Report of mortar shelling near Pavlopil'
About 150 units of military and special equipment , electronic warfare, take part in Russian Center 2015 drills
SBU detained members of a subversive group in Odessa region
In road accident in Dnipropetrovsk region killed 2 members of Right Sector, who took part in "Mukachevo events". Also 2 soldiers
Russian Airborne units practiced landing operation at the Khmelevka range in the Kaliningrad Region
In Dushanbe CSTO meeting
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