Map. History of Ukraine conflict

24 กันยายน 2018

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Tank drill at occupied Donbas
Russian forces say they have WIAs at the Yasynuvata blockpost
Avdiivka Promka - Yasynuvata blockpost - battle ongoing, assault rifles, machine guns, AA-gun, RPGs, mortars.
Russuian forces with howitzer in Lozove
President Frank Underwood graces the YESUkraine2016 dinner in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Georgy Gongadze memorial at Maidan in Kyiv
Georgy Gongadze memorial at Maidan in Kyiv
TASS reports that Putin in Bishkek told Ukraine ambassador that Russia did not annex Crimea
Russian Navy's Buyan-M Class (Prj 21631) Corvettes Zeleni Dol 602 and Serpukhov 603 are northbound on the Bosphorus
Fmr SecDef Bob Gates says it was wrong to declare “war” on terrorism. That’s what they wanted. And overstates the problem. #YesUkraine2016
Joint press conference of FMs of Ukraine and Portugal
Pres @poroshenko: real ceasefire first, full @OSCE_SMM access to occupied territories, incl 409.3 km of border w. RU
Again clashes at "amber fields" in Rivne region
OSCE’s Hug: sides must disengage now; withdraw weapons now; de-mine now; ensure the SMM has full and unfettered access now
OSCE’s Hug: Still no free and unfettered access for SMM, particularly in areas not controlled by the Government
Ukraine—Polish and US soldiers partner to build training capacity of Ukrainian land forces
Trucks on Simferopol-Feodosiya highway
Trucks on Simferopol-Feodosiya highway
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine September 16, 2016, 00:00 EET
"Premature" accident at Kerch Ferry - car felt into sea
The soldiers of ATO have deployed tents in Lviv, near the city hall
The Ambassador of India in Ukraine urges the Ukrainian agrarians to export to India lentils
Poroshenko will meet with Obama and Clinton
Crimea is not a bargaining chip to return Donbas – @Poroshenko at YESUkraine2016
Poroshenko: Sheremet murder investigation is a test for law enforcement
"News Front" employees were detained in Kosovo, will be deported
Poroshenko calls for new sectoral sanctions for Russia
Medvedev deleted tweet saying "will finish bridge and Crimea became finally ours"
Poroshenko says meetings with @POTUS and @HillaryClinton in NYC are confirmed. But still waiting for answer from "the Trump team."
T-34 monument was dismantled in Chisinau as "symbol of soviet occupation"
[email protected] says Russia has transformed Crimea into a "real concentration camp" in the Soviet fashion. #YESUkraine2016
Poroshenko: Ukraine's army defends not just Ukraine's sovereignty, but Europe's. "This is the battlefield" #YESUkraine2016
After years of pleading for arms and money, @poroshenko tells #YESUkraine2016 Ukraine doesn't need Western weapons, money - just 'unity & solidarity.'
Poroshenko: it's impossible to be the president of a country at war and not to be an optimist #YESUkraine2016
[email protected] opens #YESUkraine2016
Ukraine's @poroshenko arrives at #YESUkraine2016.
ATO HQ: Russian forces 30 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 82&120 mm mortars on Zaitseve
TV tower at Karachun mount near Slavyansk - already 90 meters
Without "Minsk" Ukraine will live in a frozen conflict — Kwasniewski
Without Minsk Ukraine will live in a frozen conflict — Kwasniewski
The 13-th annual meeting of Yalta European strategy began in Kyiv
The Commissioner: The relations between Ukraine and the EU is a marathon, in which we must move forward
Yanukovych called on the EU to impose sanctions against the current government
Austria categorically exclude the presence of a "representative of LNR" in their territory
Small scale fighting in Mariinka and Avdeevka. RPG's and machine guns used.
The number of human rights violations is not reduced defenders in Ukraine
Avdiivka, Industrial zone: RPGs
The Kremlin has shown new photos of the construction of a bridge in the strait
Several dozen men tried to storm the village Council in Zatoka
Threat situation: the rescuers gathered a pound of spilled mercury in Dnipro
The Secretary General of the Council of Europe will meet with Russian foreign Minister
Late meeting with European Commissioner Johannes Hahn on the reform of energy efficiency in Ukraine
Hroisman: We offer to create the energy efficiency Fund and to attract UAH 3.5-4 billion
Medvedev admitted that Russia does not have enough money for the Kerch bridge
Thugs attacked Turkish 0 Fenerbahce fans in Odesa
The Cabinet will increase the funding of culture by UAH 1 billion in 2017
Gerashchenko: Ukraine will never agree to the establishment of the artificial peace in the Donbass
Ukrainian marines on drill #AgileSpirit in Georgia
Putin congratulated Medvedev with his birthday
Traces of planes on the East of Lugansk
In Ukraine, to be firefighters-volunteers
The national Bank expects a profit at the level of 31.2 billion UAH in 2017
The National Bank lowers the discount rate to 15%
The NBU has preserved the forecast of reserves of $17.2 billion at the end of 2016.
Kyiv metro plans to stop counters in 2017
Putin and Medvedev of Russia in Crimea
Blocking the transit of Russia in Kazakhstan cost for Ukraine $400 mln
The Kremlin said that he had not promised cease-fire mode in the Donbas
Russia will create "territorial defense" in Crimea to fight saboteurs
Kremlin haven't promised "truce" to Steinmeier, cause "Russia is not part of conflict"
ATO spox: In Dnipro, NGU servicemen took practical exercises in tactical medicine
Col. Motuzyanyk: Newly formed spec ops Donetsk police unit held military training
ATO spokesperson: Over a thousand UA paratroopers underwent final stage of mil training
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: SBU detained a militant of so-called “LPR” in Kyiv
ATO spox: Enemy losses: 2 KIA, 11 WIA
Col. Motuzyanyk: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties in the ATO area yesterday, though 3 soldiers were wounded
ATO spokesperson: Over the previous day, five flights of enemy UAVs were recorded in the ATO area
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, militants attacked UA positions in the Mariupol sector for 20 times
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: Main hostilities with mortars and BMP occurred at the frontline section stretching from Pavlopil to Shyrokyne
Col. Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day, the number of mortar and cannon shells accounted to 666
ATO spokesperson: Overall, yesterday, militants violated cease-fire government in the Donetsk sector for 26 times
ATO spox: Militants shelled residential areas of Avdiyivka, again
Col. Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: after midnight, militants shelled UA positions near Zaytseve, Verhniotoretske and Avdiyivka with artillery
ATO spokesperson: Luhansk sector: enemy performed 4 shellings of UA positions in Popasna area
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, in the ATO area, hostilities were rather intensive: militants fire at UA positions hundreds of shells
TASS: Russia insists voting in its diplomatic missions in Ukraine will be held.
German, French ministers visit east Ukraine
[email protected]: Vynnitsia: Impressed by modern and innovative local administration, providing e-services for its citizens.
Putin could visit construction of Kerch bridge
The 2018 Champions League final will be played at the Olympic Stadium in Ukraine's capital Kyiv
New UN report: At least 9,640 killed and 22,431 wounded, including combatants and civilians, from war in Ukraine.
It's propaganda
Russian media: Ukrainian security forces shelled "DNR"
Dutch experts examined paintings from Netherlands found by SBU
Kazakhstan and Ukraine will create a joint venture for uranium mining
Haspra, Crimea: dump may crash the village – the ecologist
UN: 9640 people died in the Donbass during the conflict, more than 22 thousand were injured
Rally relatives of contractors on Bankova street
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine September 15, 2016, 00:00 EET
NAPC started reviewing official of the Ministry of justice
Semenchenko through the courts regained the rank of officer
FM Steinmeier: Weapons are quiet since midnight. Need to work on a sustainable ceasefire now
On the presidential website launched an updated version of the system petitions
SBU SOF in Kharkiv city hall
FMs Steinmeier, @[email protected] together w/ @OSCE_SMM at a destroyed bridge in Sloviansk. #Ukraine
. @BorisJohnson : UK's position regarding the support of Ukraine and sanctions against Russia remains unchanged!
The EU court will announce today the decision on introduction of sanctions against Yanukovych and Klyuyev
The startup, founded by a Ukrainian, won Startup Battlefield
Ukraine allowed to withdraw from accounts UAH 250 thousand per day
Donetsk photos - dropped from the OSCE car
Klimkin: I am grateful to Germany and France for the support
Saudi Arabia taking pilgrims from Crimea with Russian passports – mufti
850 auto stuck on the border with Poland
The silence regime: the headquarters of ATO said that militants do not adhere to commitments
EU Commissioner Hahn in Vinnytsya
Commissioner Hahn starts his next official visit to Ukraine in Vinnitsa, together with PM Hroysman
The Champions League final 2018 will be in Kyiv
FMs @PavloKlimkin, F.-W. Steinmeier and @jeanmarcayrault visit @OSCE_SMM base in Kramatorsk
Explosion 100m from OSCE SMM near Stanytsia Luhanska bridge
USAID will allocate approximately $400 thousand at the Kharkov regional center of administrative services
German, French FMs make first visit to war-torn Ukraine east
Ukraine already has 81 medal at the Paralympics
Steinmeier and Ayrault, Jean-Marc departed to the Donbass
SBU and General prosecutors offices searches apartments and offices of Kharkiv mayor Kernes
ATO HQ: Russian forces 50 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 152&122 mm artillery
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