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22 สิงหาคม 2018

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The remains of the Mong Kok protest site, as of 6:40 am.
Good morning from Hong Kong. The Mong Kok protest site was cleared early this morning.
#Slovakia ratified #the Association Agreement with Ukraine
Protest camp cleared by police
Police in Hong Kong remove barricades from pro-democracy protest site, surrounding about 30 protesters
Police remove Mong Kok barriers, tents, tell protesters to leave immediately
[email protected] & @BarackObama spoke about the evolving Ebola crisis in West Africa & int'l efforts to degrade ISIL
500-600 police dismantling occupy site in Mong Kong now.
Moscow refutes reports that Russia, US agreed to share intel on #ISIS
President Obama meets with key officials on Ebola, White House says; remarks likely after meeting conclusion
Iraqi Mi-28 operating in the province of Babylon
Brazilian police arrest suspected serial killer who admits to slaying 39 people in a 4-year killing spree
Obama authorizes use of National Guard to fight in W. Africa
Meeting of EU leaders and President @Poroshenko of #Ukraine at the margins of #ASEM2014 Summit in Milan
Poroshenko has signed the law on the special status of Donbass
Two UN peacekeepers were In Darfur
Merkel has canceled a meeting with Putin because of his late
Baghdad car bombs kill at least 26:
Pres. Poroshenko attacked in Milan by a brazen RU journo from a vile propaganda TV channel
Russian journalist takes interview
This is what an Islamic State sex slave market would look like in London
Poroshenko met with Federal Chancellor of Germany - Angela Merkel
Stunning image from inside Donetsk airport today
[email protected] soldiers conduct live fire training exercise with Allies in C and E Europe
Photos of dead Kurdish fighters in Kobane suggest that they were exposed to chemical agents
Admiralty Occupy. All quiet on the eastern front.
Terrorist attacks in #Baghdad leave 38 people dead
Another view of the SU 30 Pune crash shows that aircraft has hit the ground very flat and slow
Ukrainians sing the anthem in Milan
Arrested 12 members of clashes near the Verkhovna Rada - Avakov
In Belgrade partake of one Putin, in Milan Porosjenko. To emphasize that this is a European conflict.
SBU urged Ukrainians not to use Russian social networks
Vladimir Putin met with Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic
More arrests of Crimea Tatars in the occupied peninsula by Russian authorities.
Guided-missile destroyer USS Arleigh Burke enters a port to refuel during a short visit in Ponta Delgada, Azores
Ukrainian Rally in Milan
Wow. A map of car bomb explosions in Bahdad since "Liberation" by US and their allies
[email protected]: The US already has about 1,500 advisers in Iraq
#Femen protested in Milan before the start of the forum #ASEM against the visit of Vladimir Putin
Shell hit cafe in Makiivka
GRAD shelling in Yasinuvata
Force ATO hit another assault Donetsk
Two minibuses crashed in Kryvyi Rih: 13 people were injured
Ukrainian flags at various points of Donetsk airport
Tymoshenko: the Talks with Putin need to be in format Kuchma - "LNR", "DNR"
NAC NAFTOGAS said that they filed the 3rd lawsuit on the review of the transit contract
2 students from Africa hospitalized in #Russia, a rise in temp. to 37.3
Report: Last night in #Gluhovskiy forest, #Torez region, two #Russian helis landed #GRU units there. Some say for cleansing of insubordinate
The Government Of Ukraine Dismisses 39 Officials Of The Highest Category In The Framework Of The Law On Lustration - Yatsenyuk
Russia Today: Ukraine violates Nuremberg trials
France announces Ebola screenings at Paris airport
In Krasnoarmiysk armed men seized the mine office "Pokrovskoe" and MP
21 Unknown Ukrainian army soldiers are being buried on a dedicated cemetery near #Dnepropetrovsk, #Ukraine
Marina Porosheknko visited the area ATO and brought humanitarian aid warm clothing for children and the military.
18yo woman fleeing Islamic State detained by Turkish authorities, then ejected into warzone
The NSDC: 500 unidentified bodies from the zone ATO not all are Ukrainian soldiers.
In Russia promise to introduce visa regime with Ukraine in response
Merkel: fundamental solutions, Russia need to withdraw its troops and weapons from the border with Ukraine
Poroshenko signed a Decree on the development of a National strategy in the field of human rights.
Irakli Komaxidze : DNR received missiles of type Qassam
Gorbachev urged Putin and Poroshenko to dialogue
Moskal closed path through Bahmutivka: Luhansk Governor Gennady Moskal asked to refrain from traveling Bahmutivka
Umbrellas back on again
#Putin scheduled to arrive to parade in Belgrade in less than 30 min
Ukraine Withdrew 8 modern helicopters from the UN humanitarian mission for further delivery to the zone ATO.
Sergey Lavrov speech at a news conference following talks with and FMs
Coalition airstrikes have mistakenly killed at least six fighters defending
The President Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with U.S. President
Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with U.S. President
Nepal Himalayas disaster toll rises to 29 dead or presumed dead: officials
Footage of police officers allegedly beating a protester sparks outrage in Hong Kong
More ISIS graffiti spotted in Washington, DC, this time around Dupont Circle.
EU provided $20M to build the Ukraine Wall, @Yatsenyuk_AP says.
Flash mob in Vinnitsa
In Latvia advised Putin to seek a Nazi in the mirror...
Yatsenyuk allows for the introduction of the visa regime with Russia
Clashes ongoing in tonight, rubber bullets and tear gas used against Palestinian youths
The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Georgia: Agreement between Russia and Abkhazia on cooperation will be regarded as an attempt of annexation
The state Duma has proposed to prohibit foreigners to do the advertising for state-owned companies
The Central Bank of Russia is preparing for the collapse in oil prices to $ 60
They're armed with round shields and batons. #umbrellamovement
#Russian oppos. politician Alexei @navalny agst returning #Crimea to #Ukraine
White House says President Obama has postponed a political trip on Wednesday to convene a meeting about #ebola outbreak
Airstrikes targeting strongholds of Islamist
Mospinskaya middle school. Hit by missiles
NATO started Navy drills in the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean
U.S. forces continued to attack terrorists in and Tuesday and today:
CDC: 2nd Texas hospital worker with Ebola took flight before ill; officials alert passengers
In the area of NP Kurakhovo strong fire !
Scene near Police HQ in Wanchai: police officers waiting off Lockhart Rd.
Medvedev said that Obama abnormalities in the brain
Woman: I know pro-Ukrainian. We need 2 sort her out. Have address. Cmdr Dremov declines offer
The OSCE has recorded the destruction of the Ukrainian APC and surrounding of roadblocks in Luhansk region
Oil business heavily hit by Airstrikes: from $1 million/day to half
The NSDC: Those who tried to capture the Donetsk airport, moved, or eliminated
Zaporizhye activists blocked the entrance to the plant "Zaporizhstal",which is owned by Akhmetov
Airstrike on Kobane
F-16 over with Litening III pod, 2 GBU-38 500lb JDAMs, 2 GBU-12 Paveway IIs, 2 Sidewinders and 2 AMRAAMs
Reports a significant number of #Ukrainian soldiers were encircled by pro-#Russia fighters near Bakhmutivka, #Luhansk Oblast.
The Russian Federation began to create in Belarus air force base of su-27
People march in protest against student disappearances in Mexico. Via @fbnewswire
The militants of DNR are going to block a number of Ukrainian sites
Moskal: In the area of Bakhmutovka a hundred of the Ukrainian military were surrounded
Putin signed the law on the restriction of the participation of foreigners in the media
MEDVEDEV: Reset of Russian-US ties is impossible as long as #sanctions remains
Near Al-Arīsh, #Egypt. A natural gas pipeline explosion. #Sinai
Oct. 15 is the mourning day in for civilians killed in shelling of Sartana in Mariupol
Squad of police gather inside chief exec office grounds after gate was reopened early today during clashes
Police keeping section of park clear
Police guarding entrance to Tim Wa Ave
The only prisoners in Gaza are imprisoned by Hamas
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