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25 กันยายน 2018

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State Dept. Email System hacked
One more Lenin down In Pavlohrad
About 10 thousands of People Protesting In Bucharest Romania In Front Of The Government HQ
White House Confirms Death of US Aid Worker, Peter Kassig -
IS in Darnah, Libya
A car bomb has exploded outside the parking lot near the heavily guarded international airport of Baghdad, Iraq , Reuters reports
Protesters Stage 'Die In' 100 Days After Michael Brown Shooting #Ferguson
Humanitarian aid from Estonia Arrived in Kyiv
"Humanitarian aid" from Russia - Rosneft - Oil
#ISIS Executed 18 person in #Tabqh in #Raqqa #Syria
CityJet from Dublin to Paris is declaring an emergency
100 days since #MichaelBrown death Protestors hit streets of St. Louis
We havent seen or been informed of one pullback of artillery -Bociurkiw @OSCE_SMM #hromadske
We havent seen or been informed of one pullback of artillery -Bociurkiw @OSCE_SMM hromadske
Some analysts have confirmed the Kassig video was filmed just outside Dabiq, to the north west of it in the fields
Poroshenko: Ukraine is ready for full-scale war and is not afraid of Russia
One dead, two injured in a triple shooting in a downtown restaurant in Toronto.
Large #ISIS convoys in #Barqa #Libya.
11 apartments are burning in Moscow after gas explosions
Ukrainian BMP-K-64 heavy APC in Donetsk airport
More than 170 passengers and crew sick with Norovirus on cruise ship bound for Los Angeles. NBC
Police Shoot at University Students; Injuring Two in Mexico City
4 people injured in alleged knife attack in Toronto
At least three people were injured in a series of explosions of gas in 3 homes in Moscow
Man stabbed by terrorist near the Western Wall being transported, Massive search by PD for suspect.
#Iraq; reports that Fallujah underwent the heaviest bombardment that its seen in months. Reports differ on whether it was IqAF or coalition.
Ukrainians about to march around Trafalgar Square, London in remembrance of the fallen of the Ukrainian military
Report: UAVs of #RF was spotted over Mariupol
Google Earth satellite image of Sept 14th shows that Russians used #MH17 crash area as fire position for GRADs.
ISIS smuggles 1 million tons of wheat and barley to Syria
A Russian army tank column passed Slov'yanoserbs'k towards the west today-residents
Nathan/Argyle intersection, both sides filled with people. "Anti"s to the police side
Reportedly new video of #MH17 moments after its crash in #Ukraine
Reportedly new video of MH17 moments after its crash in Ukraine
U.S. hospital official says the doctor from Sierra Leone who has contracted the #Ebola virus is in an "extremely critical condition"
Four dead as heavy rains batter Italy and Switzerland
Palestinian nearing security Gaza border fence near Kissufim was shot & seriously wounded by IDF after refusing to return.
#Israeli Army authorizes troops to open live fire on #Palestinian protesters throwing firecrackers.
Donetsk airport. Smoke still goes
The defense Ministry of Azerbaijan accused Armenia of 63 fire for day
North Korean military increased activities near border - South Korea
Russian Army Fuel Tanker Convoy Enters Donetsk
Russian Army Fuel Tanker Convoy Enters  Donetsk
One more Russian terrorist - Milchakov arrived in Donetsk
Syrian rebels take the center of the village of #Dilli,north of Al Sheikh Maskin
Syrian rebels take the center of the village of Dilli,north of  Al Sheikh Maskin
Heavy sound of artillery in Makiivka
Russian An-124 aircraft with mobile clinic on board arrived in Guinea
Shells hit Fashchivka
Project 775, RFS Novocherkassk 142 is on the Bosphorus, back from #Syrla, overtaking merchant traffic before BlackSea
#Sloviansk and #Mariupol will be within our borders. With the help of the Russian Federation, these problems will be solved very quickly - Zakharchenko
Russian militants in Krasnyi Luch
A Russian army convoy transports fresh T-72B1 from #Rostov to the Ukrainian border
A Russian army convoy transports fresh T-72B1 from Rostov to the Ukrainian  border
The content and purpose of Russian convoy in Ukraine is unknown - NSDC
#ISIS advances have stopped in some areas of #Iraq, #US defence secretary Chuck Hagel said.
Nigerian army says back in control of Chibok, town where Boko Haram snatched schoolgirls
Heavy shelling at #Donetsk airport right now
Al Jazira Egypt reporting explosions & gunfire S of Arish, N Sinai
Small gathering on Maidan against occupation of Russia in Crimea #Kyiv
British PM Cameron says 'horrified' after IS group claims beheading of US aid worker Peter Kassig
Militants attacked Ukrainian forces near Orlivka. Attack repelled
This is the new McDonalds delivery car in Melbourne, Australia
All attempts to saw frame chassis has ended in failure. Saw took no special alloys. Decided to ship directly
#mh17 debri on truck on its way to a trainstation #nos
Obama Moves Close to Calling Russian Action in Ukraine an Invasion
The SBU detained a Russian citizen, who planned the assassination of the "Azov" leaders
Dutch Safety Board: recovery of #MH17 wreckage has begun
IS expansion includes: Turkey China Iran Afghanistan Italy Spain France Eastern Europe but stops at the far East Asia
#ISIS Executed Peter Kassig
G-20 Summit: China to host #G20 summit in 2016
Serious car terror attack averted, after Arab terrorist stole truck & attempted to ram it into police at Shomron checkpoint.
Arab caught &arrested by light trail Guard after holding Knife in her hands at Damascus Gate train station in Jerusalem.
EU mulls sanctions against Israel for potential "red line" settlement moves on Palestinian state
China, criticised for its response to Ebola, sends 160 workers to Liberia to staff $41m clinic
Afghan female MP survives suicide attack, 3 dead: officials
PM Modi addresses people gathered at Roma Street Parkland.
Obama: Washington alerted Damascus not to threaten U.S. warplanes in Syrian airspace targeting ISIS
The trucks loaded with "humanitarian aid" from Russia arrived in Lugansk
A senior Kurdish leader says the number of IS fighters is at least 200,000, which is 7 or 8 times bigger than CIA estimated #TheIndependent
Reports that Matiga airport (Tripoli's only) closed due to overnight clashes, fighting also in nearby Tajoura
It's takeoff time for US Marine One #G20Brisbane #avgeek
Putin is returning to Russia
Palestinian Arab wounded with Head injuries moments ago in A-Tur neighborhood in E Jerusalem during clashes with Israeli forces.
Boxing night in Ukraine. Klitschko vs Pulev
Emergency crews responding to report of plane crash in Clinton, according to fire department
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
SIS executioner Jihadi John reportedly wounded in air strike.
"Prime Minister" of occupied Abkhazia was beaten by unknown
Mexico: Reports that police shot live rounds on @UNAM_MX campus
291 artillery brigade of Russian in Rostov Region
#Gabon: Young man was burned by Ali Bongo's police during a peaceful march
Qadisiyah district in Tikrit being shelled.
Russia moves SS-26 Iskander to Krasnoperekopsk, North of occupied Crimea
Roadblocks being set up on Highway 60 near Chevron for possible terrorists in the area.
Chnll #Merkel leaves the hotel after 3hrs talks w/ #putin on #G20 sidelines. #Ukraine in agenda
9-year-old Newark girl in critical condition after being shot by her brother, 12, who was playing with the gun - NBCNY
Militants shelling Ukrainian checkpoint 29 from school yard with mortar
Militants shelling Ukrainian checkpoint 29 from school yard with mortar
#Iraq; #ISIS executed 2 civilians in the Jamahir area of Jalawla district (#Diyala) without giving any reasons.
F-35C Lightning II (carrier variant) JSF conducts first carrier-based night flight ops aboard USS Nimitz.
Lithuania proposed to provide Ukraine $30 billion euros of financial help
Today, Belgrade in Serbia.
The UN counted more than 4 thousand people killed in the East of Ukraine. Almost 10 thousand people were injured.
#Iraq: Smoke rising in Kirkuk reportedly after mortar shells hit a gas company complex.
Russian international terrorist Babai is back to Donetsk
Coalition drones attack suspected Al Nusra positions in Harem for the fist time today #Syria
Rebels maneuver their missiles through mosques to hit Asad regime army in Al-Shaykh Maskin
Boy, 10, in hospital after being hit by unmarked police car heading to
The increasingly desperate #Assad regime used cluster ammunition vs. rebels
The increasingly desperate Assad regime used cluster ammunition vs. rebels
A man has been shot in the face in South Columbus. Police say he's in stable condition
#Luxembourg - #Ukraine matchday
#Donetsk Road Accident in Kuibyshev district, The driver died
Wall Street Journal: #Russia expels German diplomat, official says
Mayor of Prague raised Ukrainian flag over the City Hall
German soccer body: UEFA may quit FIFA over unpublished World Cup corruption report
Antwerp: Hassidic rabbi was stabbed in the throat as he walked to shul today is in serious condition, 1 suspect arrested, motive unknown.
Meeting of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Robert Fico started
#UAE has designated #CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) as a terrorist organization
Air strikes on the outskirts of Benghazi
Tensions near HSBC in Hong Kong
#OccupyHK wedding photo
LNR "head" calls Poroshenko's economic blockade of Donbas "act on genocide"
Explosions in Baiji
Shelling kills 2 children in Horlivka
FSA use TOW ATGM to destroy SAA field artillery in Daraa,
FSA use TOW ATGM to destroy SAA field artillery in Daraa,
#Iraq; MoD releases footage of 6 airstrikes from around the country
Iraq; MoD releases footage of 6 airstrikes from around the country
Rally against the occupation of Abkhazia by Russia in Kyiv
Russia is not going to send Yanukovych back to Ukraine
Ukrainians' rally in Frankfurt today
#Iraq; ISF + Shia volunteers securing areas from #ISIS in Baghdad's southern belts
Iraq; ISF + Shia volunteers securing areas from ISIS in Baghdad's southern belts
Putin said that he will not allow Kyiv to destroy the militants of Donbass
Kremlin denying reports that Putin will leave G20 Summit early to protest criticism of Russian actions in Ukraine. Says he'll stay until end
Militants Killed Three Civilians in Luhansk Region. Nine-year-old Girl Was Among Them
Burkina Faso military restores constitution
#March of peace in Tbilisi. Demand the return of Abkhazia
"Islamist Turkey" - President Erdoğan says America was discovered by Muslims, not Columbus.
#Georgia opposition leaders address the rally against #Russia occupation of #Abkhazia. #Tbilisi
"Get out of the #Ukraine." - Canada PM Harper to Putin
Rally in #Tbilisi today against Russian annexation. #Georgians coming out to be heard #stoprusianaggression
Fighter jets over Benghazi
Iraqi security forces managed to reach the southern entrances of the Baiji oil refinery after capturing Baiji
#Iraq: Inside Baiji
Ukraine orders closure and evacuation of state services in militants-held east
Reports that Vladimir Putin is leaving #G20 early
Student protestors in #yangon wrap up for the day. Tomorrow another day of protest
Railway Depot in Donetsk
ATO HQ now say 10 #Ukraine soldiers killed in the last 24
Russian troops operate the newly supplied 2A65 Msta-B vs. Debaltseve
Russian troops operate the newly supplied 2A65 Msta-B vs. Debaltseve
5 civilians, including 2 children, killed along with 3 soldiers in eastern Ukraine fighting, officials say:
#Avdiivka the consequences of today's shooting.
Russia could face further sanctions unless it stops "destabilising" #Ukraine, David Cameron says, speaking at #G20
#Italy sends 4 #Tornado aircraft to #Kuwait to join ops against #ISIS
#Ukrainians vs #Putin in Brisbane
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