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25 มิถุนายน 2018

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Kim Jong-UN in may 2015 may go abroad as the leader of the DPRK for the first time. To Russia
Poroshenko, Merkel, Hollande and Putin discussed the situation in Ukraine
Latest on Russian wealth turmoil: The country's richest 20 lose $10 bln this week on ruble fall, rate rise. They're down $62 bln YTD
Lifenews heir Ashot says Russia is at war, but will win. Next thing he posts a pic with a view from Murdock's New York HQ. Well, well.
Western banks including Goldman curtailing flow of cash to Russian clients
TEL AVIV - Major fire broke out on Hayesod St, 3 y/o boy seriously wounded, 4 y/o girl moderately wounded.
At least 15 children dead after school bus is caught in Al Qaeda car bomb attack
Fire in #Benghazi
National Menorah, said to be the world's largest, awaits lighting to begin 8 days of Chanukah.
Russian 9K720 «Iskander-M» [SS-26 Stone] #missile system during recent snap alert exercise in Kaliningrad.
Lead sponsor @Alderman_Moreno speaking on Reparations for #Chicago torture victims #RahmRepNow
Crowd chanting "where is the EU flag?" #huprotests
Crowd chanting where is the EU flag? huprotests
#Slovakia continues to aid #Ukraine. Handed over €75K (of €800K+ this y) to #RedCross for people in conflict East/UA.
Gathering in City Hall of Chicago for petition delivery
Pakistan military Major Gen. Asim Bajwa tells me death toll from Peshawar school attack has risen to 145, including 132 children.
Protesters arrived to City Hall
Unannounced exercises in #Kaliningrad.#Iskanders & landing troops at Poland north border
Chicago at Michigan & Roosevelt , CPD is keeping close eyes on protesters #RahmRepNow
#RahmRepNow #ShutItDown For John Burge Torture Survivors Marching to Chicago City Hall
Anbar Iraqi Commander: US combat troops/ISF/Tribal fighters counter-attacked IS about 10km from Ein al-Assad base under the cover of F-18s.
Ukraine May Get Visa-Free Regime With EU At Riga Summit
Sberbank of Russia has temporarily suspended credit cards operations
In Ukraine, the most Googled 'recipe' this year was for Molotov cocktails
Poroshenko had a phone conversation with President of the European Council @eucopresident
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Twelve Russian "tourists" got into the Luhansk hospital with anthrax
#LosAngeles attorneys die-in at Mosk courthouse
Moscow residents understand the seriousness of the situation, prepare to tighten their belts and buy things
The Kaluga region has banned the word "crisis"
Red Square is already prepared to celebrate the New year
Vneshprombank is selling dollars for 100 rubles and euros for 120. Межтрастбанк (next door) stopped currency exchange
German viewers have recognized the photo from the Maidan the best in 2014
Belarus Pres. Lukashenko worried about Russia: “Our eastern brother’s actions raise concern”
Kadyrov says he'll ask Putin to let him quit running Chechnya so he can fight "satans" with separatists in Ukraine.
OSCE observers came under fire near the Donetsk airport
How Ukrainian artillery supports "cyborgs" in Donetsk
How Ukrainian artillery supports cyborgs in Donetsk
Lavrov has not regretted compliments for Poroshenko and laughed EU
Ukraine says,it can not obey to #1 of the #Minsk memorandum and withdraw heavy arms from the frontline as Rus keep attacking
A gang of Modjahed and Starshina surrounded the military base of LNR in Krasnodon
Sobchak about the fall of the ruble: We will be Cuba in the snow soon
Supermarkets of Lugansk issued checks of LNR
This barrelbomb stroke close to #Bayanoun's white mosque
This barrelbomb stroke close to Bayanoun's white mosque
10 000 Russian soldiers are fighting now in the area ATO, - General Staff
Credit borrowers threatened to storm National Bank in Kyiv
80+ middle schoolers chanting #ICantBreathe
"Delta Bank" in Kremenchug limited the grant money. Give 100 UAH for one person
Residents of Simferopol standing in line at the Revenue Service every morning
In Komi, homeland terrorist Motorola, restaurant staff was forced to speak the language of the indigenous people
Singer Valeria saves the Russian ruble with a poster SaveOurMoney
Russian Air Force will continue to frighten the West
People are standing queue for currency in St. Petersburg
Russian "Sberbank" has stopped crediting of persons
The legendary Czech tennis player has married with Russian, the daughter of a colonel of the Soviet Army
#Assad war planes heavily #cluster bombing lost territory south of Maarrat al Numan
Assad war planes heavily cluster bombing lost territory south of Maarrat al Numan
Savchenko was visited the doctor. Lawyers persuade him to stop hunger-strike. claims #Russian marines fr Vladivastok took under its control #Mistral #Vladivostok.
Poroshenko says not a single shot fired in Donbas last night
SBU detained subversive group of "Miner"
London Bridge station evacuated due to fire
4th explosion heard in Peshawar school, death toll rises to 126
#Ukrainian finance minister Natalya Yaresko pledges 2015 budget w/deficit under 4%; new budget system, new tax system, all in line w/#IMF
Turchynov was appointed as Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine
At least 104 killed in Peshawar in one of the deadliest school attacks in history
Cargo of "Humanitarian vodka for kids" from Akhmetov was stopped in Lisichansk
#Russia Ruble now weaker on the day again. Beyond 65 per Dollar for first time ever
Guerrillas attacked the communication node of Russian troops - Timchuk
Armed men have attacked a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, and are holding pupils hostage
Witnesses say 21-year-old killed in Qalandiya raid was sitting on his rooftop when he was shot
#Russian central bank raises interest rate from 10.5% to 17%
Australian PM Abbott: "Innocent Australians have been caught up in the horror of yesterday." #sydneysiege
Fired Surkov Lt. says Surkov had map with Crimea part of Russia since 2013, denies he would betray Novorossia project
More air strikes near eastern Libyan oil port and border to Tunisia
The Central Bank of Russia spent $2-3bln trying to support the ruble today.
DNR Terrorists Want to Introduce Death Penalty in the "Republic"
A top US commander in #NATO: we are deeply worried that one mistake or miscalculation by #Putin could trigger a NATO-#Russia conflict.
MiG-29 after repair in Lviv.
Protest in Oakland, CA ends with "I believe that we will win" chant
Airports Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv opens today. Zaporizhye on Saturday
The sun now starting to rise over Martin Place after #sydneysiege. 3 people dead. Including gunman
Tactical Vehicle used to block the cutting of the chains in Oakland
Usher's #ICantBreathe shirt #ThisStopsToday
“NATO fully supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”:
Bank of Russia Cancels Ruble Loan Auction
Protestors have attached donuts to fishing poles to "catch" riot police #Seattle
Today, the 1 million roubles gift of opera singer Anna Netrebko was handed over to Donetsk Opera Theatre. Video later
The EU voted against aid to Ukraine from individual countries
On the border with Ukraine the 288th artillery brigade of the Russian Federation.
Russia is going to "pull the plug" ukrainian guest workers
Car of fighters of "Aidar" was shot in Odessa
Kiev Choreographic School refused financial assistance from ballerina, who support Putin
#Turkey's president #Erdogan says judiciary, some other state institutions must still be "cleansed of traitors"
Residents of Gorlivka stormed RGA with militants for coupons of 1000 hryvnia, - media
Russia starts extensive military exercises in the south of country
Hungry villagers asked for food at roadblocks in the surroundings Mariupol
FM Lavrov says Russian nukes could be stationed in Crimea
Terrorist involved in Sydney siege is 50 year old Iranian known as 'Sheikh Haron'.
Battalion "Donbass" stopped "Akhmetov humanitarian aid." 20 tracks contain a soldier's meal: pasta, sunflower oil, biscuits. For children only semolina.
#Latvian MOD & @LATO_LV collecting donations: Xmas presents to children of #Ukrainian soldiers
Fastfoods, which sold "polite" food from Putin, went bankrupt in Novosybirsk
Commander of #Finnish army forces Jarmo Lindberg: #Russian pilot showed a fist to our pilot who flew check them out.
Authorities have released the Deputy chief of staff of the battalion "Donbass" Kalash
Nadezhda Savchenko went on hunger strike - lawyer
After breaking through 60, the Ruble is just falling apart
Russian APC crashed into the tanker near Alchevsk. 7 killed
Russian top brass (200 generals and other commanders) meeting and strategizing somewhere in Rostov region
Denmark and Sweden withdrew ambassadors from Moscow after provocation with Russian military aircraft
Daily life for civilians in #Kobane
10 tankers of the armed forces of Russian Federation passed #Shakhtarsk
1259 journalists were accredited at the tenth annual big press conference of Putin
"Kharkiv partisans" have congratulated residents of Kharkiv with the New Year and threatened violence
Kharkiv partisans have congratulated residents of Kharkiv with the New Year and threatened violence
#Ghent, Belgium: 4 armed men in apartment, still unclear if there are hostages
"Donbas", "Dnepr" and "Right sector" stated that they will not be allowed in Ukraine “humanitarian trucks"
The expert explained how Obama will decide the fate of the bill on Ukraine
"Aeroflot" will appeal against the fines of $8 million for the flights in the Crimea, wich was discharged Ukraine
Hostage situation ongoing in Sydney business district, possible linked to ISIS
December 15, 2014 at 02:35PM Oakland Ferguson Protestors Start Fire
Russian Duma proposes UN to close Haague tribunal .
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