Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 มิถุนายน 2018

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About 10 crews of SU-34 and SU-27 was moved to Kaliningrad region
ExxonMobil demands from Russian Federation to return overpaid for 6 years taxes
Court has returned to Ukraine two main oil pipelines
Destroyed bridge between Amvrosievka and Shakhtarsk in Blahodatne
Russian servicemen launch military exercise in Armenia
Fifty people came at the accident site in Kostyantynivka, - Police
Poroshenko has criticized Duma of the Russian Federation for failing to honor memory of Nemtsov
Humanitarian aid from Russia for medical students of Donetsk
Prosecutor General's office of Ukraine is looking for workers
More than 1,300 bomb shelters has prepared In Kharkiv region
Germany will increase defense spending, - Reuters
Peacekeepers will appear in Ukraine through as 4-8 months, - Valeriy Chaliy
Obama: sanctions against Russia need to be saved
Railway near Orikhove was blown up
President of Turkey Erdogan will visit Ukraine on an official visit on 20 March, - press service of President
Unknown pulled wheels of car with flag of Russia in Belarus
Ukrainian military, which responsible for death of a child in Kostyantynivka faces 10 years in prison
The militants looted #Museum of the great Patriotic war in #Donetsk
Russian terrorist Milchakov returned to Donbas
Peacekeeping mission in Donbas could happened only with the consent of both conflict parties - Peskov
Lviv court reinstated one of the "Berkut", who smashed cars of Maidan protesters in Kiev
The rally in Kostyantynivka: about fifty people in masks and pensioners
Ukraine will respond toughly on "political tourism" in annexed Crimea, - MFA of Ukraine
Arsenal of weapons was found in the storage of Lviv station
Unknown broke monument to #Lenin in Vesele
Russian forces crossed the Seversky Donets west of #Stanitsa Luhanska, entering the territory, controlled by the Ukr army
Ukrainian lawmakers approve military training with US and Poland
Ukrainian lawmakers approve appeal to UN on Peacekeeping Mission
Protesters in Kostyantynivka
Leaflets with appeals to join the "volunteer corps" spread in #Dimitrov
There is no chance of #Sentsov justify, - #lawyer
The soldier, who has committed an accident in Konstantynivka, was drunk, - the General staff
The deputies supported the amendment of the President to the law on "special status" of Donbass
The Ministry of defence will pay compensation to the family of the dead girl in Kostyantynivka
Committee on human rights the UN was spoken about human rights violations in the Crimea
Special status or occupation. In Parliament, a debate ensued over the future of the Donbass
The rally was cancelled due to the snow in Simferopol
Wladimir Klitschko (@Klitschko) declared his readiness to fight against Russia in the front
There is a Russian army operation taking place in #Makeevka
Activists offer the authorities of Kharkiv program to protect the city from terrorism
The Cabinet appealed to the head of the Council of Europe with a request to help in the liberation of the Ukrainian hostages
#US has delayed the start of work their instructors with Ukrainian military
The Prosecutor General's office of Ukraine has lost a Golden baton of Yanukovych
Provocateurs wanted the protesters were shelled, -- the interior Minister in Kostyantynivka
Moskal: militants build fortifications on the banks of the Seversky Donets
Chapter of "DNR" is going to "liberate" Mariupol, Donetsk and Slavyansk
Snipers, gunners, tanks in the center of #Makiivka
Snipers, gunners, tanks in the center of Makiivka
Rufers in the case of repainted star were left under arrest until may
People bring flowers to the place where a child was killed in the accident in Kostyantynivka
The perpetrators of deadly #accident in #Konstantynivka faces up to 10 years
Controlled area in the Chornukhyne. From 340 prisoners remained 30
Car knocked down an elderly woman on the scene of an accident involving military in #Kostiantynivka
The militants have again hit with artillery and reinforce scouting throughout the demarcation line.
The Ministry of justice examines Putin's statements about the annexation of the Crimea
Echelon of #Russia|n tanks on the move west #Belgorod along #Ukraine border near #Kharkiv
Echelon of Russia|n tanks on the move west Belgorod along Ukraine border near Kharkiv
Belarusian soldiers go to the exercises in the Russian Federation
Konstantinovka after the riot
Parliament published a list of areas of Donbass with special status
Police detained non-resident, who called for the riots in Kostyantynivka
"LNR" and "DNR" dissatisfied with the draft law on the special status of Donbass
Former Prime Minister Azarov was awarded with an extra pension of half a million hryvnia.
The number of killed in accident in Poltava region increased to 9 people
Depositors picket the Bank "Finance and credit" and require to return their funds in Kyiv
3 soldiers were killed, 5 - wounded per day in the Donbas
Col. Lysenko: SBU uncovered arms arsenal in #Volnovakha, incl “Shmel” rocket launcher, grenades and RU chevrons
Russia pushes Tu-22 bombers to the Crimea and Iskanders to Kaliningrad during the snap combat readiness drills
In Sevastopol started the rally for the 70th anniversary of the Victory
An official ceremony of meeting of the presidents of Ukraine and Romania
The representative of the Donetsk administration: In Kostyantynivka outraged by the tragedy.But this does not mean that they want to "DNR"
Moskal fired another 9 business leaders of Luhansk region
Battalion OUN swore allegiance to Ukraine at Sophia square
"DNR" will close five mines operating in the occupied territory
The movement of military equipment will be limited in the Donetsk region through the tragedy in Konstantynivka
Tragedy in Kostyantynivka tried to use the security services of Russia, - Gerashchenko
In Sevastopol complain about the passivity of citizens in celebration of the anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea
A fuel station is lined with sandbags to protect it from explosions in Dontesk
The Ambassador of Ukraine to the Russian Ambassador: Russia is the occupying state, the path to reconciliation - long
#Savchenko asks the Russians do not send money for her
Rescuers reported the death of a man in the explosion of a firm in the Khmelnitsky region
#Russia has launched #military #exercises in #North #Caucasia involving BTR-82AM T-72B3
In the Verkhovna Rada remember annexed #Crimea and the lost fleet with installation of burnt vehicles
Spring Simferopol was covered with snow
Latvian Armed Forces on 17 March near territorial waters spotted RU Kashtan-class submarine support ship SS750
"We do not, nor will we, recognize Russia’s attempted annexation" | 1 year, Crimea occupation, - US Embassy
Bomb treat at McDonald's at the South Station
The installation 'the Crimea is Ukraine' was placed at the Council
Russian air-borne units began loading equipment and personnel in #Il-76
The U.S. will continue sanctions against Russia, - Psaki
Ukrainian soldiers shooting into the air to disperse protesters in Kostyantynivka
Ukrainian soldiers shooting into the air to disperse protesters in Kostyantynivka
U.S. has urged Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine
Crimea became a Peninsula of fear, - Lutkovska
Ukrainian vehicles on the street of Kostyantynivka
All objects in Kostyantynivka including military are under Ukrainian control, - - Donetsk Regional Administration
Romanian president to visit Kyiv on March 17
SBU eliminated conversion center in Kiev, which have funded terrorists
Russian Recon Il-20 was intercepted 20 miles off Romanian coast
Yaresko met with The Minister Finance of USA
Earthquake Measuring 4.6 Hits Eastern Romania
Entrance to hostel was set on fire in Kostyantinivka
Entrance to hostel was set on fire in Kostyantinivka
Protesters blocked road in Kostyantynivka
Man in camouflage attacked three guys with a knife in Lviv
In Kostyantynivka was turned over the car of road police
Captured by ISIS militants Ukrainian doctors are now on freedom, - MFA of Ukraine
Poroshenko Says Ceasefire Is Broken, Yatsenyuk Says Army Should Be On Combat Alert
Military vehicles near Belgorod
Ukrainian army has began to teach press officers
ISIS militants kidnapped Ukrainian doctors in Libya
One of the warlords admitted that there is no fascism in Ukraine
#Canadian troops welcomed in #Poland today for Ex Maple Detachment
Germany has allocated 500 million euros of assistance to Ukraine
Headquarters of the ATO assured that the guilty in child's death in Konstantinivka will be punished
Road accident in Lysychansk
Poroshenko waiting for a visa-free regime with the EU in may 2015
Kadyrov received the medal in honor of annexation of the Crimea
Poroshenko accuses militants of brutality to the Ukrainian prisoners
Mistral "Sevastopol" was released in open sea
Party "Edinaya Russia" were handing out St. George ribbon In Kerch
Russian submarine invaded in the economic area of #Latvia
The SBU detained suspecs in organizing terrorist attacks in Odesa
Letter of Savchenko about her decision to continue hungry strike
Soldiers of Battalion "Sich" went on rotation in East
Road accident in Mariupol
Putin recognition about the annexation of the Crimea and nuclear weapons will not remain without attention of the EU, - Linkevičius
Deputies issued a "List of #Savchenko"
8 years old girl was killed in road accident in Konstantynivka
Armored car of Ukrainian army hit a woman with children in Konstantinovka
The action in St. Petersburg against the annexation of the Crimea
Denmark support peacekeeping mission in Ukraine
EU will expand sanctions in case of further attacks by militants on the Donbass - Merkel
Five thousand remaining in the Crimea of the Ukrainian military are considered traitors, - the Prosecutor
Nadiya Savchenko resumed a hunger strike
Memorial "Our home is Russia" opened in Simferopol
Yatsenyuk proposes to retain the German firm to oversee the repair of roads
#Sevastopol cadets will be sent to Moscow to March on red square
Poroshenko has called for a boycott of the football world Cup in Russia
Photo exhibition about the Crimea at Pushkinska
The court arrested the property of Aksenov, Konstantinov and deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea. The total amount of 1 billion 200 million UAH, - The Prosecutor General's office
Trains arrive with Russian ammunition for terrorists everyday in Krasnodon
Meeting between President @poroshenko with Chancellor Angela Merkel
Ukrainians in Berlin came to Bellevue Palace with flags and chanting
24 memorial in honor of the Heavenly Hundreds appears in the capital
Design of new Ukrainian police cars
The exact number of killed in Ilovaisk is more than 360 people, - the military Prosecutor
Rally against the war with Ukraine in Kazan
Unofficial Day of memory of the Latvian Legionnaires who fought during the World war II in Riga
#Petrol and #diesel fallen in price in Kyiv
Mogherini urged countries of United Nations to impose sanctions against Crimea
Strelkov said that hostilities will resume in the coming months on the Donbass
Russia is trying to declare a religious minority in #Crimea as "extremists", using a broad interpretation of the law
Police looking for explosives in the territory of Lviv International Airport
Presidents of Germany and Ukraine on a very complex topic: how to stop Russian aggression
Russia to decide on its own what military presence to have in Crimea — diplomat
One military killed last night in the conflict zone in the East
Meeting of Putin and Atambayev. First photo of Putin seen in 10 days.
Russian diplomat: off-bloc status of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova should be legally binding
Savchenko recovered two kilograms, - doctor
Ukraine has completed the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of contact, - @PavloKlimkin
The rally in honor of the occupation of the Crimea in Murmansk. 30 people came
Observed accumulation of military equipment of militants in district of #Novoazovsk
Rally in Sevastopol - celebration of "return" to Russia
A new sign "right lane only for military equipment" in Donetsk
Tusk will not go on a military parade in Moscow and believes this invitation the "problem of disorder in Russia.
North fleet drills
Russia put troops on combat readiness also in Kaliningrad
Poroshenko made in the Council regulation on the introduction of peacekeepers in the territory of Ukraine
Six convoys with military equipment arrived for two days from Russia to the Donetsk region
Activists threw the fence around the Park on Kontraktova square in #Kyiv
Ukraine is among the ten largest exporters of weapons
Truck crashed into a bus, killing seven people in Poltava region
Putin ordered to bring in full combat readiness the Northern fleet, some units of airborne troops and Western district
Heavy shelling of Pisky and Opytne near Donetsk
Russian inspectors to fly over #Germany, #Netherlands under Open Skies
There are no more "red lines" for Russia: in @BILD interview @poroshenko underscores crucial role of Merkel
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