Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 กันยายน 2018

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Pro-Russian ex-head of Vinnitsa police was detained by SBU on flight to Russia
[email protected]: Just b/c Russia is violating core principles of the UN doesn't mean we should resign ourselves to accepting its behavior
Russian military convoy on 15 March
Militants significantly reduced amount of attacks due to OSCE mission visit today
Consul of Ukraine in Grozny was attacked yesterday
EU sanctions v Russia will stay until Moscow fulfills Minsk accords – @Poroshenko, Angela Merkel, @fhollande
Antonov An-26 "Lucky"
Antonov An-26 Lucky
Police in Kharkiv at communists' rally
Russian press near Avdiivka
Rally of communists in Kharkiv, demanding return of Ukraine to USSR
Mass police presence at communists rally in Kharkiv
It's propaganda
Zakharova: Reports on the accumulation of weapons, hardware and servicemen west of the contact line in Donbass cause great concern
Zakharova: Apart from @OSCE observers, there are also Ukrainian border guards at the Gukovo and Donetsk checkpoints
Zakharova: Over the past 20 months, @OSCE observers have not registered any movement of Russian servicemen or hardware across the border
Lenin monument in Zaporizhia
Military echelon in Crimea
Trilateral negotiations of Poroshenko with Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande
Military truck in Donetsk
Poroshenko thanked Orban for support of Ukraine on road to visa-free travels
Poroshenko, Merkel and Hollande met in Brussels
Drills of MLRS GRAD near Krasnyy Luch in February
MFA of Spain on visit in Ukraine
Putin will visit Occupied Crimea on Friday
Russian troops in Crimea show off near administrative border with Ukraine – border guards
Russian forces deployed GRAD systems and tanks on Northern border of Crimea to mainland Ukraine
SMM patrol crossed contact line in Yasynuvata area by feet - evidence that sides can control fire when they want
"Dangerous new phase of the conflict in eastern Ukraine": US at OSCE today on Russia's ongoing violations
Poroshenko gave the President of the European Parliament the proposal of sanctions against those who fabricated the case against Savchenko
Russian artillery hit a house last night near Avdiivka
ATO spox: Yesterday, in the ATO area 1 UA serviceman was killed in action, 2 more were wounded in action
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, up to 15 militants offended UA positions near Popasna, but were repelled back by the UA Armed Forces
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Mariupol sector: militants shelled UA positions near Krasnohorivka and Shyrokyne with mortars
ATO spox: Militants applied tanks, armored vehicles, mortars and snipers against ATO forces near Avdiyivka
Col. Motuzyanyk: Donetsk sector: The enemy actively shelled UA positions near Zaitseve; houses of local residents were damaged from shelling
[email protected]: steps taken by Ukraine allow @EU_Commission to make a proposal for visa liberalisation in April
Ex-member of Zaporizyhe city council was detained near Lenin monument
Fire last night on island near Mariupol
Map of people affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine
[email protected] @poroshenko "@EU_Commission welcomes Ukraine reforms.Will make proposal 4 visa liberalisation in April"
Works still ongoing in Zaporizihie
Meeting of President of Ukraine @Poroshenko and European Commission President @JunckerEU
Lenin supporters came to Monument, giving fliers
Lenin supporters came to Monument, giving fliers
House of Ukraine MP Voytsitska attacked w/ Molotovs after she files anti-corruption inquiry agnst state-run monopoly
Lithuania’s MFA: Minsk in 'action'- shellings continued even during my visit to Shyrokyne yesterday (w forbidden 82 mm mortar)
US @SenJohnMcCain makes impassioned Savchenko speech. Urges sanctions
US @SenJohnMcCain makes impassioned Savchenko speech. Urges sanctions
Fighting in the area of Yasinuvata checkpoint
Fighting in the area of Yasinuvata checkpoint
Lysenko: If Putin will use aviation in Donbas, the Russian Federation will be recognized as a party of the conflict
Donetsk: Kyivskyi ds , Powerful salvos from the north
Fighting at Yasinuvata-police checkpoint
Kargaev, aide to chief of LNR terror group was shot dead today in Luhansk
DNR terror group issued own id documents today
24 attacks before 6pm today, Militants used tank near Avdiivka, used ATGM near Troitske
Dnipropetrovsk: Kirov monument dismantled
Road accident in Donetsk with ICRC car
Obama asked Putin to release Savchenko.
Poroshenko afraid that recent escalation at Donbass could bury all peaceful efforts
High radiation background detected at "I love DNR" sign, 1.11μSv/h
In Occupied Crimea opened monument "Soldier taking the cat" to Russian SOF
In Odessa the protesters attacked a minibus of "Darth Vader", agitating against Saakashvili
Deputy of Saakashvili Borovik was taken off Odessa city council
Deputy of Saakashvili Borovik was taken off Odessa city council
Turkey: Russia constantly violates human rights in Crimea after its annexation
Graham Phillips at police station in Riga
Graham Phillips at police station in Riga
Lenin's fan broke police cordon to lay flowers to monument in Zaporizhie
Share of Russian military in Donbas reaches 75% - Luhansk governor.
In Kiev commemorated Reshat Ametov who died during the occupation of Crimea
Intel: Russian militants deployed tanks, artillery and MLRS in area of Donetsk, Yasinuvata
People watching Lenin monument demolition in Zaporizhie
Latvia police arrested G. Phillips
Latvian police arrested @GrahamWP_UK for provocations
In Vinnitsa SBU detained An-Nusra member
Truck with Russian military equipment in Inkerman, Crimea
Annexation celebration in Simferopol
Dismantling of Lenin in Zaporizhie could lasts from 2 to 9 hours
Sevastopol celebrating 2 years of Crimea annexation
Something burning in the area of Spartak
Near Mariupol militants attacked Shyrokyne yesterday
Booms heard even in area of Donetsk railway station
Northern Donetsk listens to heavy war sounds this morning. BMP, tank, machine guns, mortars and some heavy artillery.
ATO: After small nr of casefire violations in daylight, yday after dusk the attacks intensified. Enemy DRG attack repelled near Novotroitske
Non-stop salvos in the area of Mineral'ne
Makiivka: heard fighting from the North, Yasinuvata
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