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22 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Few Lenin's monuments on territories of Kharkiv universities toppled tonight
Russian ammunition stockpile right on Ukraine's border
Army-2015: Russian military announces largest arms expo
Battle in the area of Donetsk airport
French tanks"Leclerc"&transporters VAB&VBCI go to Poland
The @OSCE_SMM are tonight carrying out their first night patrol in Shyrokyne, near #Mariupol.
#NATO's Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (#VJTF) exercised this week in the Czech Republic
Trace bullets over Donetsk
Moscow sees #US troops in #Ukraine as step one to supplies of US weapons
Dnipropetrovsk said goodbye to the last "hero of USSR" today
#JointWarrior drills in Scotland in the night
Air Policing jets in international airspace above the Baltic Sea near LV border identified RU AF Il-38
Lenin toppled in Kramatorsk.
The Prosecutor's office has filed a lawsuit against the author of the plan to create a "Novorossia"
Ukraine called the condition of demilitarization of Shyrokyne
Min.defense of Greece stated that the Russian Federation in Crimea rescued the Greeks from "the fascist government of Ukraine"
#UN: ceasefire violations in Eastern Ukraine threaten human rights
#Russia creates forces of information operations in #Crimea
#Accident in #Makiivka with truck of "DNR"
SBU exposed the scheme of Oplot funding
#SBU will check emails from alleged "Ukrainian insurgent party" - the representative
Rally in #Kramatorsk
Savchenko will be judged, - the decision of the court
300 US troops in Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces
Zakharchenko: DPR almost completed the process of forming the army
Anti-aircraft gunners shot down a drone of Russian militants in Luhansk region
The opposition bloc demands the dissolution of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional Council
Participants separatist meeting of "The national Council of Bessarabia" were paid 500 UAH
The opposition bloc says about getting threatening letter
The SBU investigator who seized the equipment of Nic.UA, finally admitted his incompetence
Police patrol who walk into patrols for the protection of public order in Kramatorsk were coached
Fire at Myronositska street in Kharkiv
SBU detained a suspect in the sabotage in the Kharkiv region
The military Prosecutor's office: 459 soldiers were killed in Ilovaisk
Stanitsya Luhanska recognized Russia as the aggressor, and "LNR" as a terrorists
Command of ATO: Militants want to seize Tr'ohizbenka in next few days
The car of the Deputy battalion "Kyiv-1" was attacked in Kyiv
"DPR" ribbon at Nemtsov murder site
Turchynov showed splinter of mine, which came to positions for a few hours in Shyrokyne
6 soldiers were killed in the ATO zone in last 24 hours
Standing #NATO Maritime Group 2 during UK-led exercise Joint Warrior
Nearly three thousand cars has gathered on the Kerch ferry
Russian MFA: accusation of Russian security services in the murder of an Buzina absurd and blasphemous
@OSCE monitors considering a night stay in #Shyrokуne as a human shield to ensure the ceasefire holding
Party of regions, the Opposition bloc and the Communist party were banned in Ivano-Frankivsk
Gerashchenko claims that the author of the letter on behalf of "Ukrainian insurgent army" does not have accurate information on the murder of Kalashnikov
Right sector in Pisky is replaced by soldiers
Large-scale fire in the national reserve near #Odessa
Nadiya Savchenko in the Basmanny court
Rally in Moscow: People chanting "glory to Berkut" and "Kyiv is Russian city"
Force of #ATO repelled the attack near the Krymske, destroyed the cars and guns
Nadiya Savchenko was taken to the Basmanny court
Rally near Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow in memory of murdered journalist
The Ukrainian flag was raised in Lopaskine village in the Luhansk region
UN: a year of conflict in Ukraine killed 6116 people, wounded 15474
Militants open bus route Donetsk-Crimea
The state Department #USA commented a straight line with #Putin
Graffiti appeared in support of "#ATR" and radio "#Meydan" in Simferopol
U.S. Ambassador Pyatt: Putin lied, denying the presence of Russian troops and weapons at Eastern Ukraine
Shots are heard in #Donetsk
Two communist's momumentes toppled In Chernihiv
#Ukraine plans to recruit over 21,000 conscripts in April & May, spending $90,000, says the defence ministry.
Peskov: the presence of the military instructors from the USA in Ukraine destabilizing situation
An offensive on Mariupol would have more serious consequences - foreign Minister of France
Grenade was found in the train #Lviv-#Kyiv, some of the passengers evacuated
Sytnyk appointed #Ukraine's first anti-corruption bureau chief
Responsibility for the killing of Buzina and Kalashnikov took "Ukrainian insurgent army", political scientist Fesenko
#Switzerland started the process of returning money of #Yanukovych to #Ukraine
Kyiv city Council created the Commission on the review of the petrol station
Information for immigrants is placed in the bus in Severodonetsk
"LPR": Ukrainian armed forces are preparing provocations under the guise of the OSCE mission
New remains were discovered on the site of the crash Boeing in the Donbass
Lenin down In Stanitsya Luhanska
A man who reported about "bomb threat" was detained in Kyiv
Russia's black sea fleet conducts exercises missile systems "Bastion" and "Ball"
The leader of the "LNR" Plotnitsky is preparing to escape to Russia
Lenin was tumbled down in Stanitsya Luhanska
NATO said Russia: missile defense system protects allies, and does not threaten the Kremlin
Ukraine is ready to declare a default of Ukreximbank - Financial Times
Terrorists of "DNR" shelled with 120-mm mortar Talakivka
The exhibition about participation residents of Transcarpathia in Euromaidan was opened in Uzhgorod
Militants twice shelled Pisky - press center ATO
173rd Airborne Brigade troops from Grafenwoehr arrive in Ukraine for Fearless Guardian rotation
Basmanny court of Moscow today will consider the complaint of Savchenko
Hurricane disconnected almost 30 settlements in the Kyiv region
#Russia has refused to compromise on the debt #Ukraine $3 billion
Shakhtersk: 7 trucks of the Russian armed forces went in direction Thorez
"Embassy" of "South Ossetia" opened in "LPR"
Tactical exercises of the separate coastal missile brigade are in progress in the Black Sea Fleet
Romanian Army announces 340 combat exercises in 2015 as a response to Russia
Militants fired at unknown UAV over the center of Donetsk
[email protected]_SMM inspects Shirokino
Former host of "Russia Today" compared Russian propaganda with the sect
The UAV operators were training in Kyiv region
"KrAZ" completely abandoned Russian components
In Kiev held a master class in tactical medicine TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care)
One non-existеnt state opened an "embassy" in another one - South Ossetiya' in "DNR"
Aksyonov acknowledged that foreign investors are afraid to go in #Crimea because of sanctions
Mykolaiv regional Council has recognized Russia as an aggressor
Car of suspected killers of journalist Buzina was found
"Rally" in Yalta
Nalyvaychenko fired the rector of the National Academy of the SBU
Ex-member of "Party of regions" Bondarenko said that she is threatened
In Rome Ukrainians and Syrians prayed together for peace in their countries
Russian MFA called killing of a journalist Buzyna beginning of political purges in the Ukraine
In Makeyevka DNR truck drove into the bus
The official hryvnia exchange rate continues to strengthen
Police found five witnesses of murder of Buzina
Definitive accusation was brought to Sentsov
Turchynov called upon to build fortifications around the clock
Mariupol is surrounded by protective structures
Vladimir Putin: sanctions will help to improve the economy of Russia
Teachers and activists placed the emblem of Ukraine on the educational building in #Kramatorsk
Roofing flunked 4 cars in Kiyv
The ceremony of sending draftees into the Armed Forces in the capital
The OSCE responded to the murder of #Buzina
Border guards detained two individuals involved in terrorist activities in the Donbas
Pyatt: Ukraine can export agricultural products, IT services and rockets to US
A tree fell on three cars in the centre of the capital
The government has allocated more than 800 million in assistance to veterans of the Second World War
National Commission: the water prices will increase in 6.5 times in some regions
Poroshenko demands from law enforcement agencies as soon as possible to find killers and name the organizers of the recent murders
Foreign Minister of DPR: Buzina was killed by bad people, who, have read only one book - Mein Kampf
The artillery are heard in Yasinovata
The Billboard fell down in Kyiv
Shots are heard in #Avdiivka
A defective translation of "straight line" Putin was arranged in the center of Simferopol
Zakharchenko: Mariupol will enter "DNR"
The President signed a Decree establishing the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine
Arsenal of weapons and ammunition was seized in Dzerzhinsk
Construction of vplatoon-stronghold on Belgorod highway
The occupation authorities of Sevastopol wants to make Russian language the only official
Experts are working at the crash site of MH17
Journalist Oles' Buzina was killed in Kyiv
Poroshenko appointed Director of the anti-Corruption Bureau
Putin: There weren't Russian military in Ukraine
#Donetsk: line for a pension from the DNR
Rally near the Cabinet of Ministers
The subject similar to an explosive device proved to be a hoax in #Krasnoarmiysk
The Nikolaev regional Council has recognized Russia as the aggressor
71 MPs of #Odesa City Council supported creation of co-called "municipal police"
General Prosecutor prevented the withdraw of state property paintings of #Dali, #Picasso, #Kandinsky on $5 million
The truck turned over and burned to the ground in the Dnipropetrovsk region
The case regarding the constitutionality of the law of Ukraine "About the cleansing power" was postponed for an indefinite period. The constitutional court's decision.
In the General staff of the Russian Federation are already talking about "the aggression of Kуiv" and "a threat to Russia"
Supply convoy came through Izvaryne
Putin: ruble strengthens, stock markets are rising.
Russian General staff: we not exclude a military threat to Russia from Ukraine
SBU detained a group of saboteurs in the Dnipropetrovsk region
The militants shelled with mortar fire of the Ukrainian military in Stanitsya Luhanska
A new An-178 was presented in Kyiv. "Antonov" is already working on a version for the Ukrainian army
Russian army supply convoy came to Luhansk
Taruta: seizure of the Donetsk regional state administration was headed by Aksenov
Humanitarian assistance from Khakassia for Donbass
The constitutional court refused to defer consideration of the case on #lustration
"Unity towel" was stretched in Cherkassy
The Prosecutor's office took up the ex-head of Kharkiv regional state administration for illegal extraction of water for 6 million UAH
Explosions are heard in Donetsk
Separatists rally in Odessa near cityhall
The Prosecutor's office has filed a lawsuit against the mayor of Zaporizhya
Fighters spend the night in a former tuberculosis clinic at #Donbass
Lavrov: the West have to force Kyiv to abandon the glorification of Nazism
The Ministry of justice asked the the Constitutional Court to defer consideration of the law on lustration
Russian MoD Shoigu: lies and slander against the RF and its armed forces become commonplace in the West
#MH17 mission arrived at Grabove
Donetsk and Luhansk need lustration. Near the Constitutional Court of Ukraine
Near the Constitutional court require to maintain all the norms of the law on lustration
#Donetskю Residents from many districts report now about hearing heavy outgoing fire, possibly artillery (heavy single shots)
120 supply trucks crossed the border to #Ukraine from #Russia this morning, now heading to #Donetsk and #Luhansk
#Warthogs on tour: A-10s in Romania
Bomb threat: metro station "Lev Tolstoy Square" is closed In Kyiv
#Crimea: the Occupiers disperse a rally in Sevastopol against the lawlessness of the local "authorities"
Constitutional court is surrounded by security forces
Vitaly #Klitschko joined the campaign "Bike to work"
Hollande announced a meeting with #Poroshenko on the situation in the Donbass
Minister @PavloKlimkin arrived at the Airport Schiphol (the Netherlands) to participate in #GCCS2015. There are a lot of meetings.
Ukrainian Journalist Sergei Sukhobok was Murdered In Kiev
PrivatBank received another billion loan from the NBU
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