Map. History of Ukraine conflict

19 ตุลาคม 2018
PM Najib Razak says Malaysia is sending a flight to Kyiv with disaster assistance and rescue team #MH17
Explosions of artillery shelling near #boeing777 #mh17 site. Battles near Saur-Mohyla
Convoy of terrorists with Gadfly moving from Snizhne to the state border of Ukraine
Ukraine ambassador to UN: we will show the world all evidences, that Russian military involved in #MH17 crash
Russians shelling Luhansk airport with MRLS Grad now. So any ceasefire as declarated
@BarackObama called Malaysian PM and Ukrainian President
#Putin blames #Ukraine for #MH17 crash; says tragedy wouldn't have happened if Ukrainian gvt didn't renew the ATO
Malaysian PM Najib says if aircraft was shot down, perpetrators must be swiftly brought to justice
Malaysian airliner shot down by surface-to-air missile, senior U.S. officials confirm
terrorists striking the pose along armour in #RUS tricolour in Lysychansk
#MH17 Ukraine rebels say ready for temporary truce after plane crash
UKR ATO spox Seleznyov says Kyiv has proof that Buk/SA-11 system entered Ukraine from Russia
Russian PM Medvedev: This tragedy claimed the lives of several hundred people from different countries. I grieve for the victims
Militants found the flight recorders of crashed Malaysian Boeing #MH17
SBU has evidence of the involvement of militants in Boeing #MH17 crash
MAP: Intl passenger flights avoiding #Ukraine airspace following #MH17 crash
Kyiv cries #MH17
FAA issues "special notice" advising US fliers to avoid Ukrainian airspace
Nine Britons were on the #MH17 - Interfax
Tyahnybok: There is 100% proof that #MH17 was hit by terrorists from Chernukhovo checkpoint.
Kyiv residents bring flowers to Dutch Embassy
Russian emergency services 'ask Kiev for permission to help with the rescue work' at Malaysia plane crash site
UK calls an emergency session of the UN security Council
Terrorists wants to give flight recorders to Moscow #MH17
Ukrainian MFA: "The airplane was shot down by the Russian Buk missile"
UKSATSE: "Boeing" disappeared instantly, without any warning and SOS. Plane instantly collapsed from echelon in the area of Torez
Terrorists do not allow emergencies to the crash site #mh17
Poroshenko: bringing down of Malaysian passenger plane was a "terrorist act"
The cafe near the entrance to bus station shelled
This photo was taken today in terrorist-occupied Snizhne. This is Buk SAM #MH17
Bank's car was robbed in Kharkiv
Putin and Obama phone call
Picture of trace of missile that striked Malaysian Airlines Boeing-777 #MH17
Powerful explosions in the area of Donetsk airport
MIA says 280 passengers, 15 crew dead in Malaysian airliner crash
Boeing-777 of Malaysian airlines shot down near Shakhtarsk
Boeing-777 of Malaysian airlines shot down near Shakhtarsk
Rally near Lviv military unit
#Ukraine Tymchuk claims that in #Luhansk servicemen of 51th mech brigade captured Russian soldier
Russian NSC: Ukraine is cleaning Russian-speaking citizens
Unknown drone fly over Odessa region near Vylkove
National Guard detained some terrorists near Luhansk
Russian MoD calls Kiev's accusation it shot down Ukrainian warplane "absurd"
NSC: MRLS shelled Marynivka from positions near Repyajkovaatyy, Russia
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
4 shells hit Kuybyshevo checkpoint in Russia
Mobile communications cut down in Donetsk
Meeting of the NSDC just began in Kyiv
Standing #NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group 2 arrived in Romania today-- includes minehunters from Italy, Turkey & UK
Reports of another AN-26 shotdown. Near Torez, pilots ejected
Reports of another AN-26 shotdown. Near Torez, pilots ejected
Latvija FM @edgarsrinkevics: Chief Rabbi of Dnipropetrovsk tells us "There is no antisemitism or fascism in Ukraine, Russia's propaganda is lying"
UEFA blocks Ukrainian & Russian teams from being drawn to play each other in Chps Lge & Europa Lge due to ongoing unrest between nations
Inter channel evacuted in Kyiv after bomb threat
Militants APC in Marynivka
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Belarus military lost a drone, and now looking for it by advertising newspaper
Bomb threat at the Central market of Simferopol
Railway bridge blowned up in Dokuchaevsk
Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on holding a census in the Crimea
#Lugansk militants of #LNR robbed hypermarket #Epicenter
Ten people injured by shelling in Dmytrivka
Terrorists striked appartment block with MRLS Grad in Luhansk
NSC: There are Russian "green men" near Izvaryne
SBU has detained a group of militants in Kherson region
#Ukraine presents captured #Russia soldiers
Japan reassures Ukraine in strong support - meeting of the President of Ukraine with FM of Japan
UEFA officially allowed to hold UEFA matches in Dnipropetrovsk
Ukraine will export to China up to 3.5 million tons of crops this year
West water filter station in the city of #Popasne hit by a shell
Abandoned warehouse of an ammunition from Russian regular units found In Slavyansk
@DRogozin: US could've just as well imposed sanctions against Bulava, Iskander, Yars and Topol-M. Well, against something else, too
MRLS Grad shelling Luhansk airport from the center of city
Pushilin promised to return Kramatorsk and Slavyansk
5 tanks with Russian "peacekeeping" labels spotted in Snizhne
Ukrainian border guards claims that they are under #constant MRLS Grad, heavy artillery and mortar fire from #Russia
The President ordered the foreign Ministry to react to the shelling from Russia
Terrorists are going to Marinovka throw Snizhne
NSC: ATO forces found the bodies of two pilots of downed An-26
Up to 200 Ukrainian soldiers can be killed over the last few days in #Izvarino.72th,79th airborne and 24th Mechanized Brigade destroyed
MPs of Ukraine and Poland weren't allowed to visit detained Ukrainian pilot
Unknown alleged mining of the General Prosecutor office
SA-11 Gadfly "Buk" spotted in Torez, video near Shakhtarsk
SA-11 Gadfly Buk spotted in Torez, video near Shakhtarsk
Terrorists striked Ukrainian airborne troops with mortars and artillery near Dmytrivka
Yesterday #terrorists using MANPADS damaged #Ukrainian aircraft Su-25, which was performing a combat mission
Commander of special forces Lieutenant Bogdan Zavada killed in the battle near Marinovka Donetsk region
NSC: Russian fighter shot down Ukrainian Su-25
15 Ukrainian soldiers are treated for wounds they received during the #Grad attack from #Russia
Ukrainian MP detained in Minsk
Russian FM promised a "painful and acute response to the new U.S. sanctions
Obama: despite crisis, Ukraine making remarkable progress
US Congress approved bill on military and financial support of Ukraine
DNR warlord Hodakovsky resigns in favor of Strelkov
#Lugansk airport on fire
Russian invaders firing #MANPADS at Ukrainian air force Su-25 over #Snizhne
Pres Obama to speak on Russia/Ukraine in 25 minutes
Ukrainian border guards claims about cross-border transportation of 5 Russian "Grad"
Vladimir Antyufeyev: Moscow's man in #Donetsk sent to build DNR's gov structures, Transdniestria style. #Ukraine
Here are new #US sanctions on #Russia, via @USTreasury:
Terrorists striked Luhansk some times, few houses blowned up
Support for Ukrainian army come to Izvarino
Grad shelling the territory of Ukraine from Gukovo, Russia - video
Grad shelling the territory of Ukraine from Gukovo, Russia - video
Artists sketched russian tricolor in the Luhansk
The students of the third course of the Kharkiv University of aircraft began flying practice
@SimonOstrovsky goes hunting for separatists with a Ukrainian politician
The militants seized the Lisichansk oil refinery
Russia's MoD Sergei Shoigu: We are planning to hand over four S-300 units to Belarus
Shell hit an apartment building in Teplychne near Luhansk
One citizen of Ukraine among dead in Moscow subway yesterday
NSC Lysenko: Terrorists robbed all ATMs In #Lysichansk
Kharkov. Communists and "South-East" rally on Freedom square. Patriots came this action to stop
Ukrainian Forces Ambushed Near Izvarino Border Crossing
Graffiti in Moscow "Putin is "
MoD: Ukrainain forces near Marinovka shelled from Russia, army striked back
Russian occupants detained man who raise Ukrainian flag over Yalta city Council
Donetsk is almost abandoned by civils
Activists supply hospital in Dnipropetrovsk airport
SBU detained terrorists newspaper dealers in Khmelnytskyi
The Ukrainian Consul was not allowed to visit pilot #Savchenko again
@NATO Factsheet Ukraine July 2014
Border guards: Two drones exploring the situation in the north of Luhansk region
Border service of Ukraine: there are evidence of coordination of terrorists and the FSB
Mall "Atmosfera" mined in Kyiv by anonymous call
Lugansk after the GRAD shelling
Alert in Snizhne. Ukrainian jets
The terrorists deliver Ukraine an ultimatum: to withdraw troops from LNR & DNR in 24 hours
Ukrainian military is ready to take Horlivka
Serviceman of the Russian armed forces from Nizhnyy Novgorod died near the city of Luhansk, Ukraine
Detained Ukrainian dies in Zintan, Lybia
PM @Yatsenyuk_AP in #Slovyansk
The ceremony of farewell with Novodvorskaya
NSC: Ukraine is considering the possibility of breaking diplomatic relations with Russia
Militants striking Ukrainian military between Amvrosiivka and Mariinka
"Cutin - pock" in Minsk subway
Moscow and Havana reportedly agree to reopen giant Cold War military base in Cuba to spy on US
Chaly from President Administration: War declared against Ukraine
Two Major Attacks in Marynivka Area This Morning
The soldiers of "Azov" prayed at Sophia square, said goodbye to family and went to the ATO zone
Girkin declared state of war and a curfew in Donetsk
NSC: Flights of the Ukrainian aviation has resumed In the zone of the ATO
#Lugansk. Terrorists fired Metalist. Everything in smoke there
NSC: 11 Ukrainian soldiers have died in the past 24 hours
The Cabinet of Ministers in Slavyansk
On the Rostov-Taganrog route towards #Ukrainian border the movement of two artillery units with "Grad" were registered
New battalion of national guard ready to go to ATO zone from Kyiv
Car of "Legbank" was robbed In the center of Kiev
US Ambassador @GeoffPyatt helped open Kyiv Oblast biogas facility today
Border guards found sniper firing position near the border with the Russian Federation
Distributor of the Russian flags detained in the Orsha, Belarus
Russian terrorists have declared their checkpoints "state borders".
#Lysenko(NSC): Near #Izvarino our #military came under attack
Tank in Zaporizhye
OSCE: two attempts to hold a conference with the separatists failed
Militants blew up a railway Novobakhmutivka-Horlivka
Funeral of Valeria Novodvorskaya in Moscow
President of Czech Republic Milos Zeman said that Europe must take serious measures, up to send troops of NATO if Russia will invade Ukraine
Military enlistment office opened In Moscow the for the recruitment of terrorists for war in Donbass
Photo of plant Zeus Keramika in Slavyansk, the consequences of fire
The position of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade near Sverdlovsk after shelling by Grad from the territory of the Russian Federation.
Military convoy heading to Ukrainian border in Stary Oskol
Russians report that someone shelled Kujbyshevo checkpoint from Ukraine territory
Militants shelled Ukranian army using GRAD near Provallya
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