Map. History of Ukraine conflict

18 ตุลาคม 2018
Militants artillery from Krasnyi Luch shelling positions of Ukrainian troops in Fashchivka
Russia even not try to hide heavy military, going in the direction of Ukraine
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Reports that Russian MP Milonov can be with terrorists now
A column of tanks passed Rovenky
The man fired from AK rifle and chanting Russia was detained in Kharkiv
Terrorists captured three officers of the armed forces, which were invited to the negotiations
Ukrainian humanitarian aid.was delivered to 10 cities in the Donbass - Red Cross
Ukrainian journalist Butusov: #Ukraine lost more servicemen (over 100) this week than at any time since the start of the war in the east
Armored vehicles in Tula
Artillery shelling in Donetsk
Column of APCs BTR-80 and tilt Trucks. the Krymsk+Krasnodar region)
Instagram user claims 'Yesterday there were 200 tanks'. Matveev Kurgan
Right Sector, near Dnipopetrowsk.
No more water supply in Donetsk
Negotiations between #German, #French, #Ukrainian and #Russian FMs are underway
Privatbank office was burned in Dnipropetrovsk
Yasinuvata is burning
Marathon "Liberation"in Kharkivn
#Russia|n Airborne troops in #Belgorod
NATO Would Respond Militarily to Crimea-Style Infiltration: Supreme Allied Commander Europe @PMBreedlove
Burning houses in Khartsyzsk
Russia customs vehicle is huge scanner, OSCE says. #Convoy trucks will drive through it
Empty streets, closed shops, no working bank machine, and the 1 supermarket open in Krasnodon, Luhansk reg.
Police waiting for rallies in #Kharkiv
Self-propelled artillery, trucks and APCs in Donetsk
Militants claims that they have shot down 2 Ukrainian Su-25 in Luhansk region
#Khartsyzsk now
Military trucks in Novocherkassk(Rostov region)
Right Sector Yarosh canceled the ultimatum and March on Kyiv
The tomb of Stepan Bandera was blowned up tonight in Munich
95 brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine took control of the district Yasynuvata, Donetsk region, which is of strategic importance
75 people of Azov battalion go to ATO zone
Petrivka subway station closed after bomb threat
MFA @PavloKlimkin arrived in Berlin to participate in the meeting of Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia
Russia shells Saur-Mohyla with MRLS
The militants under the Lisichansk were preparing an ambush for the Ukrainian troops
Russian Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire supersonic strategic bomber will be based in Crimea
The SBU detained 6 terrorists suspected in the bombing on the night of 3 Aug on the territory of Kharkiv Tanks factory
Ukraine says convoy of rocket launchers crosses over from Russia
Empty trucks were inspected by @ICRC
Part of humanitarian convoy are passing though Izvaryne checkpoint
NSDC: Ukrainian customs still did not get any documents
The NSDC: over the 10 Russian UAV violated Ukrainian airspace in the last 24 hours
Group of Russian main battle in #Donetsk
Group of Russian main battle in Donetsk
Military convoy in Donetsk tonight
More trucks heading to Ukrainian border
Smoke from the Ukrainian side of the border checkpoint Donetsk
3 Lenin statue were toppled in villages of Odessa region
Militants attack Saur-Mohyla
Shopping center "Parus" in Horlivka
Thugs defeated stand of "The Heaven's Hundred" in Brovary
Shells hit chemical plant in Makiivka, one worker was killed
Convoy waiting on the border
Ukrainian Mig-29 was shot down over Luhansk tonight
First Russian humanitarian truck has left for the border crossing at Izvaryne
MFA Klimkin asks Europe and NATO for military help
Two jets fly-by M4-M21 highways crossroad in Rostov region
MFA: Cargo International Committee of the red cross from Russia is humanitarian aid
Merkel is waiting explanations from #Putin regarding 150 vehicles given by #Russia to terrorists
Police in Kryvyi Rig protecting Lenin statue
Also Chicago held manifestations supporting unity of Ukraine
At least 11 tanks with engines running on the road to Russia-Ukraine border
Right Sector ultimately demand Poroshenko to fire all traitors from MIA
Helicopters over Kharkiv
Poroshenko SBU head reported that a group of terrorists coordinated by secret services of Russia had been neutralized
Russian APC convoy
APCs on highway M4 Don
Military trucks, heavy armored vehicles in Krasnodon
AFP team in Donetsk, Russia today saw a vehicle with containers marked as transport for Buk air defence missiles.
President of #Ukraine continued consultations with @VP of the #USA
Eastern part of #Yasynuvata is cleaned up by ATO forces
Putin Huilo trucker hats, giant #Ukraine flag. NYC is celebrating the freedoms Russians are denied
Today's rally in Kramatorsk
Russian activists claims that Barack Obama is tourist on rally in occupied Crimea
Chechen Kazbek from battalion "Aidar"
15 tanks moving to the border with soldiers on
Ukrainian troops entered Horlivka
The effigy of Putin was burnt in Ivano-Frankivsk
The effigy of Putin was burnt in Ivano-Frankivsk
Terrorists shelled Khryashchuvate near Luhansk
Terrorists shelled Khryashchuvate near Luhansk
Poroshenko has invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Kiev to discuss the situation in the East
Lenin statue was toppled in Novoaydar, Luhansk region
#RUS army BTR-80 & RUS SOF near Dmytrivka
RUS army BTR-80 & RUS SOF near Dmytrivka
MFA @PavloKlimkin: Poland supports the meeting in Berlin. We both agree: Russia must change its policy. @sikorskiradek
About 500 tonnes of humanitarian aid were unloaded In Severodonetsk
A man jumps into the Black Sea, with a Russian warship in the background, in Sevastopol, Crimea
Terrorists were knocked out off Nizhnya Krynka
WWII Soviet tank, used by terrorists with their sign "Go to #Kyiv!", was delivered to Kyiv war museum
Ukrainian forces in Nyzhnya Krynka
Hundreds of volunteers from the south and the east of #Ukraine arrived in #Donbas since yesterday to fight
Russian accused of hacking detained by US until trial begins
Marines reinforce the artillery
Russian troops arrive in N China for anti-terrorism drills
Militants gave AK to kid, and Russia Today film it
SBU: Boeing #MH17 could be downed by Crimean ex-Ukrainian military
Ukraine continues to supply food to the Crimea. About 750 trucks of Ukrainian products are delivered daily
Handmade plane crashed near Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region. 2 wounded
Mosque and Greek-Catholic church in Donetsk are destroyed
Ultras of Shakhtar joined the battalion Azov
Patriots rally in Artemivsk today
Everything's fine said the rebel, a sniper, after he crashed his car in front of hotel.
DNR leader Antyufeyev blames war on freemasons, calls US "demonic construct" that ought to be removed
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Terrorists friendlyfired own battalion with MRLS Grad
Ukrainian peacekeepers from Kosovo will return to Ukraine
Ukraine does not recognize Russian trucks as humanitarian aid
Explosions in Makiivka
"PM" of DNR: we Have a lot of equipment abandoned by the Ukrainian army, hundreds of BMP and BTR(APCs) in good condition just stand in the field
Radar, near the Russia-Ukraine border
#Ukraine received 3rd plane from Canada
DefMin of #Russia claims: Russian militaries do not have relation to "humanitary" #convoy
Testing phase of reverse flow of gas from Slovakia to Ukraine, Vojany - Uzhgorod has started
ATO forces take control of Maloorlivka, between Kirovsk and Yenakijevo
Moscow has prologned the confidentiality of KGB documents from 1917-1991 for another 30 years
Activists report that #Ukrainian forces just liberated Ozerianivka village (1K) in 8 km from #Horlivka city
President Poroshenko met with President of Finland Sauli Niinistö
Kharkiv say bye to "Russian world"
Office of the gas company KUB-Gas was burnt in Luhansk
Port Crimea. The ferry. "To survive"
Citizens of Kranjska Gora protesting against Russian South stream
Humanitarian convoy sent "customs declaration" to Ukrainian side
The Russian crews win the Russian "tank biathlon" wargames
Ukraine is preparing for military parade on the Day of Independence
Echelon with the BTR-80 APC in Krasnodar
Moscow urges quicker procedures to deliver humanitarian aid to Donbass ASAP @ICRC
The NSDC: Militants plan to leave Donetsk to 18 August. Why this date is unknown
Battles near Yasynuvata
Ukrainian airforces have destroyed terrorists base at Autoagregat plant in Krasnodon
Russia blocking Ukrainan ISPs in Belarus
Russian terrorists leave Yenakievo and Horlivka - NSDC
Ukrainian troops liberated Zhdanivka
Regular Russian Soldiers with Buk-System on the border
Russian military in Rostov region
Russia accuses Hungary to send military vehicles to Ukraine
Protest against local police chief in Zhitomir
Burned car in Donetsk
Another Lenin lost his head in Mariupol
Military KAMAZ truck carry some engines
Terrorists say that got 150 vehicles from #Russia
Russian military convoy in Ukrainian Izvarine - up to 50 APCs
Ukrainian troops in Zhdanivka
Road from Rostov to local Donetsk: the column with the APC, mortar and tankers
Consequences of war in Luhansk
Military vehicles On the road along the convoy
Ukrainian forces have surrounded terrorist group in Mospyne
Cafe at a truckers' stop in Rostov region has banned entry to Barack Obama and members of congress
Putin and Angela Merkel discussed the "humanitarian mission" of the RF and the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine
Ukrainian army in Luhansk
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