Map. History of Ukraine conflict

24 อาจ 2018

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Cargill to invest USD 130 million in building grain terminal in Odesa, Ukraine.
Stanitsa Luhanska under artillery shelling
Shelling in Krasnohorivka is heard in Kurahove and Mariinka
Unknown location
Ukranian position under Russian tank fire
Ukranian position under Russian tank fire
Shellin on Bakhmutka road
[email protected] Spokesperson Kirby on Ukraine: Efforts by Russia and the separatists to grab more territory will be met with further costs.
Today in Lugansk arrived 500 recruits from Russia
Putin calls Russians and Ukrainians single people, confident that situation in Ukraine will straighten out
On the outskirts of Avdiivka, a 38-year-old woman was wounded from shell explosion
Kyiv urges Moscow to take urgent measures to stop the escalation of the situation in the Donbass
OSCE UAV spotted Russian ‘R-330ZH Zhitel’ jamming communication station in "DNR" territory near Mariupol
In Luhansk region SBU detained militants who was planning attacks in Bilovodsk area
In Luhansk region SBU detained militants who was planning attacks in Bilovodsk area
In Bukovina SBU again detained illegals
Russian Navy guided missile cruiser Moskva 121 crossed the bosphorus northbound
Sikorski: Whole EU must resolve Ukrainian conflict, not individual countries
The police has increased patrols in the Sartana
Air Policing jets in internationall airspace above Baltic Sea near LV border identified Russia|n AF Il-20
Poroshenko: Visit of Putin to the Ukrainian Crimea without the consent of the Ukrainian authorities is a continuation of the scenario of worsening of the situation
Consequences of shelling of militants in Krasnohorivka
Pentagon includes Ukraine in list of countries where UAVs will be used for surveillance
American UAVs To Conduct Monitoring Flights Over Ukraine – WSJ
Lavrov accuses Kyiv of escalating tensions in eastern Ukraine
In Transcarpathia SBU found on the border of 114 boxes of smuggled cigarettes
2 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 7 wounded in the last 24 hours
Lavrov: the situation in the Donbas looks like a preparation for hostilities
Sartana after shelling
In Kyiv patrol police found an explosive device under the car Lexus
Consequences of shelling in Donetsk
Russia will send another supply convoy to the Donbass on August 20
In Dzerzhinsk 2 civilians killed by shelling
The shelling of the suburbs of Mariupol qualified as a terrorist act
Two civilians were killed, six were wounded after shelling of militants of Sartana
Krasnogorovka. 1 civilian killed in shelling
Engineering 'River Assault' camp for 'pro-Russians'
Dzerzhynsk hears shelling, far away
2nd shipment of ammo to Russia dump for Luhansk region April/May 2015
In Lysychansk Volleys can be heard at Bakhmutka
The Communist party of Kazakhstan is closed by a judgment of the city of Almaty
Shelling in Horlivka
Shelling in Horlivka
Pushilin: we are ready to offensive
Shelling in Krasnohorivka
Heavy shelling of Mariinka
Heavy battle in Stanytsia Luhanska
Shelling of Ukrainian positions between Kurakhove and Mariinka
A direct hit in a residential area Sartana: 3 dead, 2 wounded. - sector M spox
Shelling of Donetsk from Donetsk
Shelling of Donetsk from Donetsk
TASS: "Ukrainian troops resume shelling of Horlivka in DNR"
Red flares over Donetsk
Shelling of Stanitsa Luhanska renewed
Again shelling in area of Volnovakha
Russian TASS : "Security forces began shelling of residential sector in the center of Donetsk"
Avdiivka. Blackout in town, power transmission line was damaged..No MTS mobile communications. Water services down.
Militants fired on Sartana with self propelled artillery, hitting civilian area - Sec. M spox
In Mariupol. Ukrainian soldiers are gearing up, on alert. "We must be ready to fight" one soldier said.
Horlivka - Some districts were mortared,including central
Mortar fire near Schastye
In Mariupol. Constant sounds of explosions to the east. About 5-10 seconds interval between on avg
Outgoing shelling from Horlivka
Shelling of Avdiivka from Donetsk
Shelling of Avdiivka from Donetsk
Lebedynske near Mariupol under artillery fire. Flashes can be seen in Mariupol.
Avdiivka Coke Plant - MLRS Shelling
Sartana near Mariupol was hit and is on fire
Shelling of Mariupol outskirts
Shelling of Mariupol outskirts
MLRS GRAD from Donetsk plant Topaz
Russian forces video attempts to hide tactical marks
Russian forces video attempts to hide tactical marks
Border guards detained 15 illegals near the border with Hungary
Zaitsevo - explosions and shooting
Donetsk - heavy MLRS outgoing shelling. Possible Smerch
Zakharchenko of DNR: Minsk talks failed, but we need to work, we need to win
Zakharchenko of DNR: Minsk talks failed, but we need to work, we need to win
Explosion heard in Mariupol
MLRS Grad shelling from Donetsk
Plotnitsky: residents of LNR should decide the question of the return to the Ukraine
Russian President Putin on August 17, will illegally visit annexed Crimea
Russian Duma Vice-President threatens Moldova with the Ukraine scenario
Former Romanian President asks for a referendum on the union between Moldova and Romania
Tel'manove after night shelling
Odessa police have released the detainees activists of "Svoboda" during LGBT parade
For last 24 hours Ukrainian troops have not killed, 6 critically wounded – speaker of ATO
For past 2 days, militants 311 times fired at positions of the Ukrainian military
Abroskin and Zhebrivsky visited Maryinka
German foreign Minister described the situation in the Donbass as explosive
Komsomolske - again shelling is heard
Fire after shelling last night in Donetsk
Fire after shelling last night in Donetsk
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