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22 กันยายน 2018

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Heavy fighting in Northern Donetsk
Avdiivka: Promka is under mortars fire again
Russia lets a Ukrainian prisoner free. He is blind and has no hands. He spent 2 yrs in RU captivity
Graham Phillips was today at POW swap
Graham Phillips was today at POW swap
Volodymyr Zhemchugov without arms and an eye after captivity
[email protected]: You don't need to buy stability in the Middle East by sacrificing Ukraine
Panetta: If we are not together, Russia will take advantage of it
Panetta: last thing you want to do is roll the dice with Putin. I don't trust him, never was able to trust him
France's Lellouche: Our priority No. 1 is to fix Middle East, and we can only do it with help of Russia, not against it
Panetta: In the US Congress, Democratic and Republican majority supports Ukraine and tough policy against Putin
Panetta on Trump: He continues to say things that in a real world will never happen
FM @PavloKlimkin: Ukraine is existential for Russia because Ukraine's democratic success is a challenge for Russia
Panetta: US needs to provide defensive weapons to Ukraine
Ex-CIA chief Panetta on Russia: You can't deal with a bully from weakness. You have to deal with them from strength
Ukr Def Min Poltorak: "Putin is about to persuade the world, DNR buys a small navy in the local supermarkets."
Leon Panetta: When you look in Putin's eyes, you see KGB, KGB, KGB
Zakaria: It cost Russia very little to destabilize Ukraine. It cost West a lot to stabilize it
Ukrainian writer Roman Ivanychuk died In Lviv
Vladimir Zhemchugov and Yuri Suprun released from Russian captivity
Poroshenko and Merkel discussed the situation in the Donbass
Ukraine has with whom to replace corrupt judges and prosecutors – Aslund
Lutsenko: Three out of five of my deputies are under 30 and never worked in prosecutor's office
MP Nayyem @mefimus: There is a cold war between elites. I don't know who will win, but the country will lose #YESUkraine2016
Nayyem @mefimus "Mr. Lutsenko, 2y ago we stood on the same side of the barricades. What happened?" #YESUkraine2016
Nayyem @mefimus "We really are troublemakers, but only because we aren't satisfied with efficiency, transparency of govt" #YESUkraine2016
Nye: Principles which form the institutes, such as when Yanukovych, just a little weaker
MP Nayyem: One of the holes in this glass is energy. Did you do anything with the energy monopoly of Akhmetov in 2 years?
Lutsenko didn't have time to face off w @Leshchenkos on corruption, yet had time to make stage props for lunch talk.
Lutsenko makes holes in a plastic glass to show how budget is losing money
Lutsenko: I don't think that counting convicted corruptionists is the essence of my job #YESUkraine2016
Lutsenko: PGO prepares several addresses to parliament to allow arrests of lawmakers and judges #YESUkraine2016
Poroshenko: Volodymyr Zhemchugov and Yuriy Suprun were freed from captivity
[email protected]: Modern Ukrainian elite is basically the 'children' of ex-President Kuchma #YESUkraine2016
Government of Moldova reduced the road tax for vehicles registered abroad
The @OSCE_SMM report that they are not receiving free access to government controlled areas in the east of the country
ATO HQ: 1 KIA, 6 WIA, 2 civilians killed in Avdiivka in attempt to disassemble Schmel RPO-A
Putin: Russia wants the political difficulties in Moldova to be overcome as quickly as possible - RIA.
Corruption And The Economy The Key Focus Of Yalta European Strategy Meeting In Ukraine
Kosovo expels Russian, Ukrainian journalists
Putin says Moscow wants to see a reliable and stable partner in Kyiv.
Putin on whether he supports Hillary or Trump: The one who wants to build relations with Russia on an equal basis.
Nasirov: "Can anyone in the parliament survive on the salary of Hr 4,000?" YESUkraine2016
Still in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine: The T-72BM. (Pictures from yesterday by pro-Russians.)
Police dismantled the "fire" of the Embassy
In Dnepropetrovsk opened proceedings by waste from Lviv
In "Mar'inka" border guards discovered products that our compatriot transported in violation of the rules
Jets traces near Mariupol
Photos: Attack on Russian Embassy in Kyiv
Russia will send another supply convoy to Donbas
Reuters published the video "fire" the Russian embassy in Kiev
30 ceasefire violations yesterday at ATO zone
Rivne region police seized about 180 kg of amber
Embassy of RF in Kyiv was attacked with fireworks
Tank drill at occupied Donbas
Russian forces say they have WIAs at the Yasynuvata blockpost
Avdiivka Promka - Yasynuvata blockpost - battle ongoing, assault rifles, machine guns, AA-gun, RPGs, mortars.
Russuian forces with howitzer in Lozove
President Frank Underwood graces the YESUkraine2016 dinner in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Georgy Gongadze memorial at Maidan in Kyiv
Georgy Gongadze memorial at Maidan in Kyiv
TASS reports that Putin in Bishkek told Ukraine ambassador that Russia did not annex Crimea
Russian Navy's Buyan-M Class (Prj 21631) Corvettes Zeleni Dol 602 and Serpukhov 603 are northbound on the Bosphorus
Fmr SecDef Bob Gates says it was wrong to declare “war” on terrorism. That’s what they wanted. And overstates the problem. #YesUkraine2016
Joint press conference of FMs of Ukraine and Portugal
Pres @poroshenko: real ceasefire first, full @OSCE_SMM access to occupied territories, incl 409.3 km of border w. RU
Again clashes at "amber fields" in Rivne region
OSCE’s Hug: sides must disengage now; withdraw weapons now; de-mine now; ensure the SMM has full and unfettered access now
OSCE’s Hug: Still no free and unfettered access for SMM, particularly in areas not controlled by the Government
Ukraine—Polish and US soldiers partner to build training capacity of Ukrainian land forces
Trucks on Simferopol-Feodosiya highway
Trucks on Simferopol-Feodosiya highway
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine September 16, 2016, 00:00 EET
"Premature" accident at Kerch Ferry - car felt into sea
The soldiers of ATO have deployed tents in Lviv, near the city hall
The Ambassador of India in Ukraine urges the Ukrainian agrarians to export to India lentils
Poroshenko will meet with Obama and Clinton
Crimea is not a bargaining chip to return Donbas – @Poroshenko at YESUkraine2016
Poroshenko: Sheremet murder investigation is a test for law enforcement
"News Front" employees were detained in Kosovo, will be deported
Poroshenko calls for new sectoral sanctions for Russia
Medvedev deleted tweet saying "will finish bridge and Crimea became finally ours"
Poroshenko says meetings with @POTUS and @HillaryClinton in NYC are confirmed. But still waiting for answer from "the Trump team."
T-34 monument was dismantled in Chisinau as "symbol of soviet occupation"
[email protected] says Russia has transformed Crimea into a "real concentration camp" in the Soviet fashion. #YESUkraine2016
Poroshenko: Ukraine's army defends not just Ukraine's sovereignty, but Europe's. "This is the battlefield" #YESUkraine2016
After years of pleading for arms and money, @poroshenko tells #YESUkraine2016 Ukraine doesn't need Western weapons, money - just 'unity & solidarity.'
Poroshenko: it's impossible to be the president of a country at war and not to be an optimist #YESUkraine2016
[email protected] opens #YESUkraine2016
Ukraine's @poroshenko arrives at #YESUkraine2016.
ATO HQ: Russian forces 30 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 82&120 mm mortars on Zaitseve
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