Map. History of Ukraine conflict

24 September 2017
Battle still raging #Donetsk Airport explosions,gunfire still heard
Battle still raging #Donetsk Airport explosions,gunfire still heard
Moody's downgraded the credit rating of Russia to Baa2 from Baa1
#Russia police arrested 74years old Lyudmila Bogatenkova,an activist who found Rus. regular army soldiers in #Ukraine
Turk #frigate SALIHREIS (F 246) runs alongside destroyer USS #COLE in the Black Sea yesterday
#Russia's vKontakte is hosting a "Miss Hitler" contest
Swedish warship searching Stockholm islands for suspected foreign submarine
Ground troops. Unloading equipment in Millerovo
This is #Bezler aka #Bes in #Horlivka 3 hours ago giving interview to #Ukraine TV channel "1+1"
#ATO forces began a special operation to save units that got into ambush in #Smile, #Luhansk region
People report in #Donetsk #Russian army BMD NONA has been heard &confirmed
Ukr. hostages from Battalion Donbas in forced labor in Russian-occupied Illovaysk
Ukr. hostages from Battalion Donbas in forced labor in Russian-occupied Illovaysk
Poroshenko asked Putin to release Savchenko
In the Rostov region, the bus collided with the excavator
Alexey Miller: the Main issue in negotiations on gas is cash gap of Ukraine
#SBU intends to declassify the archives - #Lubkivsky
Polish lawmaker says 2 men arrested on suspicion of spying were working for Russian intelligence
Just now #Russian army driving SS-21 (Tochka-U) fr #Makiyivka to #Donetsk
In #Luhansk region, close to #Shchastya Putin's militants have begun their advance. A lot of tanks on mountain Vesyolaya Gora.
Vladimir Putin: Russia is helping Ukraine, so let European partners also something dare
The Swedish army:"Suspect underwater activity in the Stockholm archipelago" 4th Naval Squadron and many other units involved.
#DonetskAirport defenders report #Putin terrorists in forces up to a full company have gathered around the airport, ready to roll
#Putin: "Right now, #Minsk conditions are not being met"
Fire, explosions, shelling everywhere in Donetsk -reports
The meeting of Putin and Poroshenko began in Milan
[email protected] 's Intelligence gathering vessel Dupuy de Lôme A759 enters the Black Sea
In Kramatorsk, Lenin now marches in a new #Ukraine
Putin said in Milan that that he believes Donbass is an integral part of Ukraine
Russia will show Yanukovych with the "appeal to the supporters" on Monday
Lukashenko: Part of Pskov, Smolensk and Bryansk lands once belonged to Belarus
American PayPal has imposed restrictions on electronic payments in Russia
Lukashenko: there are no paper In the Belarusian sausage unlike Russian
Lukashenko: There wouldn't be DNR or LNR without Russia
The activity of militants in the North. and Donetsk areas declined slightly. At the same time the growth of their activity in the South
MP Shufrych got egg headshot in Mykolaiv today
3 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 10 wounded by Putin's forces in the last 24 hours
Ukrainian artillery shelling Putin's militants positions in Donetsk
Railways blown up in Kharkiv region
Shell hit truck and haven't exploded
Russia began moving troops towards the Mariupol
Breakfast meeting of #Putin, #Poroshenko, other European leaders has started in Milan
Putin, Merkel discussed implementation of Minsk agreements, show serious difference in views on Ukrainian internal conflict causes: Kremlin
#Slovakia ratified #the Association Agreement with Ukraine
Meeting of EU leaders and President @Poroshenko of #Ukraine at the margins of #ASEM2014 Summit in Milan
Poroshenko has signed the law on the special status of Donbass
Merkel has canceled a meeting with Putin because of his late
Pres. Poroshenko attacked in Milan by a brazen RU journo from a vile propaganda TV channel
Russian journalist takes interview
Poroshenko met with Federal Chancellor of Germany - Angela Merkel
Stunning image from inside Donetsk airport today
Admiralty Occupy. All quiet on the eastern front.
Ukrainians sing the anthem in Milan
Arrested 12 members of clashes near the Verkhovna Rada - Avakov
SBU urged Ukrainians not to use Russian social networks
Vladimir Putin met with Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic
More arrests of Crimea Tatars in the occupied peninsula by Russian authorities.
Ukrainian Rally in Milan
#Femen protested in Milan before the start of the forum #ASEM against the visit of Vladimir Putin
Shell hit cafe in Makiivka
GRAD shelling in Yasinuvata
Force ATO hit another assault Donetsk
Two minibuses crashed in Kryvyi Rih: 13 people were injured
Ukrainian flags at various points of Donetsk airport
Tymoshenko: the Talks with Putin need to be in format Kuchma - "LNR", "DNR"
NAC NAFTOGAS said that they filed the 3rd lawsuit on the review of the transit contract
2 students from Africa hospitalized in #Russia, a rise in temp. to 37.3
Report: Last night in #Gluhovskiy forest, #Torez region, two #Russian helis landed #GRU units there. Some say for cleansing of insubordinate
The Government Of Ukraine Dismisses 39 Officials Of The Highest Category In The Framework Of The Law On Lustration - Yatsenyuk
Russia Today: Ukraine violates Nuremberg trials
In Krasnoarmiysk armed men seized the mine office "Pokrovskoe" and MP
21 Unknown Ukrainian army soldiers are being buried on a dedicated cemetery near #Dnepropetrovsk, #Ukraine
Marina Porosheknko visited the area ATO and brought humanitarian aid warm clothing for children and the military.
18yo woman fleeing Islamic State detained by Turkish authorities, then ejected into warzone
The NSDC: 500 unidentified bodies from the zone ATO not all are Ukrainian soldiers.
In Russia promise to introduce visa regime with Ukraine in response
Merkel: fundamental solutions, Russia need to withdraw its troops and weapons from the border with Ukraine
Poroshenko signed a Decree on the development of a National strategy in the field of human rights.
Irakli Komaxidze : DNR received missiles of type Qassam
Gorbachev urged Putin and Poroshenko to dialogue
Moskal closed path through Bahmutivka: Luhansk Governor Gennady Moskal asked to refrain from traveling Bahmutivka
#Putin scheduled to arrive to parade in Belgrade in less than 30 min
Ukraine Withdrew 8 modern helicopters from the UN humanitarian mission for further delivery to the zone ATO.
Sergey Lavrov speech at a news conference following talks with and FMs
Coalition airstrikes have mistakenly killed at least six fighters defending
The President Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with U.S. President
Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with U.S. President