Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 กันยายน 2018

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Popasna: shelling resumed just after midnight
Satana, East to Mariupol - shelling/booms heard
Radio Svoboda quotes Caucasus Times: Suhumi TV center bomber is Sergey Torosenko from DNRs Motorola group
[email protected] took part in the meeting “Ukraine + Group of Friends of Ukraine in the EU” in Luxembourg
MP Savchenko was questioned by SBU about her recent travel to occupied territories of Donbas
Poroshenko extended sanctions against Russian Federation for another year
Russian troops in Transnistria preparing for rotation
P-8A Poseidon (suspected callsign BRONCO95) returning from a close approach to the Crimean coast for SIGINT mission.
Putin press secretary says little chance Normandy 4 leaders will meet this week on Ukraine, but work continues
Givi of DNR says they will level all Ukrainian cities to the ground in their offensive on Kyiv
UKIP for Russia Today, as their accounts blocked
#USSMountWhitney arrives in Constanta, Romania, while conducting routine operations in the #BlackSea.
2 Russian UAVs shotdown by Ukrainian forces
DNR group: We will follow Minsk-2, despite the death of Motorola
Rally near Russian Embassy in Kyiv "Embassy of Gulag"
[email protected]_ru from scene of blast that killed Motorola
UK blocked all Russia Today's bank accounts
ATO spox: In Druzhkivka, special unit of Donetsk police “Typhoon” performed practical training in combating terrorist threat
Col. Andriy Lysenko confirms death Arsen Pavlov (aka “Motorola”) – one of so-called “DNR”`s warlords
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, 1 UA serviceman was killed in action, 7 were wounded in action
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Yesterday, 6 flights of enemy UAVs were recorded in the Mariupol sector
One Ukrainian soldier KIA and seven WIA in Donbas – ATO spox
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine October 17, 2016, 00:00 EET
Shelling aftermath in Maryinka
Vodyane: 6 homes destroyed, 10 severely damaged
Radio Svoboda: Strelkov (Girkin): The Novorossiya movement is in crisis.
DNR declared 3 days mourning for Motorola
It's fake
Lifenews propaganda claims Ukrainian troops on offensive near Leninske
Aerial reconnaissance spotted large Russian forces base near Torez
Aerial reconnaissance spotted large Russian forces base near Torez
ATO HQ: Russian forces 61 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 122&152mm artillery and 82&122mm mortars
Spot Report by @OSCE_SMM: Bullets impact in the vicinity of an SMM patrol near Zolote
Stanytsia Luhanska is now under fire
Alexander Zakharchenko comments on Motorola death
Alexander Zakharchenko comments on Motorola death
Pushilin of DNR group blamed Ukraine in Motorola death
Zaharchenko declared war: "Poroshenko declared war on us, now just wait"
Donetsk after Motorola assassination- video
Popasna again under mortars fire.
Outgoing shelling near Stakhanov(Kadiivka)
Lockdown in Donetsk after explosion that killed Arseny Pavlov
Artillery shelling near Svitlodarsk
Donetsk near the "Motorola" house
Avdiivka: sounds of war
Avdiivka: sounds of war
Motorola bodyguard also was killed in explosion
Russian propaganda TV with breaking news on Motorola death
Popasna: heavy shelling
DNR group "increased anti-terror level in Donetsk"
DNR group confirmed assassination of Motorola, blames Ukrainian saboteur group
Many poeple Killed in the Russia aerial bombing on the neighborhood of Sheikh-Fares in Aleppo
Russian accounts reporting that Arseniy Pavlov aka "Motorola" was blown up in Donetsk
Heavy clashes at Mayorsk
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
One of DNR group commanders Motorola was assassinated in Donetsk. IED
Popasna is under fire now. Shelling again
Joshua and Klitschko agree to December date for title fight
Intelligence reporting on many dead and wounded Russian fighters in Novoazovs'k hospital
Putin says: Russia is ready to "fix degradation in Ukraine"
Destruction in Popasna after Russian forces attack
Recovery work at Popasna hospital after last night attack
Heavy shelling near Talakivka
Putin: Poroshenko blames Russia, to do nothing
Boeing plans to use Kherson airfield for it's transport aviation - Kherson authorities
Vodyane, near Mariupol - several houses destroyed last days by the russian shelling.
Putin to USA at BRICS summit: if someone wants a confrontation, it was not our choice
Hits after last night shelling in Popasna
Almost empty reservoir near Bakhchisaray, Crimea
Damage in Maryinka after latest fighting
Maryinka: Damage after shelling on Chapaeva street 14
Damage in Maryinka after shelling
Russian forces shelled hospital in Popasna
One Ukrainian soldier evacuated from the Promka with 'light injuries' after this morning's round of shelling.
43 ceasefire violations at Donbas yesterday
MRAP vehicles with KRG Peshmerga forces around Mosul: Ukrainian KrAZ Spartan, US Maxxpro (white), US Oshkosh M-ATV (black)
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