Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 February 2018


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MFA of Ukraine: We propose to hold ceasefire from 19th of January
[email protected]_UK is only 700 meters from the Terminal filming Rus troops moving
.@GrahamWP_UK is only 700 meters from the Terminal filming Rus troops moving
Rally in support of Ukraine near White House, Washington DC
Russian forces now trying to surround "Airport group" through Krasnohorivka
Peace #March in Kup'yans'k, Kharkiv region
Shells hit Semashko avenue. Donetsk
The Ministry of defence of DNR: Donetsk airport is under the control of militants
In Prague rally "I am Ukraine"
Putin: Russia ready to monitor the ceasefire in the Donbass
Russian marines insignia in footage of Donetsk airport storm
Ukrainian news outlet TSN's YouTube channel blocked
[email protected]: It’s striking how most media just avoid the battles in eastern Ukraine. It’s ongoing aggression in Europe. It must not be seen as normal.
#Germany,#Berlin March of Peace&;Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism& #Russia|n Aggression #Ukraine
Russian military vehicles in the center of Donetsk
Substations in Novoazovs'k and Telmanovo destroyed. No power in area
Dem. Sen. @ChrisMurphyCT says Obama admin must send military aid to #Ukraine
Moscow calls for urgent withdrawal of heavy weaponry from #Donbas, says ready to influence militias - Russian FM
Video of shelling of Donetsk
Video of shelling of Donetsk
Crimean Tatars went on the March in Melitopol
Crimean Tatars went on the March in Melitopol
#Poroshenko rejected Putin’s artillery withdrawal plan, began assault - Kremlin
Marsh of peace in Milano
Peskov: Putin sent Poroshenko message with a plan of withdraw of heavy artillery
New 15 vehicles for Ukrainian military Funded by the U.S. fund
Convoy standing in front of camera
Five civilians are killed by shelling in Donetsk, - the mayor's office
In Simferopol MP of Crimea council was shot
Unidentified Army convoy allegedly approaching #Donetsk
Peace March in Ivano-Frankivsk
#Uzhgorod Rally in memory of tragedy in #Volnovaha
Flares over Donetsk
"Grads" and "Hurricanes" are shelling Donetsk airport now, - Kochanowski
Grads and Hurricanes are shelling Donetsk airport now, - Kochanowski
A rally in support of Ukraine are held in New Zealand
A rally in support of Ukraine are held in New Zealand
Putilov bridge in Donetsk was destroyed
Kyiv. "Dream town" mall evacuated cause of bomb threat
March of Peace in Cherkasy
Rally in Warsaw
A woman are killed by shelling of militants in Krasnogorivka
Poltava peace march
Moscow police have not allowed to lay flowers to the Embassy of Ukraine
#Kirovograd today. "God save Ukraine"
Kherson March of Peace
GRAD hit Krasnogorovka. There are victims among the civils
Candles are lit at the Maidan
Protest against Russian terrorism at the Russian Embassy London #JeSuisVolnovakha #StopPutin #Ukraine
Police refuse to allow around 70 #JeSuisVolnovakha demonstrators in Moscow lay flowers outside Ukraine's embassy
Donetsk. Shells hit the tall house
Mykolaiv, peace March.
Rally in #Berdyansk
Rally in Berdyansk
"Reform is our victory!". #Marsh in Kiev
Another Russian SIGINT truck in Luhansk
Tank in the center of Donetsk
Some protesters in Slavyansk protect Lenin monument. "Break not to build".
"I'm cyborg" on the #Marsh in Kyiv
Peace March in Severodonetsk
Donetsk - occupiers pull tank on the tow
Donetsk - occupiers pull tank on the tow
Successful operation. New details of the battles at the #Donetsk airport are published
Successful operation. New details of the battles at the Donetsk airport are published
Rally in #Starobilsk
Flags of #Ukraine #NATO are at the march
Russian GRAD hit civil house in Vuhlehirs'k. 2 kids killed, 1 wounded
Demo in Place Saint-Michel, Paris
In Ternopil prayed to the Jordan water washed away Putin, as last year - Yanukovych
Thousands kneel down to commemorate 1st victims of #Euromaidan revolution
#March in #Slavyansk
People came at the all-Ukrainian campaign "I am Volnovaha" in Kramatorsk
#Severodonetsk on the March
The results of the bombardment of Horlivka
MLRS #GRAD passing RT webcam
Russian APC in Donetsk
March of Peace in Sumy #JeSuisVolnovaha
#JesuisVolnovakha in Lutsk
A few have come to Ukrainian embassy in Moscow to also commemorate Volnovakha victims. Riot police too
Residents of #Mariupol collected signatures to recognise DNR & LNR as #terrorist organizations
Launched doves symbolizing peace #Zolochiv
Battle in Donetsk
Battle in Donetsk
Rally in Chernihiv
March of peace in #Khmelnitsky
In Horlivka declared an air RAID
Rally in Odessa
Dnipro. March against terrorism.
The occupant will be thrown. @poroshenko made an emotional speech at #Maidan
"Ural" of 92nd brigade exploded on a bomb
At the Peace March in #Zaporizhzhya gathered more than five hundred people
March in #Lisichansk
Ukrainian warriors remove Russian flag from slagheap in Donetsk
Ukrainian warriors remove Russian flag from slagheap in Donetsk
Russian MLRS shelling from Donetsk
Russian MLRS shelling from Donetsk
Klitschko brothers At Mykhailivska Square
In Lviv began a March of solidarity "Je Sui Bolnovakha"
Poroshenko: we will not give away a speck of Ukrainian lands. We will win. Throw out the invader from Ukraine
Peace March in Kharkiv
Vigil in #Volnovaha for the killed Ukrainians in the bus on the post
Kryvyy Rih went out on March
Lysenko: Forces of anti-terrorist operation cleared territory of #Donetsk #airport
Several Russian convoys carrying ammunition - some went to the airport, the other in the direction of the coast
The Maidan. The March of the Peace
Several thousand people in Kramatorsk on peace March
Kharkiv. "Stars of Russia"
#March in Kyiv continues
Participant "The death" jokes that today is going to Moscow
The battle in the Shastye
The battle in the Shastye
Kyiv. Peace March.People are gathering. Official persons and clergy already in place. Waiting for the President and the Prime Minister
More and more Smoke. Fighting continues. #Donetsk
19 seriously injured soldiers with massive blood loss delivered to the hospital Mechnikova
Militants shell Hranitne with artillery and mortars
Around 25 minutes ago in the center of Donetsk
#Donetsk. Shells hit yard
#Donetsk, impact near the bridge to the Shcherbakova Park
Lifenews: militants hold positions in Donetsk airport
Today at 01:00 in Kyiv Caucasian threw a grenade at the police. Injured five people.
OSCE: the Russian military said that the militants need counter mortar radars
Smoke in Donetsk on Kuybisheva street
Adviser to Poroshenko has just implied that Ukrainian forces launched 3 SS-21 short range tactical ballistic missiles against Russian forces
Russian artillery shelling Ukrainian positions in Donetsk tonight
Headquarters of ATO: "Cyborgs" took out the wounded.
Armored ambulance on the way to Donetsk
Strong bursts and explosions in Horlivka. Militants moving
Militants from the "LNR" have hastily adopted the "law of mobilization"
Report: Russian base in Dokuchaevsk is destroyed. Now "firework" cause of explosions
Ukrainian forces destroyed artillery point of Russia in Donetsk
Chervonohvardiys'kyi districy: convoy of 8 tanks & 2 Ural trucks are going in direction of airport
The bus near Volnovaha was shot from the North or North-East, - OSCE
Today recorded 138 shelling, shooting from everywhere - the OSCE
Heavy fighting in #Donetsk
Heavy fighting in Donetsk
#OSCE confirmed that the bus near the Volnovaha was shot by militants
"Askold": in tank battle in Spartak 4 russian tanks were destroyed
"Bars" commander of Right Sector is wounded in Spartak district of Donetsk
Adv in Minsk of Constantine Ostrog, which defeat Muscovites near Orsha
RU MFA: #OSCE information disproves Kyiv allegation of the guilty in the tragedy near Volnovakha
Biryukov: at least 64 Russian dead after Ukrainian artillery strike
Ambassador of RF to the OSCE: OSCE data deny the version of Kyiv and Washington about the reasons of the tragedy under the Volnovaha
Report that Zakharchenko has left Donets
The whole streets are destroyed in Stanitsa Luhanska
Substation hit during intense Grad fire in #Donetsk
Substation hit during intense Grad fire in Donetsk
Biryukov: Russian militants actively use sigint devices, jamming any communication
Lifenews: Luhansk militants now have aviation
Lifenews: Luhansk militants now have aviation
Militants shelling with MLRS from civil areas
Ukrainian army evacuated 3 bodies and 20 wounded soldiers from Donetsk airport
"Kegs of beer". Destruction in Popasnaya
Book for kids in Russia. "Greenmen for babies"
T-72B1 main battle tanks at a #Russian army base in #Krasnyi Luch
Reinforcement of AZOV went to ATO zone from Kyiv
In Odessa, on the corner of Alexander Avenue and Zhukovsky street sappers exploded a suspicious package
Russian Sigint truck in Luhansk
#LNR and Ukrainian authorities have agreed on a two-day truce
New Ukrainian AN plane
Explosions over airport
Russian MLRS GRAD shelling Ukraine
Russian MLRS GRAD shelling Ukraine
The pilot Savchenko was transferred to a special unit of "sailor's Silence"
Shells hit #Donetsk Fire depot
"Right Sector" have "broken" the corridor to Donetsk airport
Railway.station Saratov. Echelon with armored vehicles with painted numbers
Flagship of the BSF, Project 1164 Slava class guided missile cruiser Moskva transits northbound Bosphorus
#Cyborgs destroyed tank of fighters, infantry of DNR refuses to step on Donetsk #airport
Fire in Donetsk
Russian Base in Bryanka
"Right sector" goes offensive on Donetsk airport to help Cyborgs there. Battle
Avdiivka coke coal plant was shelled. 3 workers wounded
Building with #militants was destroyed near #Mariupol, - #Azov
Anti-war demo in Moscow
Russian BM-21 #Grad convoy moves towards offensive positions in #Donetsk
Russian BM-21 Grad convoy moves towards offensive positions in Donetsk
#Donetsk, Gladkova, Kutuzov street, shell hit the building
"Cyborgs" to Ukrainians: We are not going to retreat
Apple blocked all developer accounts in Crimea
Cyborgs from #Belarus raise national flag in #Pisky and help #Ukraine troops defend #Donetsk airport
Rally in Mariupol.
"Lustration" in Kremenets, Ternopil oblast .
Confront continues In Donetsk #airport. The militants have asked to stop the fight
Militants do not stop to shoot at #Avdiivka third day
#Moskal: #LNR hit Krymske with MLRS Grad tonight. People sleep in basements
Bomb not RPG cause fire of railway tanks in Shebelynka
Fighting taking place at #Donetsk airport right now
Fighting taking place at Donetsk airport right now
Almazna, shells hit a street
Unknown thugs attack Volunteer warehouse in Kyiv tonight
Artillery joinging in from near #RT position, smoke rising from the terminals now
NSDC: near Rostov-on-Don spotted TOS-1 Buratino, S-300V, MLRS Smerch, MRLS Hurricane, tanks T-90, T-72B3, BTR-AM
Lenin monument was destroyed in Dymytrov
Ilya Ponomarev, only one in the Russian Duma, who did not support the annexation of the Crimea. Against him prosecuted in Russia.
#SBU blocked the attempt #militants to seize new BMP of National Guard
#Dokuchayevsk, 5-storey house near the bus station was hit
Jar with honey with explosives kills 1, wounded 3 Ukrainian military in Luhansk region
Interfax Ru again reports that 'Militia has announced the capture of #Donetsk airport"
The consequences of shelling in Horlivka
#Militants 82 times fired Ukrainian position during the last 24 hours, - headquarters of #ATO
Three Ukrainian soldiers were killed over the last day in Donetsk airport. Another 22 fighters were wounded and awaiting medical assistance.
The UN security Council could hold a meeting on Ukraine on January 21
Kharkiv Antimaidan considers Ukraine as occupier