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24 มิถุนายน 2018

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Russian military in #Debaltseve in @BBCWorld footage
Russian military in Debaltseve in @BBCWorld footage
Russian forces at #Donestk Airport interviewed by #VICE
Russian forces at Donestk Airport interviewed by VICE
NSDC approved the appeal to the UN and the EU to deploy peacekeepers in Ukraine.
Turchynov says not only about the peacekeepers on the border with the controlled by the militants, but on Ukrainian-Russian border
The new head of the administration of Debaltseve
Another plant stolen by Russian troops in Ukraine and moved to Rostov region brought now "online"
Poroshenko in the Donetsk region today
FSB director heads Russia's delegation at U.S. summit on extremism
#Poroshenko asks #NSDC to consider blue helmets in #Ukraine
About 2475 military personnel and 200 vehicles came from Debaltseve
NSDC just began. Reportedly there will be nothing about Martial law
Fighters came back home to Mykolaiv from ATO zone
This morning: MLRS GRAD from Horlivka shelling Debaltseve
Vigil in Mariinski park in Kyiv in memory of those who were killed by police and titushki last year
Russia and South Ossetia sign a "contract about state border"
Case of #Yefremov will be considered behind closed doors
Two Polish ships collided together flowing from the port of Gdynia on #NATO exercise
Poroshenko visited the location of the Ukrainian military, which have been reclassified from Debaltseve
The daughter of one of the leaders of the "LNR" works at the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine
Artillery cache with armour abandoned by Ukrainians, south of Debaltseve.
Six convoys of #OSCE monitors apply to visit #Donetsk
The SBU detained 3 terrorists of DNR in the Donetsk region
Drone-footage from the #Debaltseve area: scorched earth
Drone-footage from the Debaltseve area: scorched earth
Lithuania can revoke political asylum for Ukrainian "journalist" Anatoly Sharii
5km from Debaltseve, smoke over the town
Parubiy told about the Russian and Belarusian snipers on Maidan
Bukovina volunteers will be put to the ATO bacon in tubes
A film about Putin, who fond of women and beat his wife, was showed in Germany
Militants have shelled #Lugansk There are dead civilians
Hungarian media are outraged: Putin paid tribute to the monument to the Soviet invaders
Exit from Debaltseve
Young man in this tank in Vuhlehirsk is from Yakutia. Seemed very shy and didn't want to have taken #Ukraine
NATO "summons" Russia To Immediately Withdraw All Its Forces From Ukraine
SA-13 Gopher / Strela-10 between Vuhlehirsk and Enakievo
The Prosecutor General's office has identified four TV channels of Alexander Yanukovych
The British Embassy has published a guide to the search for weapons of Russian Federation in Ukraine
Russian militants raised their flag over Debaltseve
Rally near Court in Kyiv
The protesters came to the trial of the Communist Party
Merkel is preparing new sanctions against Russia
Explosion in Odessa, Ukraine yesterday
Explosion in Odessa, Ukraine yesterday
45 dead servicemen delivered in #Artemivsk
Kyiv. Vigil in memory of the victims of the snipers
Donetsk: joint convoy of DNR and OSCE
Yefremova just released from the Prosecutor General's office. Promise to wear a special bracelet.
MIlitants shelled Pisky and Avdiivka
More signs of withdrawal from Debaltseve. More coming all the time.
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says Putin's call for Ukrainian forces to surrender in #Debaltseve is not in spirit of Minsk deal
About 100 WIA delivered to Artemivs'k hospital
Russia Claiming Lithuania "damaged" Ukraine
SBU investigates Russian Lukoil, suspecting support of separatists waging war against Ukraine
Ukrainian military detained terrorist gunner near #Debaltseve
Lavrov threatens pro-Russian Georgian authorities
Pope Francis with pilgrims from #Ukraine
[email protected] "The developments (last night) in Debaltseve were clearly a violation of the ceasefire."
The streets of #Artemivsk are filling up with #Ukraine troops leaving neighboring #Debaltseve.
#Putin lays wreath to Soviets killed in 1956 invasion to suppress anti-Soviet
#Ukraine armour leaving #Debaltseve flattened an electricity pole in neighboring #Artemivsk
Klitchko had a breakfast in school dining room
Poroshenko said that the forces of ATO took new frontiers in the Donbass and shamed Russia
28 employees of the MIA of Ukraine in Donetsk region came from Debaltseve
30 soldiers are wounded, no dead, when exiting Debaltseve
#SBU confirmed that #Yefremov accused of financing of #separatism
Captured Russian ATGM (manufactured - 2014 year )
Lugansk terrorists said that Ukraine has shut off gas "LNR"
Ukrainian units came out planned and organized. Completely with military equipment, tanks, IFV, SAU, vehicles.
"DNR" "have filed a case" against on Poroshenko, Yatseniuk and Turchynov
#Poroshenko says already 80% of #Ukraine troops in #Debaltseve left.
Soldiers from Debaltseve just fired a salute "for a successful return"
Poroshenko flew from Kyiv to the zone of ATO
Unknowns have tortured Director of the largest transport company in Mariupol and then burned his house
The terrorists of "DNR" promised to let the OSCE in Debaltseve
TV-channel CNN "attached" Ukraine to Russia
TV-channel CNN attached Ukraine to Russia
Poroshenko goes to the area of ATO, in the evening scheduled meeting of the NSDC
Europe needs a new strategy to force Putin to respect international boundaries, - FT
Efremov said that the GPU accuses him of incitement of ethnic hatred
Road Bryanka-Alchevsk. MLRS Uragan
"Peacemaker" Lukashenko offers to solve the problem of Debaltseve per day
Vigil for Heavenly hundred
The court upheld the lock of Navalny site
Poroshenko will make a statement on Debaltsevo soon
Vice-President of "Rosneft" was charged in Canadian sanctions "lobby of banders"
SBU prevented a series of terrorist attacks and sabotage in Kharkiv region
Here is the village #Pisky after bloody battles with the Russian invaders.
Canada imposed sanctions against Rosneft and other Russian companies
Ukrainian military are leaving Debaltseve
Battalion "Kryvbas" came out of the trap in Debaltseve
People! There's no money! Philosophic thoughts at a cash point in Artemivsk
Russian Lt-General Alexander Lentsov himself is overseeing the take over of #Debaltseve
Russian Lt-General Alexander Lentsov himself is overseeing the take over of Debaltseve
Russians in Debaltseve
Explosion on the Big Arnautskaya In Odessa, in the office of Automaidan activist
Sergeev and Samantha Power
Explosion in the center of Odessa at Velyka Arnautska street
The text of the UNSC resolution adopted on Ukraine
#UNSC unanimously adopted resolution on #Ukraine
Putin on foreign arms to #Ukraine: "According to our info, they're already being delivered." Presumably he sees no irony in that statement.
On #Ukraine, @LyallGrant says UK will be voting in favor of resolution
Orban-Putin presser: - new gas deal - SouthStream - agriculture JVs - unfair sanctions - Ukraine to surrender
Railway junction was destroyed in Debal'tseve,- Seleznev
In Hungary, Putin mocks #Ukraine, says losing always painful, especially losing to milita of "miners & truck drivers"
Putin in Budapest
Meanwhile on #Mariupol front, #Shyrokine 'destroyed by 60-70%', all civilians evacuated, says Azov regiment #Ukraine
The SBU opened a case on the fact of purchase of the Russian LUKOIL "Oriana"
#Russia has requested an emergency meeting of the #UNSC on #Ukraine, today 3pm NY Time
[email protected]: Massive Russian attempt to seize Debaltseve. Heavy fighting. No ceasefire whatsoever there.
U.S.-Ukrainian teaching of law enforcement officers and volunteers have hosted near Kyiv
[email protected]_Movement in Budapest against Putin
50 people went for Putin after large anti-Putin demonstrations in Budapest
Destroyed equipment of terrorists near Debal'tseve
Captured Ukrainian soldiers from Debaltseve, according to @channelone_rus
A group of Ukrainian military were captured by Russians near Debaltseve - ATO HQ
Semenchenko called urgently to strike at terrorists in #Debaltseve
Activists blocked the exit from #Kyiv. They are demanding reinforcements for fighters in Debal'tseve
Today @PhillyInquirer - Shelling rattles #Ukraine #truce
Artemivsk police station now preparing for what many see as the logical next stage
Promised Putin "Crimean Paradise" turns into Soviet Union of the 90s, - Bloomberg
Ukrainian and Russian officers, terrorists and the OSCE began urgent talks in Soledar
"Head" of "DNR" was shot in leg in Debaltseve. Now in hospital
The Ukrainian presidential office calls on EU, NATO to condemn militants for violating cease-fire.
"Head" of "Crimean parliament" Konstantinov: Aksenov was engaged in the capture of Crimea
Head of Crimean parliament Konstantinov: Aksenov was engaged in the capture of Crimea
Ukrainians should be ready for the introduction of martial law, - MIA
Ukraine presidency says Russia and militants 'not abiding' by truce
The terrorists have shelled position of forces of ATO with "Grad" near Donets'k airport
Gas pipe is still burning near Svitlodarsk
Unknown group on horseback tried to break into Belarus from Ukraine, - border guards
Street fighting in #Debaltseve. One of the battalions asked about the "green channel"
Poroshenko has appointed recruitment in spring and autumn
Russia will not impose sanctions against members of the EU, since "there are no singers level of Kobzon"
The Prosecutor's office announced the alleged separatism to 72 frontier guard
Shokin created the investigative group on the investigation of the Gongadze murder
The German Ambassador handed over the Ministry of emergencies of Ukraine 50 metal detectors
"Withdraw our men from #Debaltseve!" Relatives of soldiers protest outside General staff in #Kyiv today
Reports large amounts of smoke rising over #Debaltseve
Georgia requires Ukraine to extradite Saakashvili
#Russian army at railroad station in #Debaltseve
CNN @fpleitgenCNN: Driving into Shyrokyno with #Ukraine Forces.
5 military died, 9 - wounded in the area of the ATO per day
#Poroshenko had a fight with #Putin because of the situation in #Debal'tseve, - @WSJ
Intense fighting near #Debaltseve train station. Ukrainian forces hold their positions.
The representative of the Soldiers' Mothers: "This is not a war, and sabotage operation, which drew army"
Street fights In #Debaltseve, the building of the police partially destroyed. Was left by Ukrainian troops
Russian offical reminds US responsibility for Ukraine truce lies on both parties
The consequences of shelling in #Donets'k
Declaration of love to Lenin in Zaporizhia
The son of Mustafa Jemilev will be judged for murder in Krasnodar
Russian tanks under the Debaltseve
Russian tanks under the Debaltseve
Debaltseve: Strong battle for the railway station and the city police department
The interior Ministry confirmed the control of militants part of Debal'tseve
Children's' Hospital Horlivka where shelling has blown out the windows
[email protected]: Claim by #Kremlin proxies that #Debaltseve is not covered by Thursday #Minsk agreement is patently false
Lifenews: Drunken Negroes dance on APCs and brandish riffle guns in the Donbas
Lifenews: Drunken Negroes dance on APCs and brandish riffle guns in the Donbas
Ukraine presents list of required military hardware to US - presidential adviser
The Svitlodarsk. Hit the gas pipe
Merkel urged Putin to affect militants for removal of equipment in the Donbass
Putin was hold up to ridicule at the carnival processions in Germany
The second day of "truce": 45 attacks per day
@Reuters: Russia programmers found the American spy virus
#Logvynove and "the road of life" are under the control of the Ukrainian military, - speaker of ATO
Minister @PavloKlimkin is paying an official visit to Romania
[email protected]: We are gravely concerned by situation in eastern Ukraine. Aggressive actions, statements by Russia-backed separatists threaten cease-fire.
Merkel, Poroshenko and Putin agree on access for OSCE monitors in Ukraine
Some fighting around #Donetsk today
RFS Northern Fleet's Severomorsk based Ropucha I class Aleksandr Otrakovski 031 transits northbound Bosphorus
President Petro Poroshenko phone spoke with U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry.
Infantry drills starts In North Ossetia, Russia
#OSCE_SMM now with UKR and RUS Generals in JCCC in #Soledar pending confirmation that #ceasefire is being honored as agreed
Military cemetery in the suburbs of #Donetsk. Several hundred graves, more than 30 - nameless
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