Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 มิถุนายน 2018

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U.S. will send to Ukraine the first batch of military vehicles in end of March
U.S. decided not to postpone preparation of the Ukrainian military
Shrove Tuesday in Stavropol
Poroshenko and Merkel initiate a new meeting of Norman four
Tomorrow another "humanitarian" convoy will send to Donbas from Rostov region
"The annexation of the Crimea - the shame of Russia"
Defense Ministry of Ukraine will create recruitment centers of volunteers
Russia refused to participate in informal meeting of UN security Council about Crimea
Peskov said 'The President had to cancel trip to #Crimea and stay in #Moscow to resolve important matters'
Russians waiting for money after patriotic march celebrating annexation of #Crimea
Moldova imposed sanctions against Dmitry Kiselev & Andrey Kondrashov
Petro Poroshenko had a phone conversation with Angela Merkel
"North": Militants moved into the territory of ATO in the Luhansk region
US tanks in Poland as part of Operation #AtlanticResolve
#Ukrainian President signed law on special status of Donbass
Obama and Merkel has discussed sanctions against Russia
Zhirinovsky and selfie stick
Peskov: Russia is interested in normalizing relations with Georgia
Donetsk region was fired from tanks
10 bombers will transfer in Crimea for military training
Three U.S. Ex-Ambassador in Ukraine urged world leaders to celebrate May 9 in Kyiv
The head of the Ukrainian choir poured green paint in the Khabarovsk region of the Russian Federation
Reuters: Russia can postpone construction of gas pipeline "Power of Siberia"
Palytsya testified against Kivalov in GPU
NATO does not recognize so-called treaty between Russia&South Ossetia on alliance & integration
17 Ukrainian military will go to the hospital in Germany
OSCE Chairman urged the world not to forget about the occupation of the Crimea
#Russia's Chief of General Staff checks readiness of naval strategic nuclear forces
"DNR" say that there are up to 22 bodies of the Ukrainian military in the morgue of Donetsk
Russian media wrote that Nemtsov was "ordered" Parubiy
Tuesday night @NATO Baltic Air Policing mission Typhoon intercept: two An-26, one An-12 and eight more Su-27 and Su-34 fighters
The "Right Sector" blew up a car with terrorists near the airport
38 Ukrainian soldiers came back home after rehabilitation in Poland
Lavrov called on Germany and France to make a demarche on Kyiv
Slovak President have decided not to go to Moscow on 9th of May
Swedish intelligence revealed the presence of mass Russian spies among diplomats
"Crimea is Russia" banner
Putin: we always thought that Russians and Ukrainians are one people, and I think so now
The man wanted to bypass the roadblock and hit a landmine near Popasna
The European court ordered the Russian Federation to explain the claim of Ukraine in Crimea
The center for the study of Russia was opened n Ukraine
#OpenRussia published a special project to mark the anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea
Luhansk fighters turned to the guarantors of Minsk-2 for yesterday's vote of Verhovna Rad
11 thousands of Czechs have signed a petition demanding the resignation of President #Zeman for friendly position to #Putin
Patriot SAM transported near Konin, Poland, heading to Sochaczew
Rally in Yalta, Annexed Crimea
Party in Moscow: "The Crimea is ours! Obama, don't envy"
More than 400 people remain in captivity of separatists, -- SBU
The teenager struck a landmine in the Donbass
The Ministry of internal Affairs of Latvia has developed a booklet about what to do in case of war
The President of Ukraine has set 26th of March as Day of National guard of Ukraine
The militants tried to break in Tr'okhizbenka
SBU showed a video with Russian conscripts
#Canada passed to Ukr Defense Ministry 1st part of humanitarian aid - 60 night vision goggles
#Canada gave Ukraine the night vision devices
Participants of the riots on 16th of March detained in Kostyantynivka
Party in Moscow: "The Crimea is ours!"
Ukrainian startup #Petcube got more than $1 million of funding
Railway car with some ammonia exploded at plant in Lviv
One soldier was killed per day in the ATO, 5 injured, - Lysenko
On #Sevastopol's Black Sea waterfront, people celebrate a year since #Russia annexed #Crimea from #Ukraine.
Ukraine is holding talks on visa-free regime with Malaysia, Singapore and Mexico
EU's Tusk discussing Russia sanctions proposal with Merkel, Hollande
SBU sent in Konstantynivka group to counter the escalation
The Prosecutor's office declared wanted by the head of security of Yanukovych
SBU has announced a prisoner exchange today
Staff of #Crimea Road service said that there is no salary since the beginning of the year
Heavy weapons were used in Donetsk airport on 16th of March, -- OSCE
The head of the state financial inspection Gordienko is going to blame Arseniy Yatsenyuk of obstructing the investigation of corruption schemes.
Militants opened the rear structure of supply and air defense system in district of #Gorlivka
Parade in #Simferopol on occasion of #Crimea annexation
Symbolic ice installation near Rada
SBU asked not to politicize the tragedy in Kostyantynivka
NATO fighters from bases in Lithuania, 11 times flew to intercept military aircraft of Russia over the Baltic sea.
Entrepreneurs cars blocked the entrance in Odessa
#Kyiv suppressing breakaway #Transnistria with economic blockade - #Lavrov
SBU: Info on #mh17 will be published simultaneously by Ukraine,Australia,the Netherlands
#Lavrov: #Russia claims #Ukraine has broken #Minsk2 ceasefire by yday's law on special status
Military exercise will be held on the streets of Kharkiv on Wednesday. Citizens are asked not to panic
The Pentagon has delayed the training of the Ukrainian army for fear of escalation of the conflict in the Donbass, - WSJ
Press center of the "Novorosiya" shut down its activity
Shell getting into the house. Summer residences are burning
11354 kHz Russian Naval Air transport freq callsign PRIBOI active
A lot of armed men at Bakynskyh Komisariv street. With different types of weapons. And at Bohdana Khmelnytskoho up to the bridge.
#SBU dismantled a network of agents of the Russian secret services in Luhansk region
Homes of almost ten thousand of citizens of #Crimea is still de-energized
The defense Ministry announced the launch of #demobilization
The militants hid heavy weapons in Gorlivka, -- the headquarters ATO
Police will check the parcel of the “New mail” in the Donetsk region
Latvian Armed Forces =spotted RU Navy's 3x Kilo-class submarines, sub-support, and hidrographic ship near territorial waters
Sound of artillery in Shakhtersk
Ukr forces in Shyrokyne, near Chermalyk are being fired upon, 120mm mortars used from Sakhanka
Don't send weapons to Ukraine, @navalny says.
State Duma deputies stood up and listened to the song on "The Crimea came back home"
Ukrainians stamp your passport when you leave separatist areas
Motorized infantry in the Leningrad and Pskov regions are on battle alert too
#Gubarev planning the destruction of Ukraine, forced Russification and concentration camps
Kyrgyz fled the militia, when he realized that there are no Nazis in Ukraine
In the Adriatic - USS Jason Dunham engages with Albanian, Montenegrin maritime forces
Germany will send five hundred troops to Lithuania
Russian marines near Kerch strait is on battle alert
The militants demanded from Kyiv to dismiss the laws on special status
Russian troops on battle alert at Sakhalin - ready to drills
Military camp near Millerovo
About 10 crews of SU-34 and SU-27 was moved to Kaliningrad region
ExxonMobil demands from Russian Federation to return overpaid for 6 years taxes
Court has returned to Ukraine two main oil pipelines
Destroyed bridge between Amvrosievka and Shakhtarsk in Blahodatne
Russian servicemen launch military exercise in Armenia
Fifty people came at the accident site in Kostyantynivka, - Police
Poroshenko has criticized Duma of the Russian Federation for failing to honor memory of Nemtsov
Humanitarian aid from Russia for medical students of Donetsk
Prosecutor General's office of Ukraine is looking for workers
More than 1,300 bomb shelters has prepared In Kharkiv region
Germany will increase defense spending, - Reuters
Peacekeepers will appear in Ukraine through as 4-8 months, - Valeriy Chaliy
Obama: sanctions against Russia need to be saved
Railway near Orikhove was blown up
President of Turkey Erdogan will visit Ukraine on an official visit on 20 March, - press service of President
Unknown pulled wheels of car with flag of Russia in Belarus
Ukrainian military, which responsible for death of a child in Kostyantynivka faces 10 years in prison
The militants looted #Museum of the great Patriotic war in #Donetsk
Russian terrorist Milchakov returned to Donbas
Peacekeeping mission in Donbas could happened only with the consent of both conflict parties - Peskov
Lviv court reinstated one of the "Berkut", who smashed cars of Maidan protesters in Kiev
The rally in Kostyantynivka: about fifty people in masks and pensioners
Ukraine will respond toughly on "political tourism" in annexed Crimea, - MFA of Ukraine
Arsenal of weapons was found in the storage of Lviv station
Unknown broke monument to #Lenin in Vesele
Russian forces crossed the Seversky Donets west of #Stanitsa Luhanska, entering the territory, controlled by the Ukr army
Ukrainian lawmakers approve military training with US and Poland
Ukrainian lawmakers approve appeal to UN on Peacekeeping Mission
Protesters in Kostyantynivka
Leaflets with appeals to join the "volunteer corps" spread in #Dimitrov
There is no chance of #Sentsov justify, - #lawyer
The soldier, who has committed an accident in Konstantynivka, was drunk, - the General staff
The deputies supported the amendment of the President to the law on "special status" of Donbass
The Ministry of defence will pay compensation to the family of the dead girl in Kostyantynivka
Committee on human rights the UN was spoken about human rights violations in the Crimea
Special status or occupation. In Parliament, a debate ensued over the future of the Donbass
The rally was cancelled due to the snow in Simferopol
Wladimir Klitschko (@Klitschko) declared his readiness to fight against Russia in the front
There is a Russian army operation taking place in #Makeevka
Activists offer the authorities of Kharkiv program to protect the city from terrorism
The Cabinet appealed to the head of the Council of Europe with a request to help in the liberation of the Ukrainian hostages
#US has delayed the start of work their instructors with Ukrainian military
The Prosecutor General's office of Ukraine has lost a Golden baton of Yanukovych
Provocateurs wanted the protesters were shelled, -- the interior Minister in Kostyantynivka
Moskal: militants build fortifications on the banks of the Seversky Donets
Chapter of "DNR" is going to "liberate" Mariupol, Donetsk and Slavyansk
Snipers, gunners, tanks in the center of #Makiivka
Snipers, gunners, tanks in the center of Makiivka
Rufers in the case of repainted star were left under arrest until may
People bring flowers to the place where a child was killed in the accident in Kostyantynivka
The perpetrators of deadly #accident in #Konstantynivka faces up to 10 years
Controlled area in the Chornukhyne. From 340 prisoners remained 30
Car knocked down an elderly woman on the scene of an accident involving military in #Kostiantynivka
The militants have again hit with artillery and reinforce scouting throughout the demarcation line.
The Ministry of justice examines Putin's statements about the annexation of the Crimea
Echelon of #Russia|n tanks on the move west #Belgorod along #Ukraine border near #Kharkiv
Echelon of Russia|n tanks on the move west Belgorod along Ukraine border near Kharkiv
Belarusian soldiers go to the exercises in the Russian Federation
Konstantinovka after the riot
Parliament published a list of areas of Donbass with special status
Police detained non-resident, who called for the riots in Kostyantynivka
"LNR" and "DNR" dissatisfied with the draft law on the special status of Donbass
Former Prime Minister Azarov was awarded with an extra pension of half a million hryvnia.
The number of killed in accident in Poltava region increased to 9 people
Depositors picket the Bank "Finance and credit" and require to return their funds in Kyiv
3 soldiers were killed, 5 - wounded per day in the Donbas
Col. Lysenko: SBU uncovered arms arsenal in #Volnovakha, incl “Shmel” rocket launcher, grenades and RU chevrons
Russia pushes Tu-22 bombers to the Crimea and Iskanders to Kaliningrad during the snap combat readiness drills
In Sevastopol started the rally for the 70th anniversary of the Victory
An official ceremony of meeting of the presidents of Ukraine and Romania
The representative of the Donetsk administration: In Kostyantynivka outraged by the tragedy.But this does not mean that they want to "DNR"
Moskal fired another 9 business leaders of Luhansk region
Battalion OUN swore allegiance to Ukraine at Sophia square
"DNR" will close five mines operating in the occupied territory
The movement of military equipment will be limited in the Donetsk region through the tragedy in Konstantynivka
Tragedy in Kostyantynivka tried to use the security services of Russia, - Gerashchenko
In Sevastopol complain about the passivity of citizens in celebration of the anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea
A fuel station is lined with sandbags to protect it from explosions in Dontesk
The Ambassador of Ukraine to the Russian Ambassador: Russia is the occupying state, the path to reconciliation - long
#Savchenko asks the Russians do not send money for her
Rescuers reported the death of a man in the explosion of a firm in the Khmelnitsky region
#Russia has launched #military #exercises in #North #Caucasia involving BTR-82AM T-72B3
In the Verkhovna Rada remember annexed #Crimea and the lost fleet with installation of burnt vehicles
Spring Simferopol was covered with snow
Latvian Armed Forces on 17 March near territorial waters spotted RU Kashtan-class submarine support ship SS750
"We do not, nor will we, recognize Russia’s attempted annexation" | 1 year, Crimea occupation, - US Embassy
Bomb treat at McDonald's at the South Station
The installation 'the Crimea is Ukraine' was placed at the Council
Russian air-borne units began loading equipment and personnel in #Il-76
The U.S. will continue sanctions against Russia, - Psaki
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