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20 มิถุนายน 2018

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Ukrainian doctors saved leg of a wounded member of Russian SoF
At the borders of Latvia spotted a Russian plane
Victoria Nuland: Elections in Donbas must be held in accordance with Ukrainian legislation
No ceases, then a new wave in Donetsk, - report
Yandex shows Russian BUK battery near Marynivka
#Nuland: The USA are proud to be partners with #Ukraine
Russian army on the move in #Donetsk today: - at least 4 APCs
Heavy shelling in Horlivka
Heavy #battle in #Donetsk, heavy #artillery sounds. #shelling
Heavy battle in Donetsk, heavy artillery sounds. shelling
Sounds like heavy volleys in the east of Luhansk, - reports
Shooting in Avdiivka
Shelling in Donetsk, - reports
Russian SoF in Kyiv hospital
Security service of Ukraine: in Luhansk region were more than 200 special forces from Toliatti
Russian Defense Ministry demanding release of military detainees in Ukraine
Russian banks have recorded a loss
Russia urgently withdraws his special forces from Luhansk region – General staff of Ukrainian armed force
Russian Defense Ministry expects that Security service of Ukraine will release their ex-servicemen
From building of Kharkiv city Council dismantled image of Soviet orders
Russia must end its occupation of Crimea, - State Department
#Russia refuses requirements to postpone a free trade zone Ukraine with EU
To plate to Stalin brought flowers with barbed wire
#NOW - #CrimeanTatar leader is addressing rally in central #Kyiv in commemoration of 71st anniv. of deportation
#Nuland: #Minsk agreement are violated on a daily basis
Ukraine and USA ink Agreement on granting loan guarantees to Ukraine worth USD 1 bn
Lavrov hopes that USA will make efforts to resuscitate interactions with Moscow
Rally at Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv
General headquarters: There is evidence for participation of Russian troops in "parade" in Donetsk on May 9
Ukraine will receive same assistance as the new EU member - #Klimkin
Nuland commended the attitude to Russian soldiers detainees in Ukraine
Dead Russian militants in Donbas
Russia has no objection to free trade between Ukraine and the EU - Klimkin
Avakov: Detained the head of the Dzerzhinsky district Council in Kryvyi Rih Sergei Stepaniuc for a bribe of UAH 60 000
A military vehicle caused the accident in Kyiv
The United States welcomes the good treatment of captured in Luhansk special forces of RF, - Nuland
The strike of tram yard in Yenakiyevo
Ukraine banned the movement of goods in Transnistria
British regulator will check biased reportage of Russia Today
"LNR" demanded the release of captured "people's policemen"
Victoria #Nuland and Lyudmila Alekseeva discussed #Savchenko and Russian human rights activists
#Aero reconnaissance found anti-aircraft weapon system Strela-10 of militants near the line of demarcation
Aero reconnaissance found anti-aircraft weapon system Strela-10 of militants near the line of demarcation
Nuland said the U.S. desire to influence the implementation of the Minsk agreements
The Russian task was to kill our soldiers - Taranov
Unmarked "men in black" seized kindergarten in the center of Enakievo
Some people were arrested in Crimea at rallies dedicated to Crimean-Tatars deportation
Estonia supports visa-free regime for Ukraine
Protest was held near military base in Tolyaytti
Vintorez rifle of captured Russian officers
#NATO in the final Declaration recognized the prospect of Ukraine's membership
A memorial plaque on the site of the deportation of the Crimean Tatars was opened in Yalta
Militants published video of a shelling of Ukrainian army
Militants published video of a shelling of Ukrainian army
"The Minister of #DNR" Kofman said that the project "Novorossia" is closed
The last Ukrainian operator Intertelecom suspends work in Crimea
SBU will investigate the deportation of the Crimean Tatars as a crime against humanity
Queue of journalists to watch captured Russian soldiers
"The Parliament of Novorossia" stopped his work
#Poroshenko has accused Russia of terror against the Crimean Tatars
#NATO has threatened #Russia insulation for the failure of the Minsk agreements
In #Kharkiv demolished the two busts of Soviet leaders, and at the monument Nevsky picked the sword
30 people come to the Solovetsky stone in Moscow to pray for the victims of deportation of Crimean Tatars
Detainees Russian soldiers in Ukraine will be judged for terrorizm
Refills of Akhmetov stop work in the area of ATO
Ukraine should be ready to declare a default, – the former head of the U.S. Treasury
"Russian soldiers" will be showed journalists in Tuesday
Security service of Ukraine transferred to the Majlis of the archives of the NKVD about torture Tatars
#Cherkasy region: Villagers blocked Kaniv track – protesting against the construction of the coops near the village Moshny
In #Kharkiv demolished the monument to communist Kirov.
Minister of "DNR" Kofman recognized that the Novorossiya project was defeated in Kharkov and Odesa, and therefore closed
[email protected]: Today in 1944, Crimean Tatars brutally deported from homeland. We remember + condemn Russian occupation #QirimSurgunu
A March of solidarity with Ukraine in #Warsaw. Many Ukrainians came to the event in bright ceremonial embroidery.
Joint exercise of Ukraine and the USA "Fearless Guardian"
@PavloKlimkin met with #EU CommissionerDimitris Avramopoulos
NATO urges respect for ceasefire in Donbass
The movement of railway transport on uncontrollable Ukraine the territory of the Luhansk region is stopped due to the explosion
There is a fight near Troitske in the Donetsk region
The main countries of the EU will support the extension of sanctions against Russia - Tusk
Police found 132 artillery shells in #Donbass
Statement of Majlis: goal of #Crimea authorities, justification of crimes of Stalin
Russian conscript refused to go into the army because of the war in Ukraine and appealed to the European court
"DNR" took out the manuscript by the Strugatsky brothers from Donetsk to Russia
Kernes was evacuated from the court for threatening his life
Kharkiv. Freedom square is blocked, several police buses is on duty
The police pushes activists from the courtroom over Kernes
Kernes in the court
Prague has honored the memory of victims of deportation of Crimean Tatars
A number of journalists were not allowed to action "Light the light in your heart!" in Simferopol
Pushkov believes that Ukraine has nothing to offer West, except for confrontation with Russia
USA is ready to strengthen their role in resolving situation in East Ukraine, MFA of Ukraine
Presidential candidates believe that in the interest of Poland to support Kyiv
Ukrainian Marines hone skills on battalion tactical exercises
Traitor policeman shot himself in Luhansk
Captured Russian military shall incur criminal liability Seleznev
Poster in Crimea
In Berlin, a rally was held in memory of the 71-th anniversary of deportation of Crimean Tatars by Stalin
Militants used mortars in attempt to kill captured SoF officers
#Russia refused to recognize captured #saboteurs as own servicemen
Troopers assigned to 2nd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment arrive in Ploiesti, Romania
In Lviv lit candles in memory of victims of deportation of the Crimean Tatar people
"LPR" shown ids of "its captured fighters". Printed paper with photo & name
2 fighters of batallion Azov were wounded in Shyrokyne
The "people's republic of Besarabia" held its second conference
Rally "light a light in your heart" 71 anniversary of the deportation of Crimeans
Rally dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the deportation of Crimean Tatars in Kharkiv
MP Filatov: captured Russian officers should be swapped on Savchenko
Kharkiv citizens honored memory of repressed kobzars
#Russia has threatened to increase arsenal of nuclear weapons cause of #USA actions
"LPR" officials confirm that 2 fighters of "LPR army" Erofeev+Alexandrov were captured
Wounded captain of the 3rd brigade of GRU SoF Erofeev and Sergeant Alexandrov
2 national guard soldiers and 2 volunteers were killed near Popasna
2 officers of SoF of Russia from Samara injured and captured near Schastye
2 officers of SoF of Russia from Samara injured and captured near Schastye
Activists showed to Ambassador of Sweden the place where they kept prisoners in Slovyansk
Russian forces at Bila Kamyanka, Donetsk region
Rally in support of Ukraine in Warsaw
Victoria Nuland and John Tefft dined dumplings in Moscow
Terrorists stopped 4 cars of OSCE for inspection at a roadblock near Pervomaisk
Ukrainian tank near Mariupol
Destroyed houses in Debaltseve
Russia began to build Kerch bridge
Russian forces attack Stanitsa Luhanska from Russian territory last night
Bench in Luhansk yard
Stanitsa Luhanska was shelled with MLRS "Grad"
Nuland after meetings in Ukraine has arrived in Moscow
In the Baltic Sea - Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group ONE nears Tallinn
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