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18 ตุลาคม 2018

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Pentagon: Russia helped deploy missile that hit plane
Slavyansk today
The court of Voronezh decided to deport journalists of 1+1, which monitored the trial of #Savchenko
Destroyed Battery near Krasnodon
Russian artillery near Alchevsk
Ukrainian army took Blagogatne
Luhansk - Serious fight in the city
Kharkiv today has brought not only a lot of candles and soft toys #MH17
Another "Orlan-10" drone shot down
Ukrainian army took control of the South-Eastern part of the Lugansk
Kherson mayor t-shirt claims "PTN GTH"
Militants in Lugansk seized the brewery
Kharkiv, Ukraine #prayformh17
Self pro-claimed governor of Donetsk says the downing of #MH17 could lead to WW3
Appratment block is burning after shell hitting in Donetsk In the area of Putilov bridge
Terrorists "PM" Denis Pushilin resigned
#Ukraine has a lot of evidence #MH17 was downed by #Russia-backed rebels: FM @PavloKlimkin
There are clear signs that the plane was in the Donetsk region was hit by the terrorists - #OSCE #radiosvoboda
OSCE investigators say Russians shot fire towards them & won't let them get close to parts of #MH17
The first OSCE team is on crash site of #boeing777 #mh17
Up to 40 dead and 250 wounded in Luhansk today. Terrorists shoot everyone they don't like
President Obama confirms that at least one U.S. citizen was killed in the #MH17 crash
Dutch PM: If Flight MH17 was shot down, "we will not rest" until those responsible have been brought to justice
US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power speaking at UNSC
SBU detained steward in Dnipropetrovsk, who gave terrorists a map with location of Ukrainian military in DNP
Turchynov asked the West of precision-guided weapons to fight with terrorists
#Ukraine Deputy, Lesya Orobets: there are plans for greater mobilisation of troops to take control of the border. #MH17
Strong explosions near Unit 2938
Ukrainian Emergency service: Two flight recorders found at site of #boeing777 #mh17 crash site
Vladimir Putin claimed that he is in contact with Petro Poroshenko on the situation in Ukraine
CNN reporting US intellgence: missile from pro Russian separatists #mh17
"PM" of "DNR" claims the confiscation of all property of Privatbank in the Donetsk region
MRLS Grad shelling Uspenka
#RUS PM Medvedev: Any sanctions won't hurt our economics
Ukrainian Su-24 bombers striking position of terrorists near Luhansk airport
Russian President Putin calls for ceasefire by opposing sides in eastern Ukraine to allow for negotiations - @Reuters
#Luhansk #Grad shells hit residential area
Battle in Popasna
#Russia FM #Lavrov threatening targeted air strikes on #Ukraine betrays #Kremlin nerves and fear of exposure for downing #MH17
#MH17 Dutch governmental investigation team heading for the crash site this afternoon - official
Up to 20 civilians killed today in Luhansk
MRLS GRAD shelling in Severodonetsk
MRLS GRAD shelling in Severodonetsk
Artemivsk under shelling of MRLS and artillery
Battles near Krasnyi Luch. Explosions
Terrorists seized Avdiivka chemical plant.
Armored UAZ for Luhansk border guards #ateam
NSC: There are no Ukrainian rescuers on the crash site of #Boeing777
Flowers in #Dnipropetrovsk as #MH17 crashed. #boing777
Member of the Senate of the Netherlands killed in the crash of the Boeing-777
Grandma of Malaysian PM killed in #MH17
MIA: at 4.50 a.m. recorded a truck loaded with SAM without one rocket on the road to RF
MIA: at 4.50 a.m. recorded a truck loaded with SAM without one rocket on the road to RF
Ukrainian FM @PavloKlimkin to Malaysia #MH17 #boeing777
Russian gun in #Alchevsk
Terrorists shelling the area of the Bus station in Luhansk
SBU detained the head of the Kyiv armored vehicles plant #Kyiv
Terrorists at the crash site of #MH17 #boeing777 #Malaysia airlines
Russia's MOD says the missile that downed #MH17 was fired from Ukrainian-controlled territory south of Donetsk
#Lisichansk. Terrorists bring artillery to city yesterday
Yesterday at 11:40 border guards recorded flight of 8 helicopters of the RF along the border line
Shelling in Met'olkine near Severodonetsk
Three houses burning in Luhansk suburbs after shelling
Explosion on the Maidan in Kyiv this night, one person wounded
NSC: there were no Ukrainian fighters in air at the moment of #MH17 shootdown
#Ukraine's human rights commissioner Valeria Lutkovska laying flowers in front of the Embassy #MH17
Russian LifeNews shows video from stolen phones of passengers of #MH17 #boeing777
Donetsk Governor: terrorists want to move dead from #Boeing777 #MH17 to Russia
The shell hit the corner of 2 appartments blocks in Luhansk
Powerful explosions in Severodonetsk
Shelling of the town of Rubizhne by terrorists lasts for 3 hours
Russian soldier from Omsk detained near Luhansk
Seems that Ukrainian army going to storm Lysychansk today
The airspace above the area of ATO fully closed
#Ukraine's ombudswoman Valeria Lutkovska says 80 children were among #MH17
Ukrainian MoD: #boeing777 #MH17 was shot down by Russian AA, not terrorists
PM Yatsenyuk claims about the termination of trade relations with Russia
Small private plane fell In Cherkasy region, the pilot is dead
Terrorists plans to blowned up railway bridge in Dnipropetrovsk. Now detained by SBU
The Lysychans'k oil refinery blowned up after terrorists attack
The Lysychans'k oil refinery blowned up after terrorists attack
Flowers brought to Dutch, Malaysian embassies in Moscow to pay respect to #MH17 victims
Russian companies suspend flights to Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa
Strelkov refused humanitarian truce
Reports that second flight recorder founded on crash site of #MH17
PM Najib Razak says Malaysia is sending a flight to Kyiv with disaster assistance and rescue team #MH17
Explosions of artillery shelling near #boeing777 #mh17 site. Battles near Saur-Mohyla
Convoy of terrorists with Gadfly moving from Snizhne to the state border of Ukraine
Ukraine ambassador to UN: we will show the world all evidences, that Russian military involved in #MH17 crash
Russians shelling Luhansk airport with MRLS Grad now. So any ceasefire as declarated
@BarackObama called Malaysian PM and Ukrainian President
#Putin blames #Ukraine for #MH17 crash; says tragedy wouldn't have happened if Ukrainian gvt didn't renew the ATO
Malaysian PM Najib says if aircraft was shot down, perpetrators must be swiftly brought to justice
Malaysian airliner shot down by surface-to-air missile, senior U.S. officials confirm
terrorists striking the pose along armour in #RUS tricolour in Lysychansk
#MH17 Ukraine rebels say ready for temporary truce after plane crash
UKR ATO spox Seleznyov says Kyiv has proof that Buk/SA-11 system entered Ukraine from Russia
Russian PM Medvedev: This tragedy claimed the lives of several hundred people from different countries. I grieve for the victims
Militants found the flight recorders of crashed Malaysian Boeing #MH17
SBU has evidence of the involvement of militants in Boeing #MH17 crash
MAP: Intl passenger flights avoiding #Ukraine airspace following #MH17 crash
Kyiv cries #MH17
FAA issues "special notice" advising US fliers to avoid Ukrainian airspace
Nine Britons were on the #MH17 - Interfax
Tyahnybok: There is 100% proof that #MH17 was hit by terrorists from Chernukhovo checkpoint.
Kyiv residents bring flowers to Dutch Embassy
Russian emergency services 'ask Kiev for permission to help with the rescue work' at Malaysia plane crash site
UK calls an emergency session of the UN security Council
Terrorists wants to give flight recorders to Moscow #MH17
Ukrainian MFA: "The airplane was shot down by the Russian Buk missile"
UKSATSE: "Boeing" disappeared instantly, without any warning and SOS. Plane instantly collapsed from echelon in the area of Torez
Terrorists do not allow emergencies to the crash site #mh17
Poroshenko: bringing down of Malaysian passenger plane was a "terrorist act"
The cafe near the entrance to bus station shelled
This photo was taken today in terrorist-occupied Snizhne. This is Buk SAM #MH17
Bank's car was robbed in Kharkiv
Putin and Obama phone call
Picture of trace of missile that striked Malaysian Airlines Boeing-777 #MH17
Powerful explosions in the area of Donetsk airport
MIA says 280 passengers, 15 crew dead in Malaysian airliner crash
Boeing-777 of Malaysian airlines shot down near Shakhtarsk
Boeing-777 of Malaysian airlines shot down near Shakhtarsk
Rally near Lviv military unit
#Ukraine Tymchuk claims that in #Luhansk servicemen of 51th mech brigade captured Russian soldier
Russian NSC: Ukraine is cleaning Russian-speaking citizens
Unknown drone fly over Odessa region near Vylkove
National Guard detained some terrorists near Luhansk
Russian MoD calls Kiev's accusation it shot down Ukrainian warplane "absurd"
NSC: MRLS shelled Marynivka from positions near Repyajkovaatyy, Russia
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
4 shells hit Kuybyshevo checkpoint in Russia
Mobile communications cut down in Donetsk
Meeting of the NSDC just began in Kyiv
Standing #NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group 2 arrived in Romania today-- includes minehunters from Italy, Turkey & UK
Reports of another AN-26 shotdown. Near Torez, pilots ejected
Reports of another AN-26 shotdown. Near Torez, pilots ejected
Latvija FM @edgarsrinkevics: Chief Rabbi of Dnipropetrovsk tells us "There is no antisemitism or fascism in Ukraine, Russia's propaganda is lying"
UEFA blocks Ukrainian & Russian teams from being drawn to play each other in Chps Lge & Europa Lge due to ongoing unrest between nations
Inter channel evacuted in Kyiv after bomb threat
Militants APC in Marynivka
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Belarus military lost a drone, and now looking for it by advertising newspaper
Bomb threat at the Central market of Simferopol
Railway bridge blowned up in Dokuchaevsk
Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on holding a census in the Crimea
#Lugansk militants of #LNR robbed hypermarket #Epicenter
Ten people injured by shelling in Dmytrivka
Terrorists striked appartment block with MRLS Grad in Luhansk
NSC: There are Russian "green men" near Izvaryne
SBU has detained a group of militants in Kherson region
#Ukraine presents captured #Russia soldiers
Japan reassures Ukraine in strong support - meeting of the President of Ukraine with FM of Japan
UEFA officially allowed to hold UEFA matches in Dnipropetrovsk
Ukraine will export to China up to 3.5 million tons of crops this year
West water filter station in the city of #Popasne hit by a shell
Abandoned warehouse of an ammunition from Russian regular units found In Slavyansk
@DRogozin: US could've just as well imposed sanctions against Bulava, Iskander, Yars and Topol-M. Well, against something else, too
MRLS Grad shelling Luhansk airport from the center of city
Pushilin promised to return Kramatorsk and Slavyansk
5 tanks with Russian "peacekeeping" labels spotted in Snizhne
Ukrainian border guards claims that they are under #constant MRLS Grad, heavy artillery and mortar fire from #Russia
The President ordered the foreign Ministry to react to the shelling from Russia
Terrorists are going to Marinovka throw Snizhne
NSC: ATO forces found the bodies of two pilots of downed An-26
Up to 200 Ukrainian soldiers can be killed over the last few days in #Izvarino.72th,79th airborne and 24th Mechanized Brigade destroyed
MPs of Ukraine and Poland weren't allowed to visit detained Ukrainian pilot
Unknown alleged mining of the General Prosecutor office
SA-11 Gadfly "Buk" spotted in Torez, video near Shakhtarsk
SA-11 Gadfly Buk spotted in Torez, video near Shakhtarsk
Terrorists striked Ukrainian airborne troops with mortars and artillery near Dmytrivka
Yesterday #terrorists using MANPADS damaged #Ukrainian aircraft Su-25, which was performing a combat mission
Commander of special forces Lieutenant Bogdan Zavada killed in the battle near Marinovka Donetsk region
NSC: Russian fighter shot down Ukrainian Su-25
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