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24 กันยายน 2018

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Shelling of residential building in Avdeevka.
Shelling of residential building in Avdeevka.
Mariinka and Krasnohorivka under shelling. D-30 howitzers and tanks
Dokuchaevsk. Reports that Russian army on the move
Russia's Lavrov talks with Ukraine, US, German counterparts as fighting spikes
Donetsk, sounds like MLRS shelling
Battle near Zaitseve
Now. heavy infantry fight in Stanitsya Luganska , small Russian unit cross Siversky Donets
Shelling in Makiivka
Shelling in Makiivka
Zakharchenko gave DPR troops "strict orders"
Zakharchenko gave DPR troops strict orders
Zakharchenko: "Ukraine moved 70.000 troops to the front line, they don't want peace
USS Jason Dunham arrived in Lithuanian port of Klaipėda
Donetsk. The attack near a bridge on a bet
Donetsk. The attack near a bridge on a bet
Shelling in Novgorodske
Girkin on internet forum says MoD of DNR and Givi/Motorolla squads and others were disbanded
Donetsk Petrovski district: Non stop MLRS launches
Avdiivka Kalinina street 97a house is on fire
On the first block of Zaporizhye NPP was an automatic shutdown of the main circulation pump
Over 150,000 drafted into Russian armed forces during spring campaign - Defense Ministry
Shelling in Stanitsa Luhanska
Shelling of Avdiivka
Shelling of Avdiivka
Video shows heavy incoming and direct hit on a house in Donetsk
Video shows heavy incoming and direct hit on a house in Donetsk
At least one civilian killed, several injured, buildings on fire. in Donetsk
The shelling of Donetsk continues
Makiivka. Shells hit pipeline
Donetsk today. Footage shows mines from mortars hitting buildings.from terrorists side
Donetsk today. Footage shows mines from mortars hitting buildings.from terrorists side
MLRS outgoing reported in Donetsk
Shelling in Donetsk
Shooting heard in Alchevsk
House is on fire in Donetsk
Vishnevskoho hospital, traumatology hospital, Azotniy, different places across Donetsk are reporting incoming hits
Terrorist groups "DPR" & "LPR" have announced a voluntary withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of demarcation
Unknown persons shot the guard of the train tunnel Mukacheve
Georgian activists protest on Maidan against the Russian occupation.
Russia warns Sweden it will face military action if it joins NATO
JCCC recorded destruction from night shelling of Avdiivka. Say their Observation post also
100 Humvee arrived in Odessa this morning
OSCE patrol blocked, searched by militants in Komsomolske
Ukrainian S-300 (SA-10 Grumble) anti-aircraft missile system crushes car in Odesa
New Ukrainian APCs BTR-4
"Galician separatists" demanded the autonomy of the region
Ukrainian forces repelled attack of scout group near Lebedinske
Avdiivka, Molodezhnaya str. 20A, factory "Delita". Consequences of shelling last evening
Molodizhna 20 in Avdiivka
Readout of @VP Biden's call with President @poroshenko
GRU SOF in Luhansk
3 killed in Avdiivka in shellings
Russian officer Sergey Petrovsky (Khmury) recognized on tape in Dutch MH17 investigation
Putin signed decree on mobilization reserve in Russian Federation Document/View/0001201507170019
Reports of TOR-M1 SAM and about 15 trucks, 2 IFVs to Donetsk trough Shakhtarsk
Russia Sends 2,000 Paratroopers on Drills near European border
Regiment Dnipro-1 in Pisky
Regiment Dnipro-1 in Pisky
Avdeevka, Molodizhna St 20, about 10 impacts, 3 apartments are fully destroyed, roof is damaged
Transport of RUAF Il-76 76719 flying Pskov-Taganrog
US State Dept. warns citizens to leave Crimea & Eastern Ukraine
SUV burned in Poltava last night
Phone Call with Putin, Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko: situation in Ukraine, the implementation of the Minsk agreements
Avdiivka. Heavy shelling resumed after short pause
Donetsk. At least 3 howitzers shooting from Yakovlivka
MLRS fire from Putilov wood in direction of Avdiivka
Lavrov at Dutch Embassy in Moscow
SBU detained a saboteur who planned to commit two terrorist attack in Kharkiv until July 20
Russian forces tank positions near Marinka
NATO Baltic Air [email protected] Typhoons in Estonia ready at any time to intercept aircraft
Military trucks on the move in Donetsk
In "DNR" published the findings of its investigation of the crash of the Boeing
Heavy explosion in Luhansk
Russian "Almaz-Antey" proposes to detonate the missile near Boeing plane again
Road accident in Kyiv
Urgent talks on Ukraine in Normandy format is scheduled for Friday evening
In Moscow Honored the memory of MH17 victims. People light candles.
In the state Duma Maria Gaidar was compared to the "traitors of the Motherland"
[email protected] has detained two arms dealers in Irpin, Kyiv region
SBU starts counter-terrorist operation in Transcarpathian region
Soldiers in Grabove
Picket near the Russian embassy in Kyiv "Putin killer" #MH17
Putin gathered the security Council to discuss changes to the Constitution of Ukraine
Military exposition in Kerch
Savchenko was taken to Donetsk, Rostov Region
RU opposition journalist&activist Maria Haidar gives up her RU citizenship to join Odesa team of @SaakashviliM
In Donetsk began issuing driver's license of "DPR"
Miners dig for coal under the field where 1yr ago today the MH17 fell
Russian press agency "Russia today" has created a quiz about the crash of flight MH17
Russian MFA on Non-Grata status of consul: Consider the actions of the authorities of Ukraine as an unfriendly act on the tension in the relationship
Avdeevka, street Svobody 78, the consequences of shelling
Vans with armed men come to Ukraine from RF, in the area of Komsomolsk spotted a Russian SAM "Strela" - OSCE
Russia is preparing its troops to escalation of conflict in Donbas – Poroshenko
ICBMs "Yarsy" and "Topol-M" on battle alert for exercises in Russia.
Young women of the DNR at anniversary of MH17 crash
Zakharchenko, helped by Denis Pushilin, places flowers at the MH17 memorial in Hrabove.
In Novofedorovka, Occupied Crimea, Russia celebrates day of NAVY aviation
People has honored the victims of MH17 in Kharkiv
Yatsenyuk: Everyday we must prove that we go through reforms. The more we do, the more we get
First flowers at the Dutch embassy in Kyiv this morning
Now in Hrabove. The crash site MH17
Memorial gathering at new monument in Hrabove MH17
The perpetrators of the MH17 crash will be punished inevitably - Poroshenko
Ukrainian diplomats and MP`s has honored the memory of victims Mh17
Russia has problems with the production of An-148 without Ukraine
Yesterday Militants 3 times attacked UKR positions in Sector M. Once in Shyrokyne, twice in Talakivka
Hrabove, where MH17 fell. Memorial donated by local Donetsk man says 298 died here, "innocent victims of civil war."
In Dnipropetrovsk region, SBU found stash of weapons and ammunition
Militants have fired at Ukrainian position 60 times in the last day
Russian military equipment convoy on a railroad in Rostov in close vicinity of Ukr. border
Russian military equipment convoy on a railroad in Rostov in close vicinity of Ukr. border
Militants shelled Pisky, Donetsk airport area using incendiary munitions fired from 120-mm mortars - ATO Staff
There are 1,382,000 people displaced in Ukraine - UN
Russians intensified aerial recon in Luhansk area, 26 UAV's spotted yesterday
Ukraine declared Russian consul in Odessa Valeriy Shibeko as persona non grata for diversion activities
Trucks with smuggling caught on fire at Donbas
MH17 commemoration in Grabove
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