Map. History of Ukraine conflict

22 ตุลาคม 2018
MoD: #Russia actions on Ukraine is actually a war crime
#Poroshenko had a phone conversation with #Merkel
Heavy fighting, with heavy vehicles in Luhansk
#RUS regular army fighter fr S-Ossetia in #Yasynuvata
RUS regular army fighter fr S-Ossetia in Yasynuvata
Center of Ilovaisk was taken by National guard. Ukrainian flags on the admin buildings
Automaidan blocked the supermarket after refusing to help the volunteers in the area of #ATO
Ukrainian army destroyed the base of the militants in Suhodilsk
Explosions in Suhodilsk
Shelling in #Donetsk
Ukrainian army show evidences of terrorists usage of MRLS "Uragan"
FIFA President Blatter made a visit to Russia over the weekend
Battalion "Donbass" capture half of Illovays'k. Battles now
Battles in the center of Luhansk, cityhall and central market is on fire
#Russia weapons convoy, SAM's using cover of darkness to cross #Ukraine border
Part of the "humanitarian convoy of the Russian Federation tried to cross the border - the NSDC
"PM" of DNR: We control Yasinuvata, have re-captured tonight
MIA: Armed robbers stole from Privatbank van about 1 million UAH - MIA
Ukraine's security council: `Dozens' of civilians killed in a rebel attack on refugee convoy
Tanks on the way to the border
Column of "green people" on the road to Luhansk
Column of green people on the road to Luhansk
Column of APCs at the entrance to Rostov-on-Don
Churkin: Russia will ask the UNSC a report on the investigation of the crash of the Boeing 777 in Ukraine
#Russian Rock Star Makarevich Faces Backlash for Criticizing Intervention in Ukraine
Missiles hit Khanhekovo railway station
The Mi-35 on the border of Russia and Ukraine
The SBU detained Russian terrorist group that planned the attack on Independence Day
The SBU detained Russian  terrorist group that planned the attack on Independence Day
Poroshenko just started the meeting with heads of law enforcement agencies regarding the situation in the zone of the ATO.
Russian Mi24 at #Izvaryne border crossing
Presumably Russian army ambulance in Suhodilsk
Seems #Russia is sending more Sa-11 than #Ukraine has fighter jets in its entire air force
More Russian military vehicles passing through Suhodilsk
#NATO and EU will not provide military aid to #Ukraine, says Finland's PM
Tank at Saratov railway station
When injured DNR fighters showed up at hospital on Russian side of border they were met by MChS and FSB officers
In Sochi hundreds of tourists with children have to sleep on the platform
Izvaryne border crossing. Military track without any plates enters Russia from Luhansk region
Militants moved armored vehicles to Krasnodon
Mine "Komsomolets Donbassa" is on fire after shell hitting
#Lavrov: #Russia bears full responsibility for what happens on our side of the border and for preventing any illegal border crossing
In Sevastopol collapsed the roof of the Presidential cadet school. 1 worker was killed
Terrorists also begin to use a 16-round 220mm MRLS Uragan 9K57
Pro-Ukrainian rally in Toronto
@NATO: '..unprecedented period of peace has been challenged by Russia's aggression against Ukraine'
Lugansk is partially liberated - the NSDC
Turchynov: Ukraine plans to join the EU and @NATO
Ukrainian MoD will teach Ukrainians to guerrilla fight
MRLS Grad shelled Ukraine from Avilo-Fedirivka, Russian Federation
Lysenko: there are at least 30 MRLS Grad near Gukovo
Lavrov: Potential supply of Western weapons to #Ukraine would constitute a breach of all agreements
Ukrainian forces are fighting for Horlivka, Maloivanka, Adrianapole, Alchevsk now
Ukraine will be ready to join EU in five years - Turchynov
PavloKlimkin: Red Cross is to decide on humanitarian aid from Russia entering Ukraine
The self-styled #Donetsk People's Republic introduces the death penalty "to protect the population from banditry."
4 Russian UAV spotted in Berdyansk
Ukrainian guard raised the flag in a big Verhunka
Russian terrorists shelled a column of IDP's in #Luhansk reg. by mortar/mrls, many casualties
#Russia used cluster bombs shelling Ukrainian Army positions.
Lavrov: In Berlin agreed on "humanitarian convoy"
Lavrov: messages that Kyiv was bombed the convoy of the Russian Federation is false. but Militants bombed Ukrainian convoy
Gabrelyanov @AramAshotich, head of @lifenews_ru & @izvestia_ru: "Hatred for Ukrainians is written into Russians' genetic code"
On the Kerch ferru a huge turn - storm intensifies
#Germany does not exclude direct armed conflict between Ukraine and #RF - #Steinmeier.
#Lavrov: @OSCE has seen no illegal crossings of Russian-Ukrainian border
In Moscow, the Embassy of Turkey was fired from a gun
Ukrainian soldiers liberated the town of Chornukhyne
Pskov airborne troops (unit 74268) transfered to Millerovo
Russian military goes west. Saratov
Rome. Protests against #russiainvadesukraine
Militants artillery from Krasnyi Luch shelling positions of Ukrainian troops in Fashchivka
Russia even not try to hide heavy military, going in the direction of Ukraine
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Reports that Russian MP Milonov can be with terrorists now
A column of tanks passed Rovenky
The man fired from AK rifle and chanting Russia was detained in Kharkiv
Terrorists captured three officers of the armed forces, which were invited to the negotiations
Ukrainian humanitarian aid.was delivered to 10 cities in the Donbass - Red Cross
Ukrainian journalist Butusov: #Ukraine lost more servicemen (over 100) this week than at any time since the start of the war in the east
Armored vehicles in Tula
Artillery shelling in Donetsk
Column of APCs BTR-80 and tilt Trucks. the Krymsk+Krasnodar region)
Instagram user claims 'Yesterday there were 200 tanks'. Matveev Kurgan
Right Sector, near Dnipopetrowsk.
No more water supply in Donetsk
Negotiations between #German, #French, #Ukrainian and #Russian FMs are underway
Privatbank office was burned in Dnipropetrovsk
Yasinuvata is burning
Marathon "Liberation"in Kharkivn
#Russia|n Airborne troops in #Belgorod
NATO Would Respond Militarily to Crimea-Style Infiltration: Supreme Allied Commander Europe @PMBreedlove
Burning houses in Khartsyzsk
Russia customs vehicle is huge scanner, OSCE says. #Convoy trucks will drive through it
Empty streets, closed shops, no working bank machine, and the 1 supermarket open in Krasnodon, Luhansk reg.
Police waiting for rallies in #Kharkiv
Self-propelled artillery, trucks and APCs in Donetsk
Militants claims that they have shot down 2 Ukrainian Su-25 in Luhansk region
#Khartsyzsk now
Military trucks in Novocherkassk(Rostov region)
Right Sector Yarosh canceled the ultimatum and March on Kyiv
The tomb of Stepan Bandera was blowned up tonight in Munich
95 brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine took control of the district Yasynuvata, Donetsk region, which is of strategic importance
75 people of Azov battalion go to ATO zone
Petrivka subway station closed after bomb threat
MFA @PavloKlimkin arrived in Berlin to participate in the meeting of Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia
Russia shells Saur-Mohyla with MRLS
The militants under the Lisichansk were preparing an ambush for the Ukrainian troops
Russian Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire supersonic strategic bomber will be based in Crimea
The SBU detained 6 terrorists suspected in the bombing on the night of 3 Aug on the territory of Kharkiv Tanks factory
Ukraine says convoy of rocket launchers crosses over from Russia
Empty trucks were inspected by @ICRC
Part of humanitarian convoy are passing though Izvaryne checkpoint
NSDC: Ukrainian customs still did not get any documents
The NSDC: over the 10 Russian UAV violated Ukrainian airspace in the last 24 hours
Group of Russian main battle in #Donetsk
Group of Russian main battle in Donetsk
Military convoy in Donetsk tonight
More trucks heading to Ukrainian border
Smoke from the Ukrainian side of the border checkpoint Donetsk
3 Lenin statue were toppled in villages of Odessa region
Militants attack Saur-Mohyla
Shopping center "Parus" in Horlivka
Thugs defeated stand of "The Heaven's Hundred" in Brovary
Shells hit chemical plant in Makiivka, one worker was killed
Convoy waiting on the border
Ukrainian Mig-29 was shot down over Luhansk tonight
First Russian humanitarian truck has left for the border crossing at Izvaryne
MFA Klimkin asks Europe and NATO for military help
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