Map. History of Ukraine conflict

17 December 2017
Putin and Medvedev today in Sevastopol'
OSCE Hug: Sides failing to disengage, use Stanytsia Luhanska bridge to divide people instead of connecting, refuse to implement agreements
Hug: Tomorrow SMM monitors to be deployed on 24/7 basis in Stanytsia Luhanska - eyes and ears of international community
OSCE Hug: Despite restrictions SMM will continue to implement mandate: monitor and verify sides’ compliance with commitments
Hug: JCCC role not fulfilled: ceasefire, mine action, SMM safe access not always assisted. But sometime it is, proving JCCC can be effective
OSCE Hug: Sides' failure to remove mines and UXO hindered monitors access 600 times, took 28 lives, injured 65 people in 2017
Hug: Sides fail to implement agreements and take necessary measures for stabilization due to lack of political will and JCCC's poor performance
Hug: From 01/01 to 13/08 2017 OSCE_SMM confirmed 350 civilian casualties: 65 killed and 285 injured, weapons still placed in populated areas
Hug: OSCE_SMM spotted heavy weapons in violation of Minsk 16 times in Gov-contr. and 15 times in areas not contr. by Gov.; 2017 total: 2,922
OSCE Hug: monitors recorded 7,272 ceasefire violations between 7 and 13 Aug, 293,816 in total in 2017 in Eastern Ukraine
OSCE Hug: Heavy weapons used 438 times on 7-13 Aug; 95% of them in Popasna-Pervomaisk area
Media briefing by OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug
Colonel Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day, UA Armed Forces did not incur any fatalities in action, 2 UA service members were wounded in action
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: militants shelled UA positions with mortars in Avdiivka for 3 times
In Kharkiv detained commander of saboteur group who planned attack
Fire in Donetsk this morning
27 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 2 soldiers were wounded. Almost on all ceasefire violations Ukrainian army have returned fire
SBU foiled terror attacks in Mariupol
Hrytsak: FSB is trying to recruit ex-fighters of ATO, when they are traveling to Russia
SBU: Russian FSB has significantly increased saboteur/terror activity in last month
Putin to visit occupied Crimea tomorrow
Chief of SBU Hrytsak at urgent press-conference: service foiled assassinations of public persons in Ukraine
The first meeting of Surkov and Volker to be held next week
It's propaganda
Basurin of DNR group: Ukraine is preparing provocations at Mariupol direction
Maryland @MDNG @175thWing continues its training in Estonia. Exercising over Saaremaa, landing and refueling at Kuressaare airfield.
DNR's "saboteur" is nothing to do with the intelligence services - Motuzyanik
#Zapad2017, joint Russia|n-Belarusian military exercise will include 7 locations in Belarus in Sept
Ukraine launched own TV broadcast for North Crimea
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: half of all enemy shellings accounted for Avdiivka, where militants actively applied mortars
Shooting in Dnipro city: 3 wounded.
Shooting in Dnipro city: 3 wounded.
In Zaporozhye SBU detained the informant of the "DNR" group
Top #US general Dunford says any military action on #NorthKorea would be taken in consultation with our allies
Top #US general Dunford says President #Trump has told us to develop viable military options on #NorthKorea
Top #US general Dunford says we are all working towards a peaceful solution on #NorthKorea
Top #US General Dunford says a military option on #NorthKorea would be horrific
Top #US General Dunford says no one thinks economic pressure alone can result in #NorthKorea denuclearisation
Donbas: Yesterday 35 attacks on UAF positions, 1 soldier killed at Avdiivka, 4 wounded. At Starohnativka RU forces used 152mm artillery, tanks.