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25 มิถุนายน 2018

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Belarus to receive four S-300 surface-to-air missile systems from Russia in 2015
Donetsk militants Leaders to Push for More Territory at Minsk Talks
Obama signs new Russia sanctions bill but White House says he won’t use its authority “at this time”
Turchynov: Ukraine must stop importing Russian weapons, switch to NATO standards
Moscow police arrest people who had alternative Qs for Putin presser
I'm contused, - the former head of "LNR" Bolotov rose from the dead
I'm contused, - the former head of LNR Bolotov rose from the dead
#Putin's 'polite people' at #Minsk railway station
Turchynov, Pashinsky and Syumar offer MPs to prohibit the promotion of communist ideology in Ukraine
Unknowns took Akhmetov company office in Krivyi Rih, - media
"Rosneft" said that liberal media actually preach communism
Russian sailors sailed from France without "#Mistral"
The European Council will send strong signal on our readiness to further support modern, stable, independent #Ukraine
TV-series about the National Guard "Guard" is filmed near Kiev
TV-series about the National Guard Guard is filmed near Kiev
Poroshenko predicts the abolition of visas for Ukrainians in the spring of 2015
[email protected]: I proposed EPP Summit&EU to organize under EU flag BLUE CONVOYS of true humanitarian assistance to UA's IDPs & Donbas
Ukraine will provide irrefutable evidence of innocence Savchenko to Russia
Gerashchenko: Militants threaten teachers and parents-guardians murder, if children do not return to the Donbass
Poland is ready to support Ukraine in intention to enter the Visegrad Group
Militants kidnapped a veterinarian in Stanitsa Luganska
Militants kidnapped a veterinarian in Stanitsa Luganska
Poroshenko visited the base of the Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian brigade
Poroshenko visited the base of the Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian brigade
Militant Strelkov married with his assistant
#Poroshenko: #Ukrainian flag to fly again over #Crimea
FSB agents kidnapped employee of Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office in the Crimea
The secret service arrested a subversive group of Russians and former criminals
Ukrainian "cyber army" hacked e-mail the press Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
Volunteer was killed by drone explosion near Lviv
#EU approves new #Crimea sanctions: official
Russia Ruble collapse will impact trading partners: Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia to suffer most
Poroshenko convene a meeting of the NSDC at 16:00 in connection with complication of the situation.
Putin refused to answer the question of "the crucified boy" in Slavyansk
Shooting is heard in the district of Donetsk airport
Queue appeared in Minsk exchange offices
Putin: Someone took advantage basely Kadyrov statement about set fire to the houses of relatives of thugs
Putin says that the persecution of the Crimean Tatars and Makarevich not his work
Putin said that Russia's elite is the workers and peasants
Putin: Palace Revolution in Russia is impossible because there is no palaces
Russia (again) blocks border monitoring by OSCE on int'l Rus-Ukr border as agreed in Minsk
Putin ridiculed Khodorkovsky desire to run for president
Putin: FIFA World Cup needs to Russians did not buy vodka
"Why did you give @xenia_sobchak the floor?" Putin asks Peskov
Lukashenko has refused calculation with Russia in rubles
Putin told the tale of Russian media about the "Kiev punishers" again
Ukraine was among the TOP-5 dangerous for journalists countries
Putin argues that "cyborgs" must leave the Donetsk airport
#Rouble reaction to #Putin's presser: rouble resumes its free fall
Putin likened himself to a bear, which the West wants to pull teeth and claws
Putin said he did not consider Russian militants in Ukraine as mercenary.
Militants have shelled Krymskoye, Chernukhino and Stanitsa Luganskaya. There were no injuries.
Putin made it clear that does not really want to answer on journalists' questions
President Putin holds his tenth annual news conferencen
Polish trucks with humanitarian aid have already passed customs Ukraine
More than 10 people were detained at Vystavochnaya metro station. They wanted to ask alternative questions for Putin
White house: Obama has not yet signed the bill on sanctions against Russia
President Obama signed new Russian sanctions yesterday - Psaki
Official paper of Russia's gvnt publishes an article peddling lies of"NATO airplanes" in East Ukraine
Olexiy Goncharenko, Ukr MP fr #Odesa, is on Rus state TV sporting a trident: "My country has been invaded by Russia"
Repr. of Border Service: #Russia|n troops (aprox. 50K) are openly maneuvering now in different directions along the #Ukraine’s border
Separatism In Karelia More Serious Than Many Think, Petrozavodsk Deputy Says
Huge queues to ATMs across Russia
Russia mobilized 9,000 troop, 250 tanks+APCs, over 100 artillery units &; 55 warships in Kaliningrad "without warning"
Queue to bank in Tula. 10 PM
Ukrtransgas, UA &Gaz-System, PL inked deal to integrate gas pipelines to increase UA import, store EU gas in UA
Antimaidan thug "Topaz" was detained while trying to escape from Ukraine
SBU detained two trucks of fake vodka, which were brought from Donetsk
SBU detained two trucks of fake vodka, which were brought from Donetsk
Nuland: US aid to Ukraine conditioned on the country staying the reform course
Queue in collapsed Delta-Bank in Dnepropetrovsk
Ukraine and Poland signed an agreement on the preparation of gas Association
Yevtushenkov reported released from house arrest the day before the Putin annual presser
"A friend in need is a friend indeed": Ukrainan President @poroshenko addressed Polish Parliament, also in Polish
Christmas tree was installed in Donetsk
The Governor of the Krasnodar territory: the collapse of the ruble - this is a fee for Crimea
Abkhazia announces the departure of its own supply convoy to militants of Donbass
SBU detained a Russian citizen, who tried to steal the Ukrainian military plane
Ukraine spends on captured Donbass more than three billion UAH per month
Russia is considering placement of units of the airborne troops in the annexed Crimea
Major Irish bookmaker Paddy Power began to take bets on the overthrow of President of Russia Putin in 2015
SBU: Airports of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhya and Kharkiv were closed because of the threat of missile attack
Militants in Donetsk stolen 1500 items of explosive equipment
A truck and a passenger bus collided in the Volyn region
Warsaw: Poroshenko calls for alliance with EU/NATO, an end to Ukrainian neutrality. Thanks Polish govt, Sejm, @sikorskiradek, for support
Russians are shocked: selling package tours stopped due to the fall of the ruble
The Russian division of the 20th unit from Volgograd as part of the Rostov invasion force
Residents of London will be collecting money for the Ukrainian soldiers in the the New Year night
Poster with drooping ruble hung out near St. Petersburg's "Birzha"
I dream that on the website of the European Union appears Ukrainian language, and I will be able to be elected a member of the European Parliament, - Poroshenko
After returning to Ukraine will introduce a bill to refuse non-aligned status.
Deputy Minister of economic development dismissed
Poll: Russians are indifferent to the fate of the country and the world
The militants want to disable Ukrainian mobile
It's fake
#Ruble is no longer recognized for trade in #Finland
The United Nations opened an office in Donetsk
Bus with passengers was shot in Pavlograd
Representatives of the "DNR" say that they are ready to transfer 152 prisoners Ukraine
LifeNews will lose 15% of employees
About a thousand wagons with cargo are standing on the "border" with Crimea
Cabinet appoints Zguladze first Deputy of MIA Avakov
"Bank" of "DNR" temporarily fixed dollar selling rate at 23 UAH
American sculptor has dedicated sculpture of Ukrainian Maidan
Three-party Ukraine reconciliation talks to take place in Minsk Sunday - Ukrainian President Poroshenko
Militants wounded one Ukrainian military in last day
The government wants to denounce the agreement with Cyprus, which allowed to withdraw money in offshore zones
It's fake
US is preparing a nuclear provocation against Russia on Ukrainian territory - Russia Today
The number of tents near the Executive Committee of the city of Krivyy Rih decreased
Tenth Putin's "convoy" will be sent to the Donbass tomorrow
Turchynov promised a few more stages to mobilize
Bronislaw Komorowski signed the instrument of ratification by the Polish Sejm of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU
MP Semenchenko shows to media a truck w/ alcohol and tobacco stopped on entry to the occupied territories
"Orthodox" so frightened "Eye of Sauron" in the Moscow business center, that they decided build a church there
Russia may start a full-scale war at any time - Turchynov
Editorial staff of the Russian channels were forbidden to speak about rate of the ruble
#Medvedev: Ruble undervalued, exchange rate does not reflect condition of Russian economy
"Ukraine has undesirable Crimea "under the guise of" the collapse of the USSR", - Duma
The queue for the children's humanitarian aid to the "Donbass Arena"
A defendant of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka was detained at the entrance to the Crimea from Ukraine
Workers of Kyivpastrans blocked traffic near the Cabinet. They say that will not work tomorrow
Pushilin: Donetsk insists on a speedy conclusion of the Minsk meeting
Another Russian supply convoy will go to the Donbass tomorrow
On the "black market" of Kyiv, the dollar is worth 25 UAH
Russia Minfin To Sell Fx For As Long As Needed - Interfax
Police in Kharkiv at the "separatists rally"
Poroshenko arrived in the Republic of Poland on a state visit
Lifenews will reduce staff to half
Tabloid MK: "We've lost the feeling that Putin is some kind of wizard who controls everything: Crimea, Siberian tigers, the rouble... "
#Russians stay up at 24/7 stores in dash to get rid of depreciating #roubles
Apple halts online sales in Russia due to shaky currency
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