Map. History of Ukraine conflict

19 ตุลาคม 2018
Clashes on the Maidan
Ukraine security forces torch euromaidan's IT tent, kill journalist, beat tech protester to near-death
In Kyiv thugs with bats beat car in Solomenskiy district
'On your knees!!' the crowd shouts as it drags out the Governor of Lutsk oblast
'On your knees!!' the crowd shouts as it drags out the Governor of Lutsk oblast
Barricades at Khreschatyk
Maidan now
Yatseniuk: the Storm and the cleanup that was scheduled, cancelled. Declared a truce
Obama's says "there will be consequences" for violence if people step over the line
Ukrainian Olympians Oleg and Bogdan Matlock in solidarity with the Maidan refused to participate in the 2014 Olympics
In Zhytomyr captured regional state administration
In Zhytomyr captured regional state administration
Women helps protesters
Yanukovych Fires Army Chief, Replaces Him With Head Of NAVY
Zhytomir regional state administration captured by protesters
Ternopil Berkut after returning from Kyiv, came to the local Maidan, laid down their arms
Medical volunteer : "yesterday I personally closed eyes 15 dead on Institutskaya"
[email protected] says @BarackObama will comment today on unrest in #Ukraine.
In Ternopil Berkut took the oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people
Ministry of defense declared Counter-terrorist operation in entire Ukraine
Rompuy promises to respond to events in Ukraine with sanctions
IOC turns down request from Ukraine's Olympic team to wear black armbands to honor those killed in Kyiv
Hollande condemned the clashes in Ukraine
Activist Sobolev: In the House of trade unions burned to death about 40-50 wounded activists
Lviv central police station - destroyed cars
Berkut on Hrushevskoho builds concrete barricades
51 km of Zhytomyr highway - movement is blocked by trucks
Shooting in Khmelnitsky
Shooting in Khmelnitsky
Entrance to Lviv
Rally in support of Maidan in Kramatorsk
This grandmother brought the half of his pension for the victims on euromaidan
Berkut grenade hits protester's back
Storm of SBU in Khmelnitsky
Internal troops going from Dnipropetrovs'k to Kyiv
In Khmelnytsky Security Service killed woman. she dead in hospital #Ukraine
#Khmelnitsky : "They're shooting at us with AKs from SBU building. Shot dead woman"
Police in Kyiv
Huge plumes trades union building in #Kiev. Flames visible through windows.
Students prepare Molotov cocktails. Meanwhile, 25 killed for now
Train from Ivano-Frankivsk was not allowed to arrive in Kyiv
Death toll continues to rise in #Kyiv
Yatseniuk: Yanukovych actually offered us to surrender
'Titushki' dressing like protesters, except for white ribbons on their arms
At Maidan now
Police in Zaporizhie bulling at protesters
[email protected]: Only person who can now stop catastrophe in Ukraine is President Yanukovich. His vacillation and violence responsible for situation.
Activists burned Police's APC
2 police APCs is burning at Maidan
People gathering in Dnipropetrovs'k
Son and father beaten by Berkut
People gathered on the square in Kharkiv
Medical room at St.Michael Cathedral littered with bandages, antiseptic, people carry more
Police APC in Kyiv
MPs leaving Rada
4 confirmed dead - more expected; 100's injured in Kyiv
Bodies in Mariinski park
Clashes at Institutska
Clashes at Institutska
Berkut has Kalashnikovs locked and loaded. #Kyiv
Policemen with molotov coctails
The police brings Molotov cocktails on the Grushevskogo street
Mayor of Donetsk: Syria of Bashar Assad is an example for Ukraine
Heavy clashes at Institutska street in Kyiv
Berkut shoots at people and film it on GOPRO
Tent is burning at Maidan
[email protected]: Shocked and saddened by reported killings of #Ukraine protesters, restraint and dialogue, not #violence is the way to settle the #crisis
Riot police prepare to storm the Maidan. 6pm ultimatum to stop Kyiv violence before Ukraine's gov "restores order"
Hrushevskogo now
Map of the Kyiv uprising euromaidan
Protesters knocked the internal troops out of Shovkovychna
Protesters knocked the internal troops out of Shovkovychna
Killed demonstrators in Kyiv
Berkut is gathering on Slavy square
Protersters use truck to hit police
Kyiv in smoke
Protesters set Kyiv office of Party of regions on fire
On Institutska street in Kyiv right now.
Old women help youth to fight with police in Kyiv
Berkut is on fire, and already shot protesters
Trucks burning at Sadova street, Kyiv
Burning Kyiv
On the corner of Shovkovichna and Institutska
Berkut throwing grenades from the roof
Policemen throws grenades from the roof
Berkut throwing granades into protesters from roofs
Kamaz is burning
On Hrushevskogo burning tires
On the Grushevsky street side of the barricades lit tires
Women pass a stone blocks
Riot police in full gear
Clashes in Kyiv
Police near Verkhovna Rada
Berkut near Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Euromaidan column
Riot police pushed to Hrushevskogo street
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