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25 มิถุนายน 2018

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Damaged #Russia T-72B3 tank in #Donetsk #Ukraine
Damaged Russia T-72B3 tank in Donetsk Ukraine
People come to commemorate the victims of the shooting at #Maidan. #Kyiv
Kyiv tonight. Independence square. Tribute to 100 #Euromaidan activists killed a year ago
Russian T72 in Vuhlehirs'k
Snipers on the Maidan led by Kremlin's Surkov, - Nalyvaychenko
Russian "peace-keeping" sniper unit began drills in the Samara region
Tears of joy in the eyes of the soldiers, who returned from #Debaltseve
Russia training mercenaries in Transnistria and Crimea for hybrid war against Ukraine
Kyiv waiting for train from Debaltseve
Yuriy Sergeyev on @CNN: Russia is betraying Minsk agreements, that"s why we need peacekeepers
Lviv youth march for Maidan Square's 'Heavenly Hundred'
Loud explosions shaking #Donetsk. You can literally feel the ground, and buildings vibrating from miles away.
Lithuania's Ambassador to the UK says NATO jets were scrambled more than 100 times in response to Russia last year
U.S. Says More Russian Troops, Weapons Enter Ukraine
Donetsk. Burning gas pipe
Donetsk. Burning gas pipe
Eduard Basurin: DNR and LNR could exit the Minsk agreements, if Kyiv will continue shelling the towns of Donbass
Ukrainian "cyborg"-a Jew to be buried in Kyiv
Russian "Kamaz" ran into mines near #Debaltsevo
"Free" Russian gas for "DNR" and "LNR" will cost Ukraine $4 million per day
Injured soldiers in the hospital Artemovsk
The European Union can give Ukraine with 2.1 billion euros
Jen Psaki leaves the state Department
The Ministry of justice wants to dismiss judges who refused to ban the Communist party
55 activists of #Maidan remain missing, - volunteer
Nadezhda Savchenko asked survey of international doctors
The OSCE reported new attacks on the Donbass and denied the fact of the withdrawal of heavy weapons
Servicemen of Ukrainian forces prepare their new position near Artemivsk, in the Donetsk region
Ukrainian forces shot down an UAV over Dzerzhinsk
Nadezhda Savchenko refused injections of glucose, supporting her health during hunger strike
Heaviest shelling heard in Donetsk since Saturday "ceasefire". Since 7 am and still continuing
The sudden decision of the Kyiv on peacekeepers confused Moscow and terrorists
Nadezhda Savchenko was supported near Office of the OSCE in Vienna
#Klitschko met with the families of the Heroes of Maidan
Bus tickets "#Moscow-#Luhansk"
In General Prosecutor office found an evidence of Russia's involvement in the shootings at #Maidan
Captured Ukrainian vehicles in Debaltseve
Captured Ukrainian vehicles in Debaltseve
Queues for humanitarian aid in Debaltseve. Much anger at violence and destroyed homes.
Rally of "Party of regions" near Prosecutors office in Kyiv
Kvitashvili: Russia is testing a new prohibited weapons in the Donbas
Self-proclaimed Donetsk republic press center sells souvenirs.
Poroshenko: Russia as the aggressor cannot participate in the peacekeeping mission in the Donbass
Russia has brought to the Crimea submarines with missiles and called it "impregnable fortress"
Fully Armed #RAF interceptors escort Russian bombers. Video
Fully Armed RAF interceptors escort Russian bombers. Video
Rally of Ichkerians an Ukrainian near OSCE HQ in Austria, Vienna
At least 90 Ukrainian troops captured, 82 missing in Debaltseve: Kyiv
Micofud plant burns in Avdiivka after shelling by Russian forces
British defense secretary: Russia is threat to Baltic
British TV has posted a video a fierce battle in Debaltseve
British TV has posted a video a fierce battle in Debaltseve
"LNR" ready to receive gas from Russia and as an aid, and on payment terms
The terrorists have shelled #Avdiivka
"Miners" coming from #Chelyabinsk
Miners coming from Chelyabinsk
Captive tanker of DNR tells about studying in Russia, Russian instructors and fight in Shirokino
Captive tanker of DNR tells about studying in Russia, Russian instructors and fight in Shirokino
The Russian planes have trained to strike on columns Near the border with Ukraine
Poroshenko to Putin: do not pretend that capturing of Debaltseve corresponds to the Minsk agreements
Russian equipment near #Debaltseve
Russia urgently send supply convoy to Debaltseve
Terrorists are moving equipment and fighters near Mariupol
Center of Donetsk are shelled
The terrorists have fun shooting each other
The terrorists have fun shooting each other
17 battalions had established its headquarters, - Semenchenko
Poroshenko urged to immediately release all prisoners during call in "Norman" format
112 wounded soldiers of ATO were received in hospital of Dnipropetrovs'k
The terrorists of "DNR" announced the end of "moping up operation" of Debaltseve
Crimean authorities want to desalinate Azov sea
As we have said, Russian military has deployed advanced air defense systems near #Debaltseve, - Geoffrey Pyatt
British RAF jets have warned away 2 Russian bear bomber aircraft off the coast of Cornwall, England
"DNR" was ordered to send in Russian "cargo-200" without documents from local mortuaries
Ukrainian servicemen: Donbas standoff shifts to Shyrokyne
Moscow journalists received a document of scripted events in Ukraine from Putin's mansion
Grenade launcher, which was brought from the area of ATO, fired off in school at Chernihiv region. There are dead
Terrorists will once again stage a parade of prisoners in Luhansk
Terrorists move 12 "Grad" towards Mariupol
Two deputies of #Bundestag illegally have crossed the border and arrived in "#DNR"
About 50 bodies of dead fighters delivered today to Alchevsk morgue
The NSDC allowed foreign military to participate in exercises in Ukraine
In Ukraine, "Capture or Death." On today's front page
#Churkin: Kyiv's Plans to invite peacekeepers to #Donbass contradict the Minsk agreements
Russian military in #Debaltseve in @BBCWorld footage
Russian military in Debaltseve in @BBCWorld footage
Russian forces at #Donestk Airport interviewed by #VICE
Russian forces at Donestk Airport interviewed by VICE
NSDC approved the appeal to the UN and the EU to deploy peacekeepers in Ukraine.
Turchynov says not only about the peacekeepers on the border with the controlled by the militants, but on Ukrainian-Russian border
The new head of the administration of Debaltseve
Another plant stolen by Russian troops in Ukraine and moved to Rostov region brought now "online"
Poroshenko in the Donetsk region today
FSB director heads Russia's delegation at U.S. summit on extremism
#Poroshenko asks #NSDC to consider blue helmets in #Ukraine
About 2475 military personnel and 200 vehicles came from Debaltseve
NSDC just began. Reportedly there will be nothing about Martial law
Fighters came back home to Mykolaiv from ATO zone
This morning: MLRS GRAD from Horlivka shelling Debaltseve
Vigil in Mariinski park in Kyiv in memory of those who were killed by police and titushki last year
Russia and South Ossetia sign a "contract about state border"
Case of #Yefremov will be considered behind closed doors
Two Polish ships collided together flowing from the port of Gdynia on #NATO exercise
Poroshenko visited the location of the Ukrainian military, which have been reclassified from Debaltseve
The daughter of one of the leaders of the "LNR" works at the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine
Artillery cache with armour abandoned by Ukrainians, south of Debaltseve.
Six convoys of #OSCE monitors apply to visit #Donetsk
The SBU detained 3 terrorists of DNR in the Donetsk region
Drone-footage from the #Debaltseve area: scorched earth
Drone-footage from the Debaltseve area: scorched earth
Lithuania can revoke political asylum for Ukrainian "journalist" Anatoly Sharii
5km from Debaltseve, smoke over the town
Parubiy told about the Russian and Belarusian snipers on Maidan
Bukovina volunteers will be put to the ATO bacon in tubes
A film about Putin, who fond of women and beat his wife, was showed in Germany
Militants have shelled #Lugansk There are dead civilians
Hungarian media are outraged: Putin paid tribute to the monument to the Soviet invaders
Exit from Debaltseve
Young man in this tank in Vuhlehirsk is from Yakutia. Seemed very shy and didn't want to have taken #Ukraine
NATO "summons" Russia To Immediately Withdraw All Its Forces From Ukraine
SA-13 Gopher / Strela-10 between Vuhlehirsk and Enakievo
The Prosecutor General's office has identified four TV channels of Alexander Yanukovych
The British Embassy has published a guide to the search for weapons of Russian Federation in Ukraine
Russian militants raised their flag over Debaltseve
Rally near Court in Kyiv
The protesters came to the trial of the Communist Party
Merkel is preparing new sanctions against Russia
Explosion in Odessa, Ukraine yesterday
Explosion in Odessa, Ukraine yesterday
45 dead servicemen delivered in #Artemivsk
Kyiv. Vigil in memory of the victims of the snipers
Donetsk: joint convoy of DNR and OSCE
Yefremova just released from the Prosecutor General's office. Promise to wear a special bracelet.
MIlitants shelled Pisky and Avdiivka
More signs of withdrawal from Debaltseve. More coming all the time.
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says Putin's call for Ukrainian forces to surrender in #Debaltseve is not in spirit of Minsk deal
About 100 WIA delivered to Artemivs'k hospital
Russia Claiming Lithuania "damaged" Ukraine
SBU investigates Russian Lukoil, suspecting support of separatists waging war against Ukraine
Ukrainian military detained terrorist gunner near #Debaltseve
Lavrov threatens pro-Russian Georgian authorities
Pope Francis with pilgrims from #Ukraine
[email protected] "The developments (last night) in Debaltseve were clearly a violation of the ceasefire."
The streets of #Artemivsk are filling up with #Ukraine troops leaving neighboring #Debaltseve.
#Putin lays wreath to Soviets killed in 1956 invasion to suppress anti-Soviet
#Ukraine armour leaving #Debaltseve flattened an electricity pole in neighboring #Artemivsk
Klitchko had a breakfast in school dining room
Poroshenko said that the forces of ATO took new frontiers in the Donbass and shamed Russia
28 employees of the MIA of Ukraine in Donetsk region came from Debaltseve
30 soldiers are wounded, no dead, when exiting Debaltseve
#SBU confirmed that #Yefremov accused of financing of #separatism
Captured Russian ATGM (manufactured - 2014 year )
Lugansk terrorists said that Ukraine has shut off gas "LNR"
Ukrainian units came out planned and organized. Completely with military equipment, tanks, IFV, SAU, vehicles.
"DNR" "have filed a case" against on Poroshenko, Yatseniuk and Turchynov
#Poroshenko says already 80% of #Ukraine troops in #Debaltseve left.
Soldiers from Debaltseve just fired a salute "for a successful return"
Poroshenko flew from Kyiv to the zone of ATO
Unknowns have tortured Director of the largest transport company in Mariupol and then burned his house
The terrorists of "DNR" promised to let the OSCE in Debaltseve
TV-channel CNN "attached" Ukraine to Russia
TV-channel CNN attached Ukraine to Russia
Poroshenko goes to the area of ATO, in the evening scheduled meeting of the NSDC
Europe needs a new strategy to force Putin to respect international boundaries, - FT
Efremov said that the GPU accuses him of incitement of ethnic hatred
Road Bryanka-Alchevsk. MLRS Uragan
"Peacemaker" Lukashenko offers to solve the problem of Debaltseve per day
Vigil for Heavenly hundred
The court upheld the lock of Navalny site
Poroshenko will make a statement on Debaltsevo soon
Vice-President of "Rosneft" was charged in Canadian sanctions "lobby of banders"
SBU prevented a series of terrorist attacks and sabotage in Kharkiv region
Here is the village #Pisky after bloody battles with the Russian invaders.
Canada imposed sanctions against Rosneft and other Russian companies
Ukrainian military are leaving Debaltseve
Battalion "Kryvbas" came out of the trap in Debaltseve
People! There's no money! Philosophic thoughts at a cash point in Artemivsk
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