Map. History of Ukraine conflict

18 ตุลาคม 2018
Shootout in Avdiivka
In administration of President discussed ways of promoting interests of Ukraine in world
Military convoy in Voronezh
Ukrainian soldiers digging trenches in preperation for the next attack of Russian backed forces in Mariupol
Dzhemilev: what Churkin has been denying since last spring #Putin confirmed in a film on how #Russia seized #Crimea
Russian troops in Bilgorod Region
#Lithuania secures #Vilnius station, reports #Russian soldiers may ride train bound 4 #Kaliningrad
Putin arrived in Astana
Russia has been involved in terrorist attacks in Kharkov, - SBU
Russian SAM system "Strela" in a field near the hypermarket #Auchan in #Donetsk
Russian SAM system Strela in a field near the hypermarket Auchan in Donetsk
President Poroshenko
British instructors came in Ukraine
Dzhemilev in UN with his stories about the deteriorating situation in the Crimea
USA and Latvia in live-fire exercise in Operation #AtlanticResolve
Poroshenko at Dynamo-Everton
Lavrov: US incite Kiev for a military solution of conflict
In #Dnipropetrovsk buried 16 unknown warriors
Ukrtransnafta now. No gunners or Kolomoysky. MP Leshenko was wrong
Deployment of Russian missiles in Crimea risks large-scale conflict in Black Sea region - Poroshenko
Kyiv Post: "Kremlin's warriors ready to kill"
Kaspersky Lab has close ties to FSB - Bloomberg
The UN security Council behind closed doors discussing the situation with the implementation of the Minsk agreements
Russian tanks in Lohvynove
Bloomberg told about connections of "Kaspersky Lab" with Russian special services
Lavrov: Reuters information about MH17 looks like hoax
Kolomoisky with gunners came into the office Ukrtransnafta.
Vehicle of militant's commander Givi was attacked in Donetsk
DNR terrorist Alexander Zakharchenko: "Minsk agreement shall be considered canceled"
Moldova should be prepared for threat of a hybrid of war with Russian Federation - Defense Minister
New Ukrainian police cars presented to #Kyiv public as law enforcement reform continues
Russian military convoy in Crimea
Unknown persons fired at a minibus in Mariupol
Army helicopters of #NATO arrived in Latvia
Grybauskaite: Iskanders in Kaliningrad could hit Berlin
#Lugansk, eastern blocks: Heavy artillery volleys towards #Stanitsa Luhanska
European leaders agreed to extend #sanctions against #Russia until the end of 2015
Howitzers column from Panfilova to Artema st, 'looks like towards the airport'. Donetsk
Cossacks and terrorists were removed, now there are Russian troops, - fighter about the situation near Schastia
Rada voted for public broadcasting
Rada has deprived of control of Kolomoisky Ukrnafta
Shootout in the private sector, military running around the street in Donetsk
International investigators confirm #MH17 was shot down by BUK.
Rada allowed the exploration carry out special operations in the occupied territories of #Donbass
Russian T-64BV near Debaltseve
Terrorists stunned fish with explosives
Terrorists stunned fish with explosives
The Nazi salute in celebration of the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea in Kazan
The map of the major Russian drills in last few weeks
The British Director is going to make a Comedy about Stalin death
#Russia doubled the number of soldiers involved in the exercises throughout the country and in #Crimea up to 80 thousand.
Moscow called Kyiv, Berlin and Paris for talks on the background of violations by militants of the Minsk agreements
"The Right Sector" creates in Kharkiv reserve battalion
In the ATO has resumed broadcasting Ukrainian channels
Fight in Shirokino
The Prosecutor's office and the SBU detained 5 deserters of battalion "Aidar"
National broadcaster was deprived of the license for Euronews
15 Russian cities will be connected flights with #Crimea
Russian BUK battery deployment near Ukrainian border 22 kms from #MH17 launch site
In #Poland investigate a military pilot who was spying in favor of #Russia
Suspended the head of the Board #Ukrtransnafta closed in the office
Russia's Lavrov warns Moldova: your borders and sovereignty are safe as long as you remain "neutral"
#Canada will never admit #Crimea by the Russian, - Prime Minister #Harper
A resident of Dnipropetrovsk region rode in a car with fighting grenades
#Russia|n military aircraft from #Ryazan in Kaliningrad: A Il-78 conducts arial refueling of SU-27 fighters, SU-24M
The terrorists planned special operation "Anthil"l to disrupt the Minsk agreement
Rescuers received from the OSCE equipment for harbor clearance
#OSCE confirms militants breakthrough over the Seversky Donets
Russia to upgrade 10 multi-purpose nuclear submarines by 2020 — Navy chief
School in #Debaltseve
#LNR cancelled "vacation" for militants and began an intense workout
#Odessa refused public festivals during #Humorina
Nikolai Patrushev found Finnish revanchists in Karelia
A resident of Izum laid explosives on the railway near Shebelinka, he was detained by SBU
#DNR began mobilization among schoolchildren
Сlose engagement with terrorists began in Stanitsia Luhanska
The Seimas of Lithuania finally returned to military conscription
The man was detained for a call back #Crimea to Ukraine at the rally in Vladivostok
DNR field commander threatened to shoot observers of the OSCE, -- ATO staff
The rostrum are blocked iin the Parliament, require a meeting of the Committee on the law of "Ukrnafta"
The OSCE mission was not allowed into the occupied Novoazovsk
OSCE experts can't confirm the complete withdrawal of heavy weapons
The court arrested the two organizers of the riots in Kostyantynivka - MIA
Poroshenko said that Russia has turned the Crimea into a military base, and that the danger in the region
Military exercises in Donetsk
#Jemilev was met with #Crimean flag in New York
Platoon commander of the battalion "Aydar" have disappeared In Dnepropetrovsk
Military vehicles massing in the field on East borders of Donetsk
The Kerch residents were presented the lack of shows in celebration of the occupation of the Crimea
The Kerch residents were presented the lack of shows in celebration of the occupation of the Crimea
Charlie Hebdo has devoted a spread of Putin
The families of the Heavenly hundred received plots of land in the Zaporozhya region
Strong gesture of support Nadiya Savchenko by Congressman A. Kinzenger, pilot and veteran. "You have friends in America", - @GeoffPyatt
The first arrest of Ukrainian military from the Crimea, who betrayed the oath
Instructors from the UK have started to train Ukrainian military
NATO's exercises in the Black Sea
Near the Council staged the ballet and requested public broadcasting
The Ministry of internal Affairs of Germany recognized that "few" Germans fight in the Donbas
Obama and Merkel: no relief sanctions for Russia prior to the full execution of transactions
Harvester hit the mine in occupied Donbass
Finnish think-tank: To help #Ukraine, the West will need to be both firm and patient
A Russian journalist Murav'ev was expelled from Ukraine
The people with yellow and blue ribbons were at the rally in honor of the occupation of the Crimea in Saratov
35 British troops have started training Ukrainian service personnel near #Mykolaiv in southern #Ukraine.
Canada will allocate Kiev $5.5 million for reforms
Britain sent military physicians in Ukraine
U.S. will send to Ukraine the first batch of military vehicles in end of March
U.S. decided not to postpone preparation of the Ukrainian military
Shrove Tuesday in Stavropol
Poroshenko and Merkel initiate a new meeting of Norman four
Tomorrow another "humanitarian" convoy will send to Donbas from Rostov region
"The annexation of the Crimea - the shame of Russia"
Defense Ministry of Ukraine will create recruitment centers of volunteers
Russia refused to participate in informal meeting of UN security Council about Crimea
Peskov said 'The President had to cancel trip to #Crimea and stay in #Moscow to resolve important matters'
Russians waiting for money after patriotic march celebrating annexation of #Crimea
Moldova imposed sanctions against Dmitry Kiselev & Andrey Kondrashov
Petro Poroshenko had a phone conversation with Angela Merkel
"North": Militants moved into the territory of ATO in the Luhansk region
US tanks in Poland as part of Operation #AtlanticResolve
#Ukrainian President signed law on special status of Donbass
Obama and Merkel has discussed sanctions against Russia
Zhirinovsky and selfie stick
Peskov: Russia is interested in normalizing relations with Georgia
Donetsk region was fired from tanks
10 bombers will transfer in Crimea for military training
Three U.S. Ex-Ambassador in Ukraine urged world leaders to celebrate May 9 in Kyiv
The head of the Ukrainian choir poured green paint in the Khabarovsk region of the Russian Federation
Reuters: Russia can postpone construction of gas pipeline "Power of Siberia"
Palytsya testified against Kivalov in GPU
NATO does not recognize so-called treaty between Russia&South Ossetia on alliance & integration
17 Ukrainian military will go to the hospital in Germany
OSCE Chairman urged the world not to forget about the occupation of the Crimea
#Russia's Chief of General Staff checks readiness of naval strategic nuclear forces
"DNR" say that there are up to 22 bodies of the Ukrainian military in the morgue of Donetsk
Russian media wrote that Nemtsov was "ordered" Parubiy
Tuesday night @NATO Baltic Air Policing mission Typhoon intercept: two An-26, one An-12 and eight more Su-27 and Su-34 fighters
The "Right Sector" blew up a car with terrorists near the airport
38 Ukrainian soldiers came back home after rehabilitation in Poland
Lavrov called on Germany and France to make a demarche on Kyiv
Slovak President have decided not to go to Moscow on 9th of May
Swedish intelligence revealed the presence of mass Russian spies among diplomats
"Crimea is Russia" banner
Putin: we always thought that Russians and Ukrainians are one people, and I think so now
The man wanted to bypass the roadblock and hit a landmine near Popasna
The European court ordered the Russian Federation to explain the claim of Ukraine in Crimea
The center for the study of Russia was opened n Ukraine
#OpenRussia published a special project to mark the anniversary of the annexation of the Crimea
Luhansk fighters turned to the guarantors of Minsk-2 for yesterday's vote of Verhovna Rad
11 thousands of Czechs have signed a petition demanding the resignation of President #Zeman for friendly position to #Putin
Patriot SAM transported near Konin, Poland, heading to Sochaczew
Rally in Yalta, Annexed Crimea
Party in Moscow: "The Crimea is ours! Obama, don't envy"
More than 400 people remain in captivity of separatists, -- SBU
The teenager struck a landmine in the Donbass
The Ministry of internal Affairs of Latvia has developed a booklet about what to do in case of war
The President of Ukraine has set 26th of March as Day of National guard of Ukraine
The militants tried to break in Tr'okhizbenka
SBU showed a video with Russian conscripts
#Canada passed to Ukr Defense Ministry 1st part of humanitarian aid - 60 night vision goggles
#Canada gave Ukraine the night vision devices
Participants of the riots on 16th of March detained in Kostyantynivka
Party in Moscow: "The Crimea is ours!"
Ukrainian startup #Petcube got more than $1 million of funding
Railway car with some ammonia exploded at plant in Lviv
One soldier was killed per day in the ATO, 5 injured, - Lysenko
On #Sevastopol's Black Sea waterfront, people celebrate a year since #Russia annexed #Crimea from #Ukraine.
Ukraine is holding talks on visa-free regime with Malaysia, Singapore and Mexico
EU's Tusk discussing Russia sanctions proposal with Merkel, Hollande
SBU sent in Konstantynivka group to counter the escalation
The Prosecutor's office declared wanted by the head of security of Yanukovych
SBU has announced a prisoner exchange today
Staff of #Crimea Road service said that there is no salary since the beginning of the year
Heavy weapons were used in Donetsk airport on 16th of March, -- OSCE
The head of the state financial inspection Gordienko is going to blame Arseniy Yatsenyuk of obstructing the investigation of corruption schemes.
Militants opened the rear structure of supply and air defense system in district of #Gorlivka
Parade in #Simferopol on occasion of #Crimea annexation
Symbolic ice installation near Rada
SBU asked not to politicize the tragedy in Kostyantynivka
NATO fighters from bases in Lithuania, 11 times flew to intercept military aircraft of Russia over the Baltic sea.
Entrepreneurs cars blocked the entrance in Odessa
#Kyiv suppressing breakaway #Transnistria with economic blockade - #Lavrov
SBU: Info on #mh17 will be published simultaneously by Ukraine,Australia,the Netherlands
#Lavrov: #Russia claims #Ukraine has broken #Minsk2 ceasefire by yday's law on special status
Military exercise will be held on the streets of Kharkiv on Wednesday. Citizens are asked not to panic
The Pentagon has delayed the training of the Ukrainian army for fear of escalation of the conflict in the Donbass, - WSJ
Press center of the "Novorosiya" shut down its activity
Shell getting into the house. Summer residences are burning
11354 kHz Russian Naval Air transport freq callsign PRIBOI active
A lot of armed men at Bakynskyh Komisariv street. With different types of weapons. And at Bohdana Khmelnytskoho up to the bridge.
#SBU dismantled a network of agents of the Russian secret services in Luhansk region
Homes of almost ten thousand of citizens of #Crimea is still de-energized
The defense Ministry announced the launch of #demobilization
The militants hid heavy weapons in Gorlivka, -- the headquarters ATO
Police will check the parcel of the “New mail” in the Donetsk region
Latvian Armed Forces =spotted RU Navy's 3x Kilo-class submarines, sub-support, and hidrographic ship near territorial waters
Sound of artillery in Shakhtersk
Ukr forces in Shyrokyne, near Chermalyk are being fired upon, 120mm mortars used from Sakhanka
Don't send weapons to Ukraine, @navalny says.
State Duma deputies stood up and listened to the song on "The Crimea came back home"
Ukrainians stamp your passport when you leave separatist areas
Motorized infantry in the Leningrad and Pskov regions are on battle alert too
#Gubarev planning the destruction of Ukraine, forced Russification and concentration camps
Kyrgyz fled the militia, when he realized that there are no Nazis in Ukraine
In the Adriatic - USS Jason Dunham engages with Albanian, Montenegrin maritime forces
Germany will send five hundred troops to Lithuania
Russian marines near Kerch strait is on battle alert
The militants demanded from Kyiv to dismiss the laws on special status
Russian troops on battle alert at Sakhalin - ready to drills
Military camp near Millerovo
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