Map. History of Ukraine conflict

18 ตุลาคม 2018
Kharkiv administration: There are russian saboteur groups with AA-complexes in Kharkiv region
RIA-Novosti reports that Kyiv and DNR have reached agreement on joint Ukrainian-OSCE removal of bodies from crash site
Russian military convoy heads to Ukrainian border
Russian military convoy heads to Ukrainian border
MIA Avakov sent Lavrov to hell, and invite US to negotiations
Jet striked positions of terrorists in Krasnyi Luch
Jet striked positions of terrorists in Krasnyi Luch
Pro-russian journalist Shkoda detained by SBU
The protest near the Russian Embassy in Ottawa
People of Kramatorsk clean-up their city
Emergency services arrive at explosion in south-west #Moscow
#Ukraine police detained 3 men in #Maiupol who informed Russian terrorists on UA forces locations
Rally in #Slavyansk
#Dutch PM: #Russia must take 'responsibility' in plane crash #MH17
One commander of terrorists, Andrey Sokol, killed in Pereval'sk
Aviation over Lysychans'k
Lorries driven by separatist militiamen took dozens of bodies of #MH17 passengers to undisclosed location
President @Poroshenko urges #UN to recognise pro-Russian rebels in #Luhansk and Donetsk as terrorists
CNN reporting from MH17 crash site: "No Wallets or computers can be found"
Battles near Luhansk airport
The Ukrainian President thanked Poland for support
Russian terrorist detained in ATO zone
MIA advisor: 9 militants killed by civils last day
Kiev Central station evacuted. One more bomb threat
Collision of buses from Ukraine and Poland in Germany, at least 9 dead
Terrorist Boroday of DNR: 'We don't know where #MH17 black boxes are'
Bomb threat In Dnipropetrovsk bus station
Ukraine's head of counterintelligence, Vitaly Naida, says rebels control 3 BUK missile systems which they received from Russia #MH17
Power station in Mykolaivka. Serious damage everywhere
Ukrainian jets striked terrorists positions in Snizhne and Saur-Mohyla
Bomb threat on "Plant Malysheva" subway station In Kharkiv
Ukrainian flag raised over Bile - full control of Ukrainian troops of main highway Luhansk-Donetsk
Kyiv says rebels trying to destroy plane crash evidence 'with Russian support' #MH17
Ukrainian forces go offensive in Lisichansk and Severodonetsk
One more bomb threat in Kyiv. Kontinent mall
Odessa #PrayforMH17 #MH17
Shooting in southern part of Luhansk
@VP Biden: U.S. got clear evidence that #MH17 plane was shot down by militants
Ukraine, rebels agree to 'security zone' around crash site: Kiev
Ukrainian army fully unblocked #airport #Lugansk and entered the airport #Donetsk
More than 130 experts from Malaysia arrived In Kyiv to investigate the crash of #Boeing777
Pentagon: Russia helped deploy missile that hit plane
Slavyansk today
The court of Voronezh decided to deport journalists of 1+1, which monitored the trial of #Savchenko
Destroyed Battery near Krasnodon
Russian artillery near Alchevsk
Ukrainian army took Blagogatne
Luhansk - Serious fight in the city
Kharkiv today has brought not only a lot of candles and soft toys #MH17
Another "Orlan-10" drone shot down
Ukrainian army took control of the South-Eastern part of the Lugansk
Kherson mayor t-shirt claims "PTN GTH"
Militants in Lugansk seized the brewery
Kharkiv, Ukraine #prayformh17
Self pro-claimed governor of Donetsk says the downing of #MH17 could lead to WW3
Appratment block is burning after shell hitting in Donetsk In the area of Putilov bridge
Terrorists "PM" Denis Pushilin resigned
#Ukraine has a lot of evidence #MH17 was downed by #Russia-backed rebels: FM @PavloKlimkin
There are clear signs that the plane was in the Donetsk region was hit by the terrorists - #OSCE #radiosvoboda
OSCE investigators say Russians shot fire towards them & won't let them get close to parts of #MH17
The first OSCE team is on crash site of #boeing777 #mh17
Up to 40 dead and 250 wounded in Luhansk today. Terrorists shoot everyone they don't like
President Obama confirms that at least one U.S. citizen was killed in the #MH17 crash
Dutch PM: If Flight MH17 was shot down, "we will not rest" until those responsible have been brought to justice
US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power speaking at UNSC
SBU detained steward in Dnipropetrovsk, who gave terrorists a map with location of Ukrainian military in DNP
Turchynov asked the West of precision-guided weapons to fight with terrorists
#Ukraine Deputy, Lesya Orobets: there are plans for greater mobilisation of troops to take control of the border. #MH17
Strong explosions near Unit 2938
Ukrainian Emergency service: Two flight recorders found at site of #boeing777 #mh17 crash site
Vladimir Putin claimed that he is in contact with Petro Poroshenko on the situation in Ukraine
CNN reporting US intellgence: missile from pro Russian separatists #mh17
"PM" of "DNR" claims the confiscation of all property of Privatbank in the Donetsk region
MRLS Grad shelling Uspenka
#RUS PM Medvedev: Any sanctions won't hurt our economics
Ukrainian Su-24 bombers striking position of terrorists near Luhansk airport
Russian President Putin calls for ceasefire by opposing sides in eastern Ukraine to allow for negotiations - @Reuters
#Luhansk #Grad shells hit residential area
Battle in Popasna
#Russia FM #Lavrov threatening targeted air strikes on #Ukraine betrays #Kremlin nerves and fear of exposure for downing #MH17
#MH17 Dutch governmental investigation team heading for the crash site this afternoon - official
Up to 20 civilians killed today in Luhansk
MRLS GRAD shelling in Severodonetsk
MRLS GRAD shelling in Severodonetsk
Artemivsk under shelling of MRLS and artillery
Battles near Krasnyi Luch. Explosions
Terrorists seized Avdiivka chemical plant.
Armored UAZ for Luhansk border guards #ateam
NSC: There are no Ukrainian rescuers on the crash site of #Boeing777
Flowers in #Dnipropetrovsk as #MH17 crashed. #boing777
Member of the Senate of the Netherlands killed in the crash of the Boeing-777
Grandma of Malaysian PM killed in #MH17
MIA: at 4.50 a.m. recorded a truck loaded with SAM without one rocket on the road to RF
MIA: at 4.50 a.m. recorded a truck loaded with SAM without one rocket on the road to RF
Ukrainian FM @PavloKlimkin to Malaysia #MH17 #boeing777
Russian gun in #Alchevsk
Terrorists shelling the area of the Bus station in Luhansk
SBU detained the head of the Kyiv armored vehicles plant #Kyiv
Terrorists at the crash site of #MH17 #boeing777 #Malaysia airlines
Russia's MOD says the missile that downed #MH17 was fired from Ukrainian-controlled territory south of Donetsk
#Lisichansk. Terrorists bring artillery to city yesterday
Yesterday at 11:40 border guards recorded flight of 8 helicopters of the RF along the border line
Shelling in Met'olkine near Severodonetsk
Three houses burning in Luhansk suburbs after shelling
Explosion on the Maidan in Kyiv this night, one person wounded
NSC: there were no Ukrainian fighters in air at the moment of #MH17 shootdown
#Ukraine's human rights commissioner Valeria Lutkovska laying flowers in front of the Embassy #MH17
Russian LifeNews shows video from stolen phones of passengers of #MH17 #boeing777
Donetsk Governor: terrorists want to move dead from #Boeing777 #MH17 to Russia
The shell hit the corner of 2 appartments blocks in Luhansk
Powerful explosions in Severodonetsk
Shelling of the town of Rubizhne by terrorists lasts for 3 hours
Russian soldier from Omsk detained near Luhansk
Seems that Ukrainian army going to storm Lysychansk today
The airspace above the area of ATO fully closed
#Ukraine's ombudswoman Valeria Lutkovska says 80 children were among #MH17
Ukrainian MoD: #boeing777 #MH17 was shot down by Russian AA, not terrorists
PM Yatsenyuk claims about the termination of trade relations with Russia
Small private plane fell In Cherkasy region, the pilot is dead
Terrorists plans to blowned up railway bridge in Dnipropetrovsk. Now detained by SBU
The Lysychans'k oil refinery blowned up after terrorists attack
The Lysychans'k oil refinery blowned up after terrorists attack
Flowers brought to Dutch, Malaysian embassies in Moscow to pay respect to #MH17 victims
Russian companies suspend flights to Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa
Strelkov refused humanitarian truce
Reports that second flight recorder founded on crash site of #MH17
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