Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 กันยายน 2018

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The Kremlin is behind the latest announcement from Russia occupied territory in East Ukraine - former Russian Prime Minister.
Photos: Poroshenko in Georgia at Russian occupation barbed wires
Tripartial contact group began meeting in Minsk
In St. Petersburg a rally in support of Crimean Tatars
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: invaders opened mortar fire at Avdiivka residential areas. 2 civilians wounded. 2 private homes damaged
Putin's aide Surkov thinks it's useful talk about "Malorosiya"
Poroshenko: there are humanitarian catastrophe in Occupied Tskhinval region, people has no hope for progress in RF
Russian Komsomolska Pravda: New U.S Amb. in Russia Huntsman is owner of Stirol in Horlivka and is interested to return control over the plant
Ukrainian National Guard commander is on official visit in China
LNR claimed they have detained Ukrainian saboteur
OSCE SMM UAV spotted mines and blocks on Shchastia bridge. Another failure by sides to fulfill their obligations
Advertising in Luhansk threatens "Life is more valuable than likes"
3 killed in explosion of unknown object in Zarichne, Rivne region
Krasnohorivka last evening: audible fighting
LNR group says they are not going to discuss Malorosiya in Minsk today
Presidents of Georgia and Ukraine at Russian occupation line in Odzisi
Ukrainian firefighting AN32P in Montenegro
OSCE lost it's UAV near Metalist, Luhansk. Asking to return
Russian seismologists issued notice about possible major earthquake in Occupied Crimea in coming days
23 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were KIA, 4 wounded
McCain: US must develop strategy to escalate price Russia will pay until it honors Minsk agreement - starting with Russia Sanctions
Press Secretary of the US Department of state responds to questions about "little russia"
Ukraine has sent EMERCOM An-32P to Montenegro to help fight wildfires
[email protected] on "so-called separatists" proclaiming new state in Ukraine-not going to dignify it with a response.
"So-called separatists want to see a new state. That new state wld be in place of Ukraine. That would be of concern to us." @statedeptspox
Convoy of Russian troops in Eastern Crimea
Marines hit Ukraine beaches, in 'most realistic' drills
Putin's spokesman Dmitri Peskov refuses to comment on idea of creating a Malorossiya.
The initiative of the Malorossiya does not fit into the Minsk process - Russian Rep. Gryzlov
Belarus MoD said that Zapad2017 exercise would involve 12,700 servicemen 680 vehicles at 6 training sites
Sea Breeze 2017 drill is ongoing
Russia's state media promotes the "establishment of a new country—Malorossiya" as a successor state to Ukraine
It's propaganda
Russian state TV presenter: the new 'state' of 'Malorossiya' declared today by Donetsk rebels will "become the legal successor to Ukraine"
U.S. Navy SOF ReadyForces are conducting VBSS training with partners from Ukraine in the Black Sea at #SeaBreeze '17
Drills of 10th mountain storm brigade at Dnipro river
Navalny challenged Strelkov to come clean about who shot down MH17 at upcoming debate. "You were there, you know it"
Navalny challenged Strelkov to come clean about who shot down MH17 at upcoming debate. You were there, you know it
NSDC Secretary Turchynov: Moscow is attempting to expand its aggression in Ukraine
FM Klimkin: Just as the Ukrainian delegation is in Georgia, the Kremlin is trying to do in Donbas what it has done in Abkhazia, we will not let them
Zakharchenko's statement will block tomorrow's meeting in Minsk - Marchuk
ATO spox: Over the previous day of fighting, UAF incurred no combat fatalities, 2 servicemen were wounded
LNR group has denied participation in DNR group "Malorossiya"
Russia's aim was to split Ukraine in half. The so-called "Novorossia" project failed completely
Chief of Staff Muzhenko: they have buried Novorossiya, will bury Malorossiya also
Shoigu has opened operative meeting of commanders of Russian army
Russian media: The DNR doesn't see contradictions between the creation of Malorossiya and the Minsk accords.
Today OSCE SMM, in coordination with JCCC, is monitoring ceasefire and facilitating power line repairs in Mykhailivka
"Zakharchenko is not a political figure, but a puppet transmitting the Kremlin messages" - President @Poroshenko at the presser in Tbilisi
The project "Novorossia" was buried. Ukraine will restore sovereignty over Donbas and Crimea - Poroshenko
Malorossiya aim is to join Russia - statement
Ukraine and Georgia are stepping up the work in GUAM, as well as economic cooperation
The signing of the Declaration on strategic partnership between Ukraine and Georgia
Zakharchenko: We have a reintegration plan. Ukraine is a failed state. Instead, we will create a federative Malorossiya.
Ukrainian air-defense unit launched S-300 at "Shabla — 2017" drill in Bulgaria
Ukraine and Georgia signed an Agreement on cooperation in the field of education. In particular on the promotion of the study of the Ukrainian language in Georgia.
LNR and DNR groups to unite in one
Zaharchenko proposed introducing a state of emergency for three years to avoid chaos, banning the activity of all parties.
According to Zakharchenko, the capital of the Malorosiya is Donetsk
Chief of DNR group Alexander Zakharchenko announces the creation of a state of Malorossiya.
Flag of "Malorosiya" proposed by Zaharchenko of DNR group
17 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were wounded
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