Map. History of Ukraine conflict

22 September 2017
BM-21 GRAD Rocket launchers in #Donetsk
BM-21 GRAD Rocket launchers in #Donetsk
Putin's militants on the move at night in Donetsk
M23 Highway near Taganrih. GAZ-2330 Tigers are moving to the border
"Suspected foreign underwater"
Rear Admiral Anders Grenstad is in place. Pressure about submarine
Kiselyov of Russian TV compares Barack Obama with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Explosions in the Snanitsa Luhanska
Ukrainian tanks in Lozovsky - reports
Near #Shastya was killed photographer and fighter of #Aidar Victor #Gurniak
Per Anatoliy Kutcherenko #ATO forces on Oct 18 ambushed #Russian terrorist unit "Prizrak" (Ghost) & wiped it out. Very few remained
Joint charity concert of Right sector and Jewish community In Odessa to help battalions
School №61 of Donetsk
Chechens from battalion "Aidar": Ukraine wake up, the enemy is dangerous and cruel
Ukrainian army freed Krymske from criminals of LNR - Moskal
Fans of Italian Roma show the flag of Novorossian
Heavy shelling in Alchevsk and Bryanka
DNR celebrate "Day of the Flag"
Putin's troops shelling Pisky with Self-prop artillery
In Khasavyurt prevented an explosion
Russian tanks with masked numbers are at #Rostov rail station
Yesterday's hits near the Putilov market in Donestk
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
The man in the black in the area of the Stockholm archipelago
RU survey vessel 'Professor Logachev' appears to be sailing towards the area where a sub is allegedly in distress
Search for a Russian submarine off Sweden's coast continues
#Kyiv, St. Sophia square. Newbies of Azov going to Donbass
Lavrov: We can't lose Ukraine
Ukraine repulsed another attack of Putin's militants on Donetsk airport
German intelligence final investigation: "Pro-Russian separatists downed #MH17 with the SA-11"
#LAVROV: Russian-American relations still struggling, some aspects at standstill
#The Russian defense Ministry denied the information about the submarine accident in the Swedish waters
Russia carries additional forces to Mariupol. Their soldiers are even not hiding
Column of 4 tanks passed Shaktars'k
Yarosh in Burshtyn
Kirov mine in Donetsk under shelling
Russian frigate Yaroslav the Wise” in the port of Karachi #Pakistan
Dnipropetrovsk said goodbye to 21 unknown soldier who were killed in the Donbass
Dokuchayevsk. Shelling
Firearms, ammunition and explosives were found in a police raid in Odessa yesterday. 3 people were Detained.
Police guarding pro-Russians rally In Odessa
Shelling attack kills at least two in #Donetsk
Shells hit Holy Iveron #monastery in #Donetsk
Medical evacuation of wounded soldier to the hospital
This part of Stockholm's archipelago is being searched. Press conference now
Shells hit substation in Donetsk
Police of Khmelnytsky went to zone ATO Zone
Marina Poroshenko met with the Ukrainian community of Genoa
Self-propelled artillery in Donetsk
Burning in the area of Donetsk Chemical plant
Donetsk is burning
#USA supply military humvees to Moldova
Smoke in area of Donetsk Chemical plant
Zakharchenko: DNR starts Nationalization
#Donetsk view from railway station
Zakharchenko: DNR moves to the peaceful phase of confrontation with Kyiv
SBU: Saboteurs were preparing a series of terrorist attacks on strategic objects in Zaporizheye
NSDC: 2 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in last 24 hours
Plume of black smoke coming from #Donetsk airport
#Mixer fell into the ground in Voronezh
"Rally for Donbass" in Moscow
30 military RF were killed In the battle near Mariupol
Zakharchenko: I wish people got good money. And old men could once a year go to Australia on Safari, kangaroo shooting
Russian Federation continue aerial reconnaissance east of Mariupol, Border guards eliminated observation point by unidentified mil. unit
Ongoing submarine hunt near #Stockholm waters.
"Right Sector" rally near Zaporizhzhya regional state administratio
UN: The undeclared war on the Donbass killed more than 3,700 people
Explosion in a residential house In Orhei, Moldova. At least 1 dead. Likely gas