Map. History of Ukraine conflict

22 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Donetsk: heavy artillery to the West of the city
Volnovakha: heavy artillery shelling
Heavy artillery hits near Olenivka, S-W to Donetsk
Russia has more troops located outside its borders in countries bordering NATO states than US has bordering Russia
Man killed as result of shelling on Zaitseve village
A woman wounded in Krasnohorivka shelling.
Text message delivered to residents of Maryinka "DNR is ready for offensive, we won't forgive crimes against people of Donbas"
18 ceasefire violations today before 6pm in Eastern Ukraine
An-225 landing in Houston airport
Donetsk: daylight reports of artillery shelling coming
Russian TV in Luhansk showing anti-personnel landmines that are being used by Russian forces
President Poroshenko was questioned for 6 hours yesterday in Maidan case
Single shell explosions near Verknetorets'ke
First stage of Counter-saboteur exercises finished in Kharkiv region
First stage of Counter-saboteur exercises finished in Kharkiv region
Ukr Gen Staff: 46 russian attacks on UAF positions yesterday, Krasnohorivka came under 152-mm artillery and various mortars fire.
46 attacks by Russian forces yesterday: snipers,mortars registered
US Ambassador to the #OSCE, Daniel Baer, warned of the possibility of Russian forces offensive on Mariupol and the surroundings.
Consequences of Russian attacks today in Krasnohorivka, West to Donetsk
Krasnohorivka photos: GRAD missiles parts just on the road
Makiivka: heavy outgoing salvos, audible in center, Krasna gorka, Zapadnaya
Donetsk: shelling audible in Kuybishevsky, Oktabrskiy districts, area of Donetsk airport
Artillery hits audible in Vuhlehirs'k
D-30 howitzers shelling near Debaltseve
Donetsk frontline is active tonight: reports of mortar and Self-propelled artillery shelling near Donetsk railway station
Report: "Utes" silo-based coastal missile complex in Crimea restored to combat readiness
Basurin of DNR: we have shot down Ukrainian UAV with Yarosh signature
Basurin of DNR: we have shot down Ukrainian UAV with Yarosh signature
Another Russian army supply convoy went to Donbas
SBU video of operation to free Boghdanov
SBU video of operation to free Boghdanov
General Prosecutor of Ukraine Lutsenko: Russia is planning terror attacks in Ukraine
European leaders, Obama agree to keep up Russia sanctions over Ukraine
Head of @ServiceSSU Hrytsak confirmed that Medvedchuk directly flying to Moscow
Ilya Boghdanov is safe and alive at SBU briefing
SBU foiled attempt to bring Ilya Boghdanov to Russia by FSB
Biden to visit Ukraine before end of this year
Ukrainian artillerists exercising in Luhansk region
Col. Lysenko: Near Mariupol, NGU servicemen detained a so-called “DPR” official
ATO spokesperson: Volnovakha policemen detained a militant of so-called “DPR”
ATO spox: Enemy losses: 1 militant was killed, 2 – wounded in action, 1 APC was destroyed
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, UAF did not incur any fatalities; 1 UA serviceman was wounded in action
Col. Andriy Lysenko: UA positions near Svitlodarsk, Zaytseve and Pisky were shelled by enemy mortars
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: hostilities occurred all across the frontline; most intensive hostilities were recorded in Avdiyivka area
Col. Lysenko: Overall, militants violated cease-fire government for 16 times in the Luhansk sector
ATO spokesperson: Enemy intensified hostilities in the Bakhmut road area where mortars were widely applied
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Luhansk sector: militants continue shelling UA positions near Stanytsia Luhanska
Map. Situation in eastern Ukraine November 18, 2016, 00:00 EET
Unknown location
Video of combat helicopter somewhere at Donbas
Tank war games in occupied Luhansk region
Tank war games in occupied Luhansk region
OSCE: 30,000 soldiers in military uniform crossed into Ukraine from Russia at two monitored border checkpoints
SBU found 3 Russian ATGM Fagot positions near Popasna
Again rally near NBU today
Russian forces now using MLRS Grad and Self-propelled artillery - Head of Donetsk region Zhebrivsky
Mariupol hearing 82-mm and 120-mm mortars fire towards east.
40 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
Amb. @WaschukCanUA: Heading into briefing on Exercise #MapleArch2016: Canada with #LitPolUkr Brigade
Maryinka: Damaged grain storage
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