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24 อาจ 2018

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The Russian army AA SA-15 TOR in #Shakhtersk.
The Russian army AA SA-15 TOR in Shakhtersk.
Poroshenko will return to Ukraine from Switzerland earlier
30+ #Russia BM-21 Grad Launchers from Rostov to #Ukraine
30+ Russia BM-21 Grad Launchers from Rostov to Ukraine
Kharkiv arrested leaders of the separatist organization "Exodus" hide behind the church.
US at #OSCE today: "No coincidence" ceasefire violations center on 4 strategic points held by #Ukraine govt.
Navalny: War in Ukraine has damaged Russia's geopolitical interests for 50-100 years ahead
Semenchenko: During the battle for the 29th and 30th roadblocks 1 soldier was killed and 7 wounded
10 soldiers bodies delivered to morgue of Dnipropetrovsk 4th hospital
Only Kyiv can start dialogue within #Ukraine to end war – Moscow
US delivers prototype of made-in-Ukraine KOZAK Armored Vehicle to Ukraine Border Guard Service
In the battle for the Donetsk airport runway is completely destroyed
Ukrainian volunteer murdered in #Odessa
Ambassador of U.S. @GeoffPyatt & MOI Deputy Minister Zguladze at the Kyiv patrol police recruitment center
German Foreign Ministry: Meeting of the Foreign Ministers in the "Norman format" to be held on 21th of January in Berlin
Makiivka today
In Volhyn' an employee of the military are detained for a bribe: he helped to avoid mobilization
Officer, who has closed a three subordinates, was buried in Kirovograd
Shooting heard next to bridge explosion site in Rozivka
Residents of Odessa gave to forces of #ATO the armored vehicle Crocodile
Ukrainian military were supposed to deliver equipment by blown bridge towards Volnovakha this night
Ukraine has banned the transit of Turkish eggs through its territory to Russia
#US and coalition forces have conducted 38 airstrikes in #Syria and 36 others in #Iraq, targeting various #ISIS
Putin has threatened that he will respond to all calls to other countries
#Donetsk residents leaving conflict area
Donetsk residents leaving conflict area
Moskal' has forbidden officials of Lugansk region to go to "LNR" and "DNR"
Ukraine will submit the claim to the international court against the Russian Federation for the financing of terrorism
Ukraine took the high position in the ranking of the most powerful armies
Director of the opera house in Dnipropetrovs'k are haven "a lustration" in the trash
Director of the opera house in Dnipropetrovs'k are haven a lustration in the trash
Some evidence of the terrorist attack against civilians in Volnovakha
In Rozovka of Zaporizhia region blown up the railway bridge.
The state border service has detained four artillery spotters of militants
The court took the decision to arrest ex-President Yanucovich and former Prime Minister Azarov
Ukraine's foreign Ministry accuses Zakharchenko and Plotnitskiy in disrupting the meeting in Minsk
The GPU will require a life sentence for the two berkuts, who is accused of murder of Maidan protesters
Akhmetov enterprises are paying to the miners, who fighting on the side of the separatists
The Russian military refused to storm the Donetsk airport
Five Russians held in France on suspicion of planning attack: prosecutor
Dnipropetrovs'k residents are asked to donate blood for wounded cyborgs
Dnipropetrovs'k residents are asked to donate blood for wounded cyborgs
Journalist of KP: for 15.00 scheduled bombardment of Donetsk. Prepared camers
Attack of tanks and infantry of Russian forces on the 31st and 29th checkpoints.
Russian forces enter Zholobok village
Funerals of Artyom, 4yo, killed by shelling on Sunday. Militants artillery moving around and shooting from the cemetery
Gunmen opened fire on the Stanytsia Luhanska, two civilians are wounded
Pridneprovskaya TPP may stop due to shortage of coal - Demchyshyn: Prydniprovska TPP public shareholders
Wounded soldiers miraculously escaped after mortar shells fired by militants
The militants fired the car of Moskal and Matios
OSCE is holding an emergency meeting on Ukraine today
One Ukrainian soldier was killed during a special operation for the evacuation of the wounded defenders of Donetsk airport
The U.S. will contribute an additional $75 million to support security of Ukraine, - Ambassador
Artillery of militants shoot from Khartsyz'k
Operation continues in Donetsk airport
Map of the situation at the Donbass state on 20th of January 20
#Donetsk after shelling
Moskal arrived in Tryohizbenka which fired by militants. The school and the Church is damaged
Motorized infantry from Ekaterinburg were under a tight strike artillery and missiles, - blogger Yarchuk.
Activists came to the Embassy of Russia to remind that the Crimea is Ukraine
Militants have shelled the village Sartana near Mariupol
#Avdiivka, Shells hit civil house
Shell hit bus stop in #Donetsk
Ukraine intends to initiate consultations in connection with the violation of Russia UN International Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism, - Yatseniuk.
Shastye, no heat, no power after shelling
Ukrainian soldiers in the zone #ATO will receive a special protective redoubts
Train station #Debaltsevo after shelling by Russian troops.
In the Lviv region volunteers are trying to heal from the "syndrome of #ATO"
Russia is preparing a major military operation in the Donbass - Malomuzh
Shelling now in Donetsk
100mln EUR loan for Donbass rebuild from Poland to Ukraine
In Krasnoarmiisk, Donetsk oblast dismantled the monument to Dzerzhinsky
Militants unit from #Serbia "Serbian goosars" on offense in Piski
CNN: Russian military forces and equipment have entered Ukraine, PM Yatsenyuk says
Militants of LNR shelled Luhansk TPP in Shastye with artillery
Heavy battle in Stanitsa Luhanska
Gerashchenko: 300 militants are killed according to our data.
Object with the Russian symbolic are detected on the site of the attack near the court in Kharkiv
#Avdiivka, Pushkina 29, House burns after hit
Counter terrorist operation is declared in Kharkiv
Leader of "Novorossiya" project Pavel Gubarev's press service confirms his kidnapping #Donetsk
Bombed out Toyota showroom
Bombed out Toyota showroom
#Donetsk, consequences of fire
Attorney Aleksandr Gruzkov killed in #Kharkiv by gunshot. His body was found near Pravdy avenue
Ukrainian An-26 with many injured #Cyborgs arrives in Odesa
Ukrainian An-26 with many injured Cyborgs arrives in Odesa
#Kharkiv explosion near building of district court. At least 6 wounded
Russian army in Krasnyi Luch
Residents of Odessa massively donate blood for the wounded "cyborgs"
The consequences of militants attacks in Debal'tsevo
Moscow has exhibited a condition of negotiations of Kyiv representatives with militants
Both @Ruptly live-feeds from #Donetsk disrupted by power outages
Report: The Donetsk terminal building has collapsed
The consequences of shelling by militants in Krasnogorivka
The Promoter of the “Russia Today” Graham Phillips throws shots from the supermarket for “capture” of Donetsk airport
There is a mass exodus from #Debaltseve with cars after massive Russian salvos hit city, train station.
NSDC: two group of Russian army crossed Ukrainian border
Reports of tank battle at #Donetsk Airport &#Pisky now #Russia T-72s,T-64s supposedly seen in area
Militants have fired Tr'okhizbenka with mortars: one Ukrainian soldier was killed
Priests preparing for Epiphany watch #Russia military vehicles moving in #Donetsk
NSDC: Ukraine will use aviation in case of violation of it's airspace
The Times criticized the pliability of Mogherini about the Russian question
Over last day, 3 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 66 were injured
The NSDC: There was not a word about the Donetsk airport In Minsk Memorandum. It says that "all parties to immediately cease fire"
The order to fire at civilians in Volnovaha personally was given by the ringleaders of "DNR", - SBU
Shell hit the police car in Mariupol. There were no injuries
State Duma require to recognize the army of Ukraine terrorist organization
Epiphany in Kharkiv
3rd Donetsk hospital
Klitschko brothers have dived with Cossacks on Trukhanov island this morning.
Foreign airlines are cutting flights to Russia
The police named the crimes of "DNR"
#Debaltsevo. The attack killed three civilians.
Injured eight-year-old girl's leg was amputated after the firing by militants #Uglegirs'k
Traffic between Ukraine and controlled by the "LNR" militants territory are fully closed, - Moskal'
Press center ATO: militants are ousted from the airport
The Russian Defense Ministry promises to employ moscow doctors, who were laid off
Consequences of battles in Donetsk
Donetsk. Shell hit garages
10 civilians was wounded during the shelling Debal'tseve. Among them is eight-year-old child
The militants broke a two-day truce in the Luhans'k region", - Moskal'
The separatists 99 times opened fire during the day, - press center of ATO
SA-13 Gopher this morning in Bryanka
Adviser to #Poroshenko: Tonight we evacuated all wounded from the new terminal at #Donetsk airport & did a partial rotation of our forces
Shell hit Market on Petrovskogo avenue, 1 man killed. Donetsk
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