Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 มิถุนายน 2018

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#Poroshenko and #Biden discussed the situation at #Donbass
US: "There will be additional costs for Russia if it fails to implement Minsk II"
Klimkin: UNSC should support the Minsk Agreements with the UN peacekeeping operation
Commemoration of Heavenly Hundred in Dnipropetrovs'k
179 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in "Debaltseve siege" - Biryukov
International team inspects #MH17 wreckage at #Dutch air base
The bridge over the railway line was smashed, left piece of asphalt 2 metres wide. Everywhere destroyed army vehicles
Commemoration of Heavenly Hundred in Kyiv
Russian FM:NATO's activities near Russian border is direct threat to national security
Vigil in memory of Heavenly Hundred in Kharkiv
Echelon of military vehicles in Staryy Oskol
#UK responsible for Ukraine, - Guardian
The German foreign Ministry issued tips on how to speak with Russian for diplomats
Commemorations of Maidan killings near City Council in Kyiv
#Poroshenko with father of Sergiy #Nigoyan at delivery presentation of orders to families of #Heaven Hundred
Bells are ringing in memory of Heaven hundred in Kyiv
In Mariupol created a live map of Ukraine in the memory of the Heavenly hundred
Lined with candles inscription "A Hero Never Dies" was lit in Kharkiv rally
"LNR" handed over to the Ukrainian side the wounded Sergeant, who lay in the woods near Debaltseve 3 days
A silent March in memory of the Heroes of Ukraine, who died during the revolution of Dignity, in Lviv
Activists who wanted to lay flowers at the Embassy of Ukraine, was detained in Moscow
Sergiy Zhadan at the rally in honor of Heaven hundred
Commemoration of Heavenly hundred at Maidan
The event is dedicated to the memory of the Heavenly Hundreds began near the Shevchenko monument in Kharkiv
A prayer service for the victims on the Maidan is now undergoing in Druzhkivka, Donetsk region
Odessa law enforcement officers were carried back about "Heavenly hundred"
#Yanukovych will forever burn in hell, but this is outside the jurisdiction of the earthly court, - Poroshenko
SMM OSCE monitors reporting on ceasefire situation in Novhorods'ke Thurs. 20 patrols are being dispatched daily in east
Maidan now
Military echelon in Stary Oskol
Man in the flag with a black ribbon in his hands stood for several hours on Maidan today
People tribute to the Heroes of the Revolution on the knees in Zaporizhya
Ukraine has closed 23 checkpoints on the border with Russia
The March and rally in Krasnoarmiysk
75-year-old woman in Debaltseve today
Merkel arrives in Paris to talk Ukraine with Hollande
More than a thousand of Mykolayiv residents came at the opening of the monument of Heavenly hundreds
#The Kremlin, Lubyanka and #Yanukovych together have prepared an execution at #Maidan, - Poroshenko
The OSCE has recognized clashes in #Debaltseve a gross violation of the Minsk agreements
#Odessa memorial. Day of Heroes Heavenly Hundred
Poroshenko: fighters of "Alpha" testified that Surkov directed snipers on Maidan
SBU detained Russian spy in Odessa
A rally in memory of those killed on Maidan have started in #Berdyansk
Russian army tanks back to #Donetsk after #Debaltseve
Russian army tanks back to Donetsk after Debaltseve
President signed Law on the establishment of joint Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian brigade
GPU reported about suspecting 18 senior officials for crimes against Maidan
Convoy of military vehicles near border of Ukraine
#ECB is preparing for a possible exit #Greece from #Eurozone, - media
Hungry terrorist from Donbass was caught stealing of sausages in Russia
Anniversary of the shootings on the Maidan have remembered in Belarus
Lviv is honoring the memory of Heroes of the Heavens hundred
Artillery fighting near Luhanske
In Kyiv, preparing for evening events on the Maidan
Head of the EU countries are taking part in rally in honor ofin Kyiv to mark Euromaidan in Kyiv
Ukrainian base - Debaltseve
Number of admitted Ukrainian army POW in and around #Debaltseve is up to 110. 31 remain MIA - Def.Min spox Seleznyov
Militants in Debaltseve
In Kryvyi Rih opened a city for IDPs
"DNR" will sell the coal to Iran through Taganrig
Deputies were doused with brilliant green during a session in Kherson
Rally in memory of the Heroes of the Heavens hundred in Mariupol
Miller said about gas supplies to the occupied Donbass
HRW documented 15 cases of forcible disappearance of pro-Ukraine activists in Crimea. 2 since found dead. Actual disapp # likely much bigger
Headquarters of the ATO called fake information about a large number of abandoned vehicles in Debaltseve
Situation in Ukraine "worse than World War II," says resident
Chechetov said that he will not escape despite the announced suspicion
The terrorists shelled Kurakhovo, one missile hit a residential house, - MIA
A column of Russian military equipment has come to Ukraine, - press center of ATO
20 RU tanks, 10 self-propelled guns and 15 trucks crossed the UA-RU border. RU Soldiers go through #Izvaryne checkpoint
The Prosecutor General's office brought charges against ex-MP Chechetov
Five activists were awarded the title Hero posthumously
Modern MRI scanner was brought in Mechnikov hospital
"Broke" the Bank that tried to withdraw from the market the other insolvent financial institution
"Grads" appeared in the center of Simferopol
Russia in the UN may be deprived of voting rights in the Ukrainian question, - Sergeev
#MIA claimed the death toll at the exit from Debaltseve - 20 soldiers
Two aircraft collided near airport "Borispol". No one was injured.
Russian propaganda offensive: @SputnikInt launches Polish edition
Fighters of #LNR have shelled Popasna and Troitskoe
The special forces of the Russian Federation bury their colleagues in Donetsk
#Vakarchuk encouraged wounded soldiers in the hospital in Slov'yans'k
Up to three years in prison. Prosecutors suspect #Azarov one more crime
Funeral of a #Russiain soldier in St. Petersburg
Ukraine's rejection of nuclear weapons was a mistake, - the former Secretary General of NATO
Armed forces of Ukraine will take part in 11 multinational exercises this year
Russian journalist published a photo of the cemetery of terrorists
Light install "Rays dignity" was installed in the center of Kyiv
Britain and the EU have adopted the "sufficiently active and visible participation" in the solution of the crisis in Ukraine, - the House of lords
Volunteer battalions deny participation in the headquarters, which Semenchenko presents
Russian hackers appear to have infiltrated the @StateDept email service, and the GosDep can't get them out.
Supply convoy for Russian army near Donetsk
The Russian newspaper "Kommersant" reported that Debaltseve took contract servicemen from Russia
USSR is back in Chornukhyne
Humvee left behind by #Ukraine forces in #Debaltsevo
Damaged #Russia T-72B3 tank in #Donetsk #Ukraine
Damaged Russia T-72B3 tank in Donetsk Ukraine
People come to commemorate the victims of the shooting at #Maidan. #Kyiv
Kyiv tonight. Independence square. Tribute to 100 #Euromaidan activists killed a year ago
Russian T72 in Vuhlehirs'k
Snipers on the Maidan led by Kremlin's Surkov, - Nalyvaychenko
Russian "peace-keeping" sniper unit began drills in the Samara region
Tears of joy in the eyes of the soldiers, who returned from #Debaltseve
Russia training mercenaries in Transnistria and Crimea for hybrid war against Ukraine
Kyiv waiting for train from Debaltseve
Yuriy Sergeyev on @CNN: Russia is betraying Minsk agreements, that"s why we need peacekeepers
Lviv youth march for Maidan Square's 'Heavenly Hundred'
Loud explosions shaking #Donetsk. You can literally feel the ground, and buildings vibrating from miles away.
Lithuania's Ambassador to the UK says NATO jets were scrambled more than 100 times in response to Russia last year
U.S. Says More Russian Troops, Weapons Enter Ukraine
Donetsk. Burning gas pipe
Donetsk. Burning gas pipe
Eduard Basurin: DNR and LNR could exit the Minsk agreements, if Kyiv will continue shelling the towns of Donbass
Ukrainian "cyborg"-a Jew to be buried in Kyiv
Russian "Kamaz" ran into mines near #Debaltsevo
"Free" Russian gas for "DNR" and "LNR" will cost Ukraine $4 million per day
Injured soldiers in the hospital Artemovsk
The European Union can give Ukraine with 2.1 billion euros
Jen Psaki leaves the state Department
The Ministry of justice wants to dismiss judges who refused to ban the Communist party
55 activists of #Maidan remain missing, - volunteer
Nadezhda Savchenko asked survey of international doctors
The OSCE reported new attacks on the Donbass and denied the fact of the withdrawal of heavy weapons
Servicemen of Ukrainian forces prepare their new position near Artemivsk, in the Donetsk region
Ukrainian forces shot down an UAV over Dzerzhinsk
Nadezhda Savchenko refused injections of glucose, supporting her health during hunger strike
Heaviest shelling heard in Donetsk since Saturday "ceasefire". Since 7 am and still continuing
The sudden decision of the Kyiv on peacekeepers confused Moscow and terrorists
Nadezhda Savchenko was supported near Office of the OSCE in Vienna
#Klitschko met with the families of the Heroes of Maidan
Bus tickets "#Moscow-#Luhansk"
In General Prosecutor office found an evidence of Russia's involvement in the shootings at #Maidan
Captured Ukrainian vehicles in Debaltseve
Captured Ukrainian vehicles in Debaltseve
Queues for humanitarian aid in Debaltseve. Much anger at violence and destroyed homes.
Rally of "Party of regions" near Prosecutors office in Kyiv
Kvitashvili: Russia is testing a new prohibited weapons in the Donbas
Self-proclaimed Donetsk republic press center sells souvenirs.
Poroshenko: Russia as the aggressor cannot participate in the peacekeeping mission in the Donbass
Russia has brought to the Crimea submarines with missiles and called it "impregnable fortress"
Fully Armed #RAF interceptors escort Russian bombers. Video
Fully Armed RAF interceptors escort Russian bombers. Video
Rally of Ichkerians an Ukrainian near OSCE HQ in Austria, Vienna
At least 90 Ukrainian troops captured, 82 missing in Debaltseve: Kyiv
Micofud plant burns in Avdiivka after shelling by Russian forces
British defense secretary: Russia is threat to Baltic
British TV has posted a video a fierce battle in Debaltseve
British TV has posted a video a fierce battle in Debaltseve
"LNR" ready to receive gas from Russia and as an aid, and on payment terms
The terrorists have shelled #Avdiivka
"Miners" coming from #Chelyabinsk
Miners coming from Chelyabinsk
Captive tanker of DNR tells about studying in Russia, Russian instructors and fight in Shirokino
Captive tanker of DNR tells about studying in Russia, Russian instructors and fight in Shirokino
The Russian planes have trained to strike on columns Near the border with Ukraine
Poroshenko to Putin: do not pretend that capturing of Debaltseve corresponds to the Minsk agreements
Russian equipment near #Debaltseve
Russia urgently send supply convoy to Debaltseve
Terrorists are moving equipment and fighters near Mariupol
Center of Donetsk are shelled
The terrorists have fun shooting each other
The terrorists have fun shooting each other
17 battalions had established its headquarters, - Semenchenko
Poroshenko urged to immediately release all prisoners during call in "Norman" format
112 wounded soldiers of ATO were received in hospital of Dnipropetrovs'k
The terrorists of "DNR" announced the end of "moping up operation" of Debaltseve
Crimean authorities want to desalinate Azov sea
As we have said, Russian military has deployed advanced air defense systems near #Debaltseve, - Geoffrey Pyatt
British RAF jets have warned away 2 Russian bear bomber aircraft off the coast of Cornwall, England
"DNR" was ordered to send in Russian "cargo-200" without documents from local mortuaries
Ukrainian servicemen: Donbas standoff shifts to Shyrokyne
Moscow journalists received a document of scripted events in Ukraine from Putin's mansion
Grenade launcher, which was brought from the area of ATO, fired off in school at Chernihiv region. There are dead
Terrorists will once again stage a parade of prisoners in Luhansk
Terrorists move 12 "Grad" towards Mariupol
Two deputies of #Bundestag illegally have crossed the border and arrived in "#DNR"
About 50 bodies of dead fighters delivered today to Alchevsk morgue
The NSDC allowed foreign military to participate in exercises in Ukraine
In Ukraine, "Capture or Death." On today's front page
#Churkin: Kyiv's Plans to invite peacekeepers to #Donbass contradict the Minsk agreements
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