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25 มิถุนายน 2018

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#Russia by own actions inhibits efforts towards a peaceful future for all Ukraine - Ambassador of #OSCE Baer
#Poroshenko and #Harper discussed the General steps before the summit #G7
De-communization in Kharkiv: should rename more than 200 streets
Ukrainian army BM-27 column, said to be going to Eastern #Ukraine
Ukrainian army BM-27 column, said to be going to Eastern Ukraine
Ukrainian army says about using phosphorous weapons by militants – OSCE
President held a meeting on implementation by Ukraine of the requirements for visa-free regime with EU
Internal biometric passports will be issued from 1 January 2016
"With the opening of @AmHouseKyiv we begin a new stage of Ukrainian-American relations" - mayor of Kiev Klitschko
Heavy attack on #Mayorsk and Shumy. Tanks
Shelling in Dzerzhinsk
US firm @Cisco sells equipment to Russia, violating sanctions
Kamensk-Shaktynsky. Military Mobile bridge goes in Ukraine direction
State Department says that U.S. has no plans to place a missile defense system in Ukraine
This is how internal biometric passport for Ukrainians looks like
Mariupol is out of power
USA will strengthen the support of the Crimean Tatars – Jeffrey #Pyatt
"DPR": Georgian special forces were involved in capturing of two Russians in Donbass
"Bomb threat" at the Palace Ukraine in Kyiv
Students were detained cause of toasted potatoes in Eternal fire in Aleksin
#Kharkiv resident was sentenced to 3 years in prison for #separatism
#Europe will give Ukraine a €1.5 billion loan, and gift €150 million
Slovakia has committed 15 million euros for the Department of pediatric Oncology
"DPR" agree to swap #prisoners "all in all" — #Pushilin
Lithuanian Ambassador to US, 'Ukraine is future of Europe, future of Russia.' speaking at UCCA event @US Congress
Ukraine terminated the agreement on military-technical cooperation with Russia
Spain ratified the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU
UK, Canadian, Romanian & US forces attend the Sarmis Opening Ceremony in Brasov, Romania.
Poroshenko has approved the strategy of judicial reform up to 2020
American and Ukrainian soldiers together make a lunch break
MPs ask EU leaders to set clear time limits for granting of visa-free regime for Ukraine and Georgia
Russian snipers began training in Transnistria
"Karpatska Sich" became part of Ukrainian armed force as a separate company
Rally of the Communists in Crimea
Rally of the Communists in  Crimea
Two militants were detained, including a gunner, In Avdiivka
Ukraine expects the #EaPSummit to provide a signal on the introduction of the visa-free regime
The man took the hostages in Odessa, they were exchanged for the Deputy chief of police
SBU announced the blocking of Bank accounts guide of LNR and DNR
Putin said that Russia does not demand early repayment of $ 3 billion at the request of Ukraine and the IMF
Facebook blocks massively Ukrainians and ignores violations of the anti-Ukrainian users
Member 's of Red Cross came to detained Russian soldiers
Klitschko said that park will be maden in place of the conflict of building on Osokorki
At the talks in Minsk to discuss the exchange of captured GRU fighters
General Prosecutor's Office: Kliuyev has assigned plant and financed it, taking money from children
Prosecutor #Poklonskaya discovered bust of Tsar Nicholas II in Yalta
SBU posted a video from the street and asks for help to find suspects in mass shootings
SBU posted a video from the street and asks for help to find suspects in mass shootings
President @Poroshenko discussed international support of Ukraine with President @Andrej_Kiska
Backstage at Miss Luhansk People's Republic
Began the meeting of Putin with the government. First question: the negotiations with Ukraine on the Association agreement with the EU
SBU caught on a bribe the judge of the economic Court of Kyiv region
Meeting with the militants will be held on 22 of May in Minsk
Protestants, Buddhists and Hindus will be outlawed in "DNR"
#UN seeded planting potatoes on half a million hryvnias at #Luhansk region
Developer from "Osokorki" is preparing lawsuits against the protesters and the police
Ukraine and the EU will sign an agreement on macro-financial assistance on Thursday - #Poroshenko
Rada refused to enter the examination of Ukrainian language for civil servants
Memorial wall with Cyborgs in Kirovograd
Ukraine halts military cooperation with Russia - Yatsenyuk
#Ukraine protestors picket #OSCE office #Mariupol say no demilitarizing of #Shyrokine
Ukraine protestors picket OSCE office Mariupol say no demilitarizing of Shyrokine
Russia detains Lithuanian Spy in Moscow - RIA
Children at orphanage schools in Kreminna, Luhansk region, got food, clothes & toys from UA servicemen
Parliament changed the administrative border in the Donetsk region
Ukrainian servicemen spotted 9 flights of enemy UAVs, 3 more UAVs on the admin border between Kherson region and Crimea
Police seized weapons and ammunition at local residents in Severodonetsk
Children on the stage mimicked the shooting of Ukrainians in the Donetsk school
Putin's Peskov "Missile defense in Ukraine is a direct threat for the Russian rockets"
Border guards discovered a cache of weapons and explosives
In Kharkiv tram hit a house
#Turchynov urged the world to think about to close for the Russian fleet to the Bosphorus and to disable the RF from #SWIFT
Plotnitsky: Akhmetov's DTEK will be forced to reregister under LNR, or be nationalised
The militants shelled Tr'ohizbenka, Krymskoe, Schast'e, Stanitsa Luhanska: there are wounded
Poroshenko: 7 thousands civil and 1800 soldiers were killed in Donbass
#Lavrov: #Russia is not interested in wars, any wars, even 'information' war. #USA #Ukraine
The official ceremony of the meeting of Presidents of Ukraine @Poroshenko and the Slovak Republic @Andrej_Kiska
Turchynov: consultations on deployment of missile defense in Ukraine possible
Oleksandr Turchynov: Russia restores complexes of nukes maintenance in Crimea
At Plotnitsky presser in lugansk. All questions agreed beforehand. "don't ask question if you don't want to be shot"
Zaporizhzhya militiamen detained the merchant of explosives
Fighter of #ATO hid in the apartment Arsenal of weapons in Dniprodzerzhinsk
Tracked vehicles arrived in Ilovaysk, militants reinforced tanks near Yasinovataya
25 #Canadian surgeons conducted over 30craniofacial reconstructions for wounded Ukr servicemen
Klitschko will ask the city Council to terminate the contract with the controversial developer on Osokorki
Two soldiers of Azov was injured in fight near #Shyrokyne
Ukraine captured over 80 Russian soldiers on its territory in recent months, @poroshenko
The airline pilot was trying to export from Ukraine radioactive aviation watch
In the night 18-19 May russians shelled residential neighborhoods in #Pisky with incendiary ammunition
The Russian security Council: the Offensive potential of the USA and NATO near the Russian borders poses threats not only to the RF
4 units of TOR-M1 air defense missile systems and radar reconnaissance deployed in the area between Jenakijewe and #Horlivka
Klitschko wants to terminate the contract with the controversial developer on Osokorky
Council of Europe Commissioner has bothering the murders in Crimea and freedom of expression in Russia
President of Ukraine has held a phone conversation with President of Poland
Video of clashes in #Osokorky in Kyiv
Video of clashes in Osokorky in Kyiv
Russians T-72 tanks and armor "training" in #Donetsk
Russians T-72 tanks and armor training in Donetsk
Nuland: We support full implementation of Minsk agreement. together with our colleagues in EU, primarily Germany&France
Officials of the Shevchenko district state administration was detained for a bribe in Kyiv
#EU admitted possibility of introducing #visa-free regime with Ukraine in 2016
#Ratke @StateDept : Sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine is still at the centre of our attention
Again flares and fighting in northern #Donetsk
Again flares and fighting in northern Donetsk
Poroshenko not exclude that the militants launch an offensive in the summer
In #EU evidence of Russian military involvement in conflict took it as fact – Muzhenko
Police buses at Osokorky in Kyiv
Avakov fired acting head of traffic police of Ukraine
Protesters on Osokorki blocked the Avenue Bazhana -
Japan has provided Ukraine with $1.5 billion in loan guarantees
In road accident killed three people in Vinnytsia region – Police
Activists down the fence at Osokorky
As of 21:00 battle near Katerinovka has ended. Wounded evacuated. UKR positions firmly held.
Defence minister @TomaszSiemoniak has asked DefSec Carter to increase @USArmy presence in Poland
Protesters blocked the road at #Osokorky
Fight at #Osokorky in Kyiv
The fence of illegal buildings demolished on Osokorky in Kyiv
Poroshenko: Ukraine is in a real war with Russia
Prisoners of Russian SoF not tortured and were provided with satisfactory health care - Amnesty International
In Kyiv brawl on the illegal construction: activist was suffered
#Mariupol residents can hear heavy fighting from #Shyrokyne
Russian forces are trying to break through Ukrainian line of defense near Zolote - 4 KIA 2 WIA
Militants fired on civilians of Katerinovka and Popasna
"DNR" and "LNR" must remain as part of Ukraine — Lavrov
Detention was extended for Shtepa
NATO Secretary General reminded Russia about illegally occupied Crimea
Detention of two Russian SoF - proof of failure of Minsk agreements — Seleznev
Poland's President Komorowski was silent "in a rag", when Kyiv was closely Ukrainian insurgent army - Lavrov
Titushki came in to protect construction site near the metro Osokorky
Security service of Ukraine accused the "Night wolves" in sponsoring of terrorism
USA today is not ready to provide arms to Ukraine, - commander of Land forces of USA in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges
Poroshenko and Cameron agreed to meet in front of Riga summit
Gazprom continued to reduce the gas production for 2015
Hungarian fighter crashed during military exercises in #Czech Republic, pilots catapulted
The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine demands from Russia's admission to the detention of Ukrainians Nicholas Karpuk and Stanislav Klich
Two soldiers of the national guard were freed from the captivity of militants
Negotiations on the Donbass are continuing in Minsk
Wizz Air will not resume flights to Ukraine
Rada has cancelled the certificate of registration for immigrants
President @Poroshenko had a phone conversation with PM of the United Kingdom @David_Cameron
The Deputy of the mayor was detained for a bribe in 217 thousand in Ternopil
The SBU is trying to make contact with relatives of the detainees at the Donbass Russian military
The Director of a Donetsk school was called "official" because of the newspaper, decorated with poppies by 9 of May
There was held a children's parade of the "heirs of victory" in Sevastopol
Shooting in Kremenchug: in the city caught the robbers, who claimed that they from the ATO
5909 soldiers were encouraged state awards (590 of them — posthumously)
Lubkivsky: the question of an exchange of military of the Russian Federation now is not worth it
Parliament allowed the government not to pay the external debt to private creditors
Assessment mission to the EU on the visa regime will come back in September-October in Ukraine
Stoltenberg - Lavrov: Russia must withdraw troops from Ukraine
Volunteers accused the defence Ministry's reluctance to treat the wounded abroad
Yatsenyuk, Zubko and Yaresko came to Verkhovna Rada
Тhree international mission arrived in the hospital with the Russian military
Ukrainian military shot oneself in the hospital of Krasnoarmiysk
Kyiv has officially appealed to Moscow on participation of the Russian army in the war in Donbass
Disgruntled drivers of minibuses attacked the mayor of Zaporizhya
Disgruntled drivers of minibuses attacked the mayor of Zaporizhya
Economists confirmed #default in two dozen regions of #Russia
The chief of traffic police gave his daughter Range Rover
Media: Russian occupiers arrested in Crimea solar power of Kluev brothers
Members of the national memorial on the site of the death of Boris Nemtsov were detained
Rada appointed Belous Chairman of the State Property Fund
Ukrainians of Great Britain honored the memory of victims of deportation of Crimean Tatars
Interrogation of Russia's GRU Sergeant
Interrogation of Russia's GRU Sergeant
#Russia and #Belarus will develop new sanity missile system
Detainees in the Donbass Russian special forces will be showed #the OSCE and the Red cross
Interrogation of Russia's GRU Officer Captain
Interrogation of Russia's GRU Officer Captain
Wife of Motorola walking with guard
Mass events on the anniversary of the city were canceled to requests from mothers of soldiers of ATO in Krivyi Rih
#Mariupol protests against #OSCE
A brigade from Abkhazia creates on the border with Ukraine strike group
Greece agrees to continue sanctions against Russia - Bloomberg
A day in #ATO passed without loss. There are ten wounded
Ukroboronprom handed latest automated intelligence complex to Ukrainian army
Two soldiers of the national guard were wounded seriously in #Shyrokyne - the defense of Mariupol
#The defense Ministry asked the Cabinet to allocate the needs of the APU 7.7 billions UAH
#Rada started the procedure of voting for Chapter the Antimonopoly Committee
Thomson Reuters has launched a service monitor compliance with #sanctions against #Russia
Currency borrowers near Verkhovna Rada require a second reading of the law on restructuring of loans
The Ministry of culture proposes to bring down Soviet monuments in Pirogovo
4 thousand Crimean Tatars rose to a height of 1527 m and sang their anthem in Crimea
#Klimkin in Brussels spoke about Russia's attempts to eliminate detainees commandos
Central market lit in Chernihiv
Russian militants shelled #Pisky, two pensioners were injured
The militants order not to allow observers on the border with Russia – OSCE
The Russian defense Ministry called the detained special forces officers as former
Residents of flats in #Rivne insulate own home with a huge Trident
In Dnepropetrovsk miraculously saved fighter of ATO, which the sniper shot in the head
#Russia “on all channels” is trying to negotiate the release of detainees in#Ukraine special forces
A concrete fortifications are builded rapidly in the zone of #ATO
The General staffs of Russia and Ukraine may hold talks on the fate of GRU officers
#Russia's, #China's warships conduct night practice maneuvers during #drills
Protest near city council in Zaporizhie
1 civilian killed in shelling in Donetsk
Head of Russian parliament Naryshkin: NATO countries whirled the wheels of the war in Ukraine
France said that the Euromaidan was shot by agents of the Russian intelligence
#Kyiv’s capture of 2 Russian ex-military a ‘show,’ torture must stop – Moscow
Grave of GRU SoF officer, killed in Ukraine on May 5
Ukraine: Flares light up Donetsk skyline despite ceasefire last night
Ukraine: Flares light up Donetsk skyline despite ceasefire last night
In Yenakiyeve went on strike because of wage delays by "authorities of the DPR"
Head of General staff of Ukrainian armed force Muzhenko will go to meeting of EU Military Committee
France and China will hold joint naval exercises
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