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25 อาจ 2018

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Poroshenko: UN Police Mission will significantly facilitate the investigation of the plane crash
MRLS GRAD shelling Donetsk
MRLS GRAD shelling Donetsk
Phone call between Poroshenko and Dutch PM Mark Rutter
#President #Putin in the next few minutes will make an important statement on Ukraine
OSCE meeting now with Donetsk PM to discuss access 2 the site tomorrow with the Dutch forensic experts #CNN
Anti-Putin rally in Zaporizhia
Lithuania MFA: DNR and LNR should receive status of the terrorist organizations
Rally against Putin in New York
"LNR" banned the movement of vehicles in Lugansk
Heavy Ukrainian army convoy passes #Artemivsk
Heavy Ukrainian army convoy passes Artemivsk
Patriots rally near Shevchenko monument in Kharkiv
New UK defence minister to Putin "You are sponsoring terrorism. Get out of Ukraine and leave it to the Ukrainians."
Pro-russian rally in #Kharkiv
Russian plane near Taganrog near the border with Ukraine
Two kids blowned up on landmine In Lisichansk
Adv in Karlovy vary
Army takes Village Georgievka 3 km from Lugansk
Burning Luhansk, Karl Marx street
"Government" of LNR escaped Lugansk, only the militants there
BBC Russian Service at Torez see a 2nd train pull into station with a further 5 refrigerated wagons #MH17 @oivshina
The aftermath of Russian artillery attack on Luhansk
Ukrainian forces in Vojevodivka
Rally in London
Russian rally in #Paris put "novorussian" flag on #Ukraine's embassy
Ukrainian army entering Rubizhne
Offensive is going on in Severodonetsk
The Death Train 200 bodies, has arrived Ilovaysk, now onwards Donetsk
ATO Spokesman: terrorists using BM-21 GRAD to shell Luhansk now
Ukrainian army entering Luhansk
Pisky near Donetsk heavy shelled by militants
Console ceiling on the side of the road by a house. #MH17
Buildings burning in the center of Luhansk
Something burning near Molodohvardiysk
Osce arrives at scene of cockpit with armed separatist fighters
France president Hollande warns of 'consequences' if Russia uncooperative on MH17 crash site access
#Ukraine spokeswoman Nataliya Bystro says emergency workers have been working under duress, forced to give #MH17 bodies to armed rebels
MRLS striking position of terrorists in Lysychansk
Ukraine's Donbas Battalion launches a spy drone over rebel positions
#Russia terrorist at #MH17 wreck with what looks like missing blackbox
Activists painted Genichesk in national colors of Ukraine
#Ukrainian airstrike on #Russian positions near Antratsyt
Ukrainian airstrike on Russian positions near Antratsyt
Refrigerated train carrying bodies of the passengers has left Torez and is heading for the Donetsk
Mariupol ultras have held a March and laid flowers in memory of those killed in #MH17
NSC: Today 11:30 EET #artillery #bombing was made from RF on Ukrainian army key point near #Komyshuvakha
Movement of 2 artillery squadrons recorded on the territory of Crimea. Heading to Dzhankoi from SImferopol
Yesterday at Ukrainian gas distribution station near Strilkove Kherson region, the Russian military deployed a 4 tanks, 3 APCS and 100 soldiers
Remains of stolen #MH17 bodies disrepectfuly crammed into MEAT train waggons
Railway workers say bodies from site where #MH17 crashed were loaded into refrigerator wagons at station in Torez
Local history Museum is burning In Luhansk
Memorial to the child victims, Rozsypne
Terrorists have taken away all bodies from the plane crash site to an unknown location #MH17
Lviv is brought toys and bloody airplanes to Russian Consulate
Russian media go to Perevalsk, provocations possible there
US State Dept: "We are deeply concerned by the Russia-backed separatists refusal to allow OSCE monitors safe & unfettered access to" #MH17
Kharkiv administration: There are russian saboteur groups with AA-complexes in Kharkiv region
RIA-Novosti reports that Kyiv and DNR have reached agreement on joint Ukrainian-OSCE removal of bodies from crash site
Russian military convoy heads to Ukrainian border
Russian military convoy heads to Ukrainian border
MIA Avakov sent Lavrov to hell, and invite US to negotiations
Jet striked positions of terrorists in Krasnyi Luch
Jet striked positions of terrorists in Krasnyi Luch
Pro-russian journalist Shkoda detained by SBU
The protest near the Russian Embassy in Ottawa
People of Kramatorsk clean-up their city
Emergency services arrive at explosion in south-west #Moscow
#Ukraine police detained 3 men in #Maiupol who informed Russian terrorists on UA forces locations
Rally in #Slavyansk
#Dutch PM: #Russia must take 'responsibility' in plane crash #MH17
One commander of terrorists, Andrey Sokol, killed in Pereval'sk
Aviation over Lysychans'k
Lorries driven by separatist militiamen took dozens of bodies of #MH17 passengers to undisclosed location
President @Poroshenko urges #UN to recognise pro-Russian rebels in #Luhansk and Donetsk as terrorists
CNN reporting from MH17 crash site: "No Wallets or computers can be found"
Battles near Luhansk airport
The Ukrainian President thanked Poland for support
Russian terrorist detained in ATO zone
MIA advisor: 9 militants killed by civils last day
Kiev Central station evacuted. One more bomb threat
Collision of buses from Ukraine and Poland in Germany, at least 9 dead
Terrorist Boroday of DNR: 'We don't know where #MH17 black boxes are'
Bomb threat In Dnipropetrovsk bus station
Ukraine's head of counterintelligence, Vitaly Naida, says rebels control 3 BUK missile systems which they received from Russia #MH17
Power station in Mykolaivka. Serious damage everywhere
Ukrainian jets striked terrorists positions in Snizhne and Saur-Mohyla
Bomb threat on "Plant Malysheva" subway station In Kharkiv
Ukrainian flag raised over Bile - full control of Ukrainian troops of main highway Luhansk-Donetsk
Kyiv says rebels trying to destroy plane crash evidence 'with Russian support' #MH17
Ukrainian forces go offensive in Lisichansk and Severodonetsk
One more bomb threat in Kyiv. Kontinent mall
Odessa #PrayforMH17 #MH17
Shooting in southern part of Luhansk
@VP Biden: U.S. got clear evidence that #MH17 plane was shot down by militants
Ukraine, rebels agree to 'security zone' around crash site: Kiev
Ukrainian army fully unblocked #airport #Lugansk and entered the airport #Donetsk
More than 130 experts from Malaysia arrived In Kyiv to investigate the crash of #Boeing777
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