Map. History of Ukraine conflict

22 ตุลาคม 2018
Ukrainian rally in Beijing
A centre for internally displaced persons today. Only in Kiev, there are about 25000 IDPs, acc to volunteers
Drunk judge hit man to death with car
Military hospital. #Kyiv
Brave woman trying to save Ukrainian flag in Zhdanivka
Donetsk now. Reports that shells hit gas pipeline
Russian irregulars fire Grads on Ukr positions
Vostok 2014: Russian military successfully launches Iskander-M rockets
Vostok 2014: Russian military successfully launches Iskander-M rockets
"Shchastya is completely under the control of the Ukrainian forces" - combat of "Aydar" Melnychuk
Russian air forces show in Voronezh
Russian air forces show in Voronezh
OSCE Monitors in Ukraine @OSCE_SMM continue to monitor nonuse of weapons provision of #Minsk
UN Secretary General calls for the implementation of the of the Memorandum of ceasefire in Ukraine
Meeting of battalion of Kharkiv-1
Battles in Petrovsky district of Donetsk
The bridge in Nyzhnya Krynka
Burning checkpoint near Zhdanivka
OSCE welcomes Minsk #ceasefire memorandum on #Ukraine
One single artillery shell hit a warehouse in #Mariupol today. The rest hit the eastern suburbs.
Rally in Kyiv
Russian flag over Zhdanivka
Russian MLRS near Donetsk(Rostov region)
UN: at Donbass killed more than 3,200 people, more than 8 thousand wounded
NATO says Russian forces 'still inside Ukraine'
Military RF fired the Luhansk airport from mortar "Tulip", - the Ministry of defense
2,4 thousand children simultaneously sang the national anthem of Ukraine in Kherson
DNК and Kyiv began the exchange of prisoners by the formula "40 to 40"
One man demo against Putin
Parts of Russian shells near Mariupol
Smoke rising and explosions heard at #Donetsk airport.
Circles in Donetsk sky
Power station in Shchastya
Funeral of Russian terrorist in Stakhanov
Military parade in Mariupol
First ten trucks of Ukrainian humanitarian aid delivered in Lugansk
At the headquarters of the ATO denied the information about the "boiler" near Debaltsevo
"Vyshyvanka" Rally in Kyiv
Formula-1 track opened in Sochi
3rd #humanitarianly from #Russia arrived on the East #Ukraine this time in #Donetsk
Ministry of defence of Russia: the Russian military aircraft did not violate the boundaries of US
Mariupol. Explosion in the direction of Kominternove
Whatever rains down there, seems to react with the woodland ground
The Parade of embroidery in #Mariupol
Pro-#Ukraine rally against #Russia's war in Ukraine organized by many NGO's in #Berlin
Concrete blocks on the border of Zaporizhye and Donetsk regions
Russia will supply T-90S tanks to #Peru in medium-term - Rosoboronexport
The Russian foreign Ministry denied the statement of the Council of Europe about Russian troops in Ukraine
Mariupol is filled with people
MLRS shelling north to Mariupol
Russian singer Zemfira singing a song "Let me go" by Ukrainian band in Ukrainian in central Moscow last night.
Russian singer Zemfira singing a song Let me go by Ukrainian band in Ukrainian in central Moscow last night.
#Donetsk: volleys of heavy weapons heard
During ATO killed about 2 thousand of Ukrainian military personal, - Deputy Chairman of Dnipropetrovsk Administration
Russia delivers a third shipment of aid to Ukraine's occupied city of Donetsk, unaccompanied by any monitors
Third #Russia|n aid convoy in #Donetsk this morning
#Donetsk two powerful explosions.
Battalion Kyiv Rus surrounded in Debaltsevo. Already 2 KIA, under artillery shelling
Kuchma after Minsk talks: flights of operational aircrafts prohibited in security zone as memorandum comes into force
Media: In Minsk agreed to withdraw troops in 30 km
Six Russian fighters intercepted by US aircraft near Alaska: official
These terrorist of DPR are driving a car that actually says "Orthodox Jihad"
Grad fires
Grad fires
Rus. troops killed 4 Ukr. troops and destroyed a BMP near #Kalinove
@SenJohnMcCain Stmt on Obama Admin's refusal to provide military assistance to #Ukraine in face of #Russia invasion & occupation
SA-22 Greyhound near Dzhankoy in Occupied Crimea
APC "BTR-80" in Kaliningrad
Children from Donbass warzone in Dnipropetrovsk
30 of 60 Netherland soldiers & officers return from Ukraine's #MH17 site
"James Bond" tonight at Moscow's TV show
Ukrainian MRLS destroyed Russian artillery, that shelled Mariupol
The contact group in Minsk discussing "fixed" borders and "fullscale" ceasefire
Police in Mykolaiv arrested the taxi driver with 21 grenade in the trunk
Fields burning in Mariupol
Russian irregulars captured Krynychna
Russian combat helicopters Ka-52" Alligator on the border of Ukraine
Road accident with APC in Mykolaiv
House of director of bus station of Makhachkala was fired with rocket launcher
Ukrainian fighters repelled another attack of Russian militants in Donetsk airport
Poroshenko has approved the ratification of agreements on financing the construction of the subway in Dnipropetrovsk and Beskid railway tunnel
Russian artillery began shelling Mariupol - Tiahnybok
The third "Humanitarian convoy" of Putin is already at the border with Ukraine
Ukrainian humanitarian aid arrived in Luhansk
#Geletey: fourth stage of #mobilisation is possible in Ukraine
Airfield Taganrog. Active flying transport aircraft
Checkpoint of the #Netherlands Military Police in East #Ukraine
FSB Lieutenant Colonel was killed with shell on the border with Ukraine
Romanian official: Russia has funded $82 million towards demonstrations against #shalegas
The tripartite meeting of the contact group Ukraine-Russia-OSCE began in Minsk
Russian forces shelling civil houses in Luhansk
According to #the NSDC, Ukraine lost control in Krasnaya Polyana, Lutuhyno, Slavyanoserbsk, Schastye and Pervomaisk
Ukrainian vehicles near Dmitryvka after Russian MRLS attacks
#DNR & #LNR hope to gain sovereignty during negotiations in Minsk
HQ of ATO confirmed information about Russian attacks near Mariupol
Rep. @BillPascrell at Sept 18 #Ukraine rally
The defense Ministers of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine before the signing of the agreement on the establishment of a unified team
Heavy guns' fire near Chernukhine
New vehicles of Ukrainian army
Russian Federation bears responsibility for violence & instability in SE #Ukraine. #Russia has questions to answer about #MH17- @LyallGrant
The Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev: Switching off Russia from the system SWIFT is insane
RF switched off Ukrainian ISPs Life and Ukrtelecom in Crimea
Russian ambassador has just received a protest against the grave violation of Swedish airspace by Russian fighters-bombers on Wednesday
Soldiers take part in an exercise during today's Rapid Trident Distinguished Visitors Day
The meeting of the UN security Council on #MH17 crash
Heavy GRAD fire in #Donetsk now
Burned train in Ilovaisk
Russian investigative committee deny release of Yevtushenkov
Policeman, suspected t in the shooting death of 39 protesters in February, was released from custody
In Zaporozhye separatist in "Trash container challenge"
President Putin has been informed about Yevtushenkov's release from house arrest
Russian forces have captured the Lithuanian fishing vessel in intl. waters near Murmansk
"DNR" suspect London in the rigging of the referendum on Scottish independence
After 7 years of negotiations Poland, #Ukraine, #Lithuania are about to sign agreement to form joint military brigade
Lavrov daughter back from the USA to Russia
#MFA #Belarus: meeting of the Contact group on the settlement of the situation in #East will begin in #Minsk 15:00 Kyiv time
St. Petersburg among 13 cities that will host 2020 #UEFA European Football Championship
Ukraine can get Visa Free Regime with EU from May 2015 on
Helicopter felt in Gulf of Finland in St. Petersburg
#British Fighter Jets Intercept #Russian Planes
2 Russian planes violated into the airspace of Ukraine's - NSDC
#Ukraine's preliminary report on #MH17 will be ready shortly - Poroshenko tells @wolfblitzer on @CNNSitRoom
Gazprom still views Europe as its 'number one' market - Miller
Dmitry Medvedev: the Door to Russia for Western partners not locked
Kremlin says looking to protect Russian cyberspace from 'unpredictable' West
@MFABulgaria: We call on the Russian Federation to immediately release the Estonian officer Eston Kohver and to arrange for his return to Estonia
Russian observer says Scottish referendum counting inferior to Crimean one because room too big and stamps not used
Medvedev announced the dismantling of the global financial and trading systems
Remains of seven people were found near Ilovaisk
#Russia is going to close Crimean Tatar library in #Simferopol
Russian Security Council to discuss ways of disconnecting Runet from www in case of emergencies
@Poroshenko Agreed with @BarackObama that Ukraine will receive US$ 1 billion in financial guarantees.
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