Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 September 2017
Gorbachev believes Putin repeats his mistakes because he begins to consider himself God -
Kasparov compared Putin with Hitler
Heavy explosion in Kharkiv center
It's our goal to prevent large-scale mil conflict in #Europe which is being provoked by #Russia - @Yatsenyuk_AP
“I will be bringing a strong message of support to the Ukrainian people and government”, - @VP
#US delivery of lethal weapons to #Ukraine would breach Geneva Agreements – Russian Foreign Ministry
"Cyborgs" has destroyed the positions of terrorists near the observation tower Donetsk airport
Some prisoners were defected to DNR and LNR, - Ruban
#MH17 wreckage
#NATO Secretary General: jets went up in the air 400 times because of the #RF provocations
#Antatsyt - graffiti "Occupants Go home"
Residents of Mariupol reported a massive explosion
OSCE reports that international monitors have been shot at in Eastern #Ukraine
U.S. should look at giving weapons to Ukraine: top U.S. official
Began the meeting of the presidents of Ukraine, Moldova and Poland in Chisinau.
Shastye is under shelling for several hours
Putin's militants firing an automatic grenade launcher at Ukrainian Checkpoint #29 from childrens playground.
Russia has moved Mig-31 interceptors close to Ukrainian border
Outgoing #artillery #fire from #Donetsk city after the giant explosion, that caused a blackout in most parts of the city.
Shelling of the #Avdiivka city
A convoy of tankers passed #Makiivka towards #Donetsk
68 bomb threats this year in Kyiv subway - MIA
A big explosion in the Donetsk near airport
A big explosion in the Donetsk near airport
The weapons and ammunition of Russian origin in Donbass from ARES report
Ukrainian hackers published the 34 GB of documents from a server of the MIA of Russia
Ukrainian self-propelled gun 2s7 Pion 203mm
#Russia tests 'satellite catcher'
#NATO warning today (again) 'Very serious build-up of #Russian soldiers, weapons in Ukraine.'
The state aviation administration of Ukraine fined the Russian airline to $17 million for the flights to Crimea
Fire after the explosions on the Moscow ring road is over. There are no injuries
Hungary to start South Stream construction in 2015 despite western pressure
Lavrov: #Kyiv government’s plans to put on hold its human rights obligations in East #Ukraine is a worrying sign
Russia is not ready to negotiate - Kuchma
Rally in Prague, approx 200 people.
Today, as the new U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft has presented his credentials to the President Putin.
During the last day ATO forces has lost 15 of its soldiers - the NSDC
Kharkiv meet warriors from warzone
Sweden, Norway and Ukraine signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of nuclear safety and security at Ukrainian NPPs.
Earthquake at Romania 3.7 M. Detph 150 km. #EuropeAlert
The militant leader from Luhansk proposed Poroshenko a duel
#Russia demands #NATO guarantees that #Ukraine won't join the alliance