Map. History of Ukraine conflict

24 October 2017
Zaharchenko of DNR: it's impossible that DNR and LNR join NATO. Ever
Russia officially recognized as aggressor by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly
Obama, Putin speak for four minutes about Syria and Ukraine
Rally against "Potap i Nastya" concert in Cherkassy
Canada and Ukraine share common values – Harjit Sajjan
Photo of the day: US President Obama meeting Russia's President Putin at #APEC2016 meeting in Peru
Putin spox Peskov: Obama and Putin expressed regret that no progress has been made in Ukraine, agreed to continue dialogue
Obama urged Putin to uphold Russia's commitments under Minsk agreements during talk at APEC
Gas explosion at apartments in Kryvyi Rih, there are wounded
Ukrainian positions on Avdiivka outskirts under heavy fire now. Explosions, shooting.
6 Donetsk region towns are without water after shells damaged powerline
Commemoration of victims of Holodomor in Paris
Russian forces attacked Ukrainian positions 36 times yesterday
Donetsk: heavy artillery to the West of the city
Volnovakha: heavy artillery shelling
Heavy artillery hits near Olenivka, S-W to Donetsk
Russia has more troops located outside its borders in countries bordering NATO states than US has bordering Russia
Man killed as result of shelling on Zaitseve village
A woman wounded in Krasnohorivka shelling.
Text message delivered to residents of Maryinka "DNR is ready for offensive, we won't forgive crimes against people of Donbas"
18 ceasefire violations today before 6pm in Eastern Ukraine
An-225 landing in Houston airport
Donetsk: daylight reports of artillery shelling coming
Russian TV in Luhansk showing anti-personnel landmines that are being used by Russian forces
President Poroshenko was questioned for 6 hours yesterday in Maidan case
Single shell explosions near Verknetorets'ke
First stage of Counter-saboteur exercises finished in Kharkiv region
First stage of Counter-saboteur exercises finished in Kharkiv region
Ukr Gen Staff: 46 russian attacks on UAF positions yesterday, Krasnohorivka came under 152-mm artillery and various mortars fire.
46 attacks by Russian forces yesterday: snipers,mortars registered
US Ambassador to the #OSCE, Daniel Baer, warned of the possibility of Russian forces offensive on Mariupol and the surroundings.