Map. History of Ukraine conflict

18 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Incoming artillery shelling in the area of Kodema, Semyhirya, Zaitseve- North to Horlivka
Artillery shelling at Toretsk
Incoming artillery shelling reported from Maryinka, West to Donetsk
Artillery from Horlivka pounding areas near Toretsk
At 10pm artillery from Dokuchaevsk started to pound positions reportedly near Volnovakha
Chief of Shostka police detained in bribery case, weapons, money and flag of RF seized
Belarus TV show video as Ukrainian SUV broke through Ukraine-Belarus border. Also as grenades, grenade launchers, other weapons seized
Roman Tsimbalyuk was released from Moscow police
Damage in Sarabash after last shellings
Tsymbalyuk refused to give explanations in Russian police
Ukrainian @unian journalist Roman Tsyumbaluk was detained in Moscow
Nikolai Polozov, lawyer who defended Savchenko and defends Crimean Tatars, may face criminal prosecution by Russia.
#USNavy USS Carter Hall is in the Black Sea with 450 marines and anphibious landing/assault gear
Neil Gorsuch: "Goodness, no," the president doesn't have "inherent authority" to intercept Americans' communications
36 attacks on Ukrainian positions today before 6pm
Russian state propaganda station publicly shows Russian latest precision sniper rifle ORSIS T-5000 and a Serbian mercenary
Successful launches of Ukrainian missiles were carried out today - @Turchynov
Ukraine held missiles tests today
Ukraine held missiles tests today
Economic blockade of Donbas leads National Bank of Ukraine to cut 2017 economic growth projection to 1.9%.
Military convoy in Rostov
Military convoy in Rostov
Today: Sounds of war at Topaz, Donetsk
Donetsk: Putilovka right now
Sberbank to exit Ukrainian market
Butivka mine: Russian tank every day shelling Ukrainian positions
Butivka mine: Russian tank every day shelling Ukrainian positions
The national Council may cancel the broadcasting of the channel "Belarus 24"
Dutch forces have joined NATO's battalion in Lithuania today
Many wounded soldiers were brought to hospitals in Dnipro city
A member of Parliament in Ukraine released documents that he said showed that Manafort took steps to hide payments
Moscow student who waved Ukrainian flag from dorm window during pro-annexation concert reportedly beaten by FSB.
SBU found in the area ATO a cache of grenades and ammunition
SBU exposed 10 administrators of anti-Ukrainian pages in social networks
SBU exposed 10 administrators of anti-Ukrainian pages in social networks
1,6 million IDPs registered in Ukraine, - Ukraine’s Ministry of Social Policy
Nasirov gave up his documents and can't flee Ukraine
60 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 3 soldiers killed, 9 wounded
Fillon supports the wars of Putin in Syria and Ukraine, "he speaks of rights of peoples"
Ukraine: American 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team observes and mentors Ukrainian Mortarmen during live-firing exercise.
Dokuchaevsk: Artillery shelling from Old airfield
Clashes near Dokuchaevsk escalating - machine guns, explosions
Heavy clashes near Dokuchaevsk reported for several hours
How the Russian elite laundered their stolen money through Moldova.
The Association of veterans of the Dnister war declared President of Moldova Dodon ast traitor and demands investigation
In Simferopol began the trial of the journalist of "Radio Free Europe" Nicholay Semeny, accused of incitement to violate the territorial integrity of Russia.
Fresh military equipment has arrived in Poland from Germany today
ATO HQ 6pm report: 3 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, 8 wounded in clashes in Eastern Ukraine
Shelling of Vodyane today
Shelling of Vodyane today
French forces have arrived in Estonia today
SBU found in the area of ATO two weapons caches
Near Kyiv police stopped a van with big arsenal of weapons. Driver - 35yo man from Odesa
Russian forces shelling Vodyane near Mariupol with BM-21 GRAD
Report: 1 KIA and 8 WIA so far in fighting near Mariupol
Mariupol: Russian forces shelling area of Vodyane with artillery, GRAD and mortars
This is not a conflict in the East, its the Russian occupation of Ukrainian lands – the President Poroshenko
Poroshenko: the Blockade provokes the integration of Donbas into Russia
SBU bans entry to Ukraine to four Serbian citizens and a Czech citizen for travelling to Crimea for anniversary of pseudo-referendum.
In total since the start of Russia's war with Ukraine 2,629 Ukrainian troops have been killed and 9,400 injured.
Russia to increase amount of submarines in Black Sea to 8 until end of the year
Duma proposes holding full migration amnesty for residents of territories under control of DNR and LNR groups - TASS.
UkrOboronProm video on tests of battle modules Shkval and Stilet for BMP
At Opuk, Occupied Crimea - largescale airborne troops drill with Black Sea fleet and 4th army of Airforce and AD
In Rivne building of police was shelled with RPG
50 attacks of Russian forces on Ukrainian positions yesterday
Russia launched airborne troops drill in Crimea
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