Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 กันยายน 2018

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Cache of ammunition was found near Kyiv
Luhansk: exit from Rozkishne to Rovenki "3m flame near asphalt, huge plumes of smoke"
Ukrainian JCCC: Russian forces snipers targeted the school in Maryina
Zhovanka village near Horlivka under heavy shelling, 9 building caught fire
Launches from Putilovka area of Donetsk
Poroshenko appointed Kryzhanovsky a representative for Transnistria settlement
Reportedly incendiary ammunition was used near Donetsk by Russian forces against Ukrainian positions
Heavy artillery hits near Avdiivka
Wildfire near Schastia, Luhansk region
500-kgs Nazi's safe was found in Vinnitsa
Shelling started in Avdiivka
Poroshenko in Kyrovohrad region checked readiness of anti-air defense
Zapad: Russian jets over Lida, Belarus
Wildfire near Stepano-Krynka
RUS state Tu-214SR is providing comms support south of Crimea 21AUG17 also.
Military vehicles for parade in Kyiv
Fire at Pushkin's park in Kyiv
Reports of Russian Hybrid Army troops and equipment build up in Yenakiieve / Vuhlehirsk
Kostyantynivka: From/Toretsk, Horlivka direction, the smoke cloud to Kostyantinivka
Using UAV police in Dnipro region found big plantation of hemp
Number of tourists from mainland Ukraine to Crimea down from 4 million per year to ~200,000 per year
Wildfire cause of shelling between Vodyane and Pisky, as no firefighters - many abandoned building burnt
Belarus Foreign Ministry confirms @kvolker meeting now with Putin's point man for Ukraine conflict, Vladislav Surkov, behind closed doors.
Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: In the Luhansk sector, all UA servicemen underwent tactical medicine trainings
ATO spox: For 2 weeks, UA mil were undergoing intensive drills, including disarmament of the enemy, 1st medical aid and PSYOPS courses
Colonel Motuzyanyk: UA mil intel reports last week enemy casualties: 30 militants KIA, 51 – WIA, 3 pieced of heavy weapons destroyed
ATO spokesperson: Over the previous day, UA Armed Forces did not incur any fatalities, 5 UA servicemen were wounded in action
Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: In Maryinka, militants shells residential areas of the town
ATO spox: Mariupol sector: In the southern area of the sector, militants widely applied mortars, especially in the evening
Colonel Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, in the southern part of Donetsk sector only, militants fired at UA positions over 130 shells and mortar bombs
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: Situation near Avdiivka remains extremely tense, where militants widely applied heavy weapons
Colonel Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Luhansk sector: Major hostilities occurred in Popasna area, where UA positions were shelled with mortars and BMPs
Meeting of Kurt Volker and Vladislav Surkov began in Minsk
Fire near Avdiivka
Russia is holding drills in Western Military District
Wildfire near Komsomol'ske lake in Kharkiv
US special envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker and RU Vladislav Surkov to meet closed-door today in Minsk, Belarus.
In Moldova searches in the government building and the Ministry of justice
USS Porter received fuel and supplies during RAS Aug 19 from Turkish oiler TCG YB Kudret in Black Sea
47 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 5 soldiers wounded. GRAD used near Avdiivka
Sound of war in N-W Donetsk this evening
120Ha of forest is on fire in Zhytomir region near border with Belarus
Svitlodarsk Bulge: it rumbles by times
Dodon said Russia and Turkey are "friends of Moldova"
Mariupol Vostochnyi: clashes far
Unusual high military activity this night in Donetsk
Artillery from Lozovske is pounding area of Pisky
Russian comms relay Tu214SR orbiting over the Black Sea / Crimea
Video: hit at Kirovskiy district of Donetsk
Artillery hits at Pisky, Opitne, yellow flare over Oktabr mine
Russian forces on social media reporting that they are targeting Ukrainian positions with artillery
Outgoing artillery fire from the Northern Donetsk
Russian forces shelled Popasna and Novozvanivka with mortar fire, there are wounded
Yasynuvata at 13:00 or earlier
Maryinka: a fire in the direction of boarding school / horse stables
Fire at Hvardeyskiy district of Donetsk
Recent drills of the Ukrainian army in the Chernihiv region
OSCE deploys monitors in Stanytsia Luhanska
MIL.RU: Gunners of ZVO in the final stage of the exercise destroyed storages of imaginary enemy in the Voronezh region
30 violations of ceasefire by Russian forces yesterday. 1 soldier was wounded
Celebration of Ukraine Independence day(24 Aug) already started this weekend in Toronto
US, UK, Georgia, Canada, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Latvia, Romania and Estonia troops will parade in Kyiv on Aug 24.
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