Map. History of Ukraine conflict

17 December 2017
Central Donetsk: shooting and flares after. Possible fireworks
Kerry says effort and good faith could lead to lifting of sanctions on Russia: #WEF16
Estonian soldiers fire the anti-tank missile FGM-148 Javelin for the first time
Bill Browder met in #Davos with Estonian President Toomas Ilves to discuss Russian aggression and Magnitsky sanctions
72 killed by H1N1 flu in Ukraine - Ministry
Today, Estonian Defence Forces @Kaitsevagi performed 1st live firing of US-supplied Javelin anti-tank missile system
It's propaganda
Basurin: DNR intel—US military involved in research at lab in Shelkostantsiya near Kharkiv. Produced Biological weapons H1N1 "California"
#Ukraine intelligence reports #Russia'n -militants #Grad MRLS still located in #Donetsk, #Makiivka and #Horlivka
After only 4 days stay in Sevastopol, Russian NAVY BF Minsk 127 transits the Bosphorus en route to #Tartus #Syria
Russian navy ropuchas back in business. Azov and Minsk heading south. #SyrianExpress
Putin convened security council on Moldova events
Column marching through Chisinau, Moldova
UA mil intel: To prevent the spread of pro-UA ideas among people of occupied Luhansk region, militants blocked access to 113 UA Websites
UA mil intel: Space reconnaissance confirms presence of 10 enemy tanks and 3 self-propelled guns near Mospyne
Another day of protests in Chisinau, Moldova. Column marching to Constitutional court of Moldova, Moldova1 TV station
ATO spox: ATO forces found a cache near Stanytsia-Luhanska: 2 boxes of grenades, 3 rocket launchers and ammo for them
ATO spox: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, 1 UA soldier was wounded; 1 UA serviceman was wounded in a land mine blast
ATO spokesperson: Militants non-stop fired at UA positions to the east of Krasnohorivka and Maryinka
ATO spokesperson: The enemy intensified shelling of UA positions: occasionally mortars and BMP are used
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Military situation in the eastern Ukraine deteriorated
Celebration of Ukrainian Union day in Lisichansk
Moldova: Pro-Russian and pro-European leaders of the protest on the same stage
Usatîi proposes a People's Court to judge the current politicians and to nationalise their properties #Moldova
Russian tanks near Krasnyy Luch
There has to be fear of breaking the law, or we will not fight corruption and tax evasion @njaresko #WEF16
Sanctions for Russia should be combined with more support to #Ukraine urges George Soros.
Ukraine did remarkable job in a short time says @richardbranson
69 violations of ceasefire yesterday. 120mm mortar used near Starohnativka
Russian tanks in Donetsk region
#Russia's MFA: "#Ukraine must cease fire on both sides"
Explosion from Spartak direction are heard in Makiivka
Intense clashes in Mariinka for 3 hours
This appears to confirm the US has passed on #MH17 related satellite and radar imagery to the Dutch
#Donetsk. Battle can be heard from #Maryinka, Trudovska mine
"DNR" militant Sergey Zhuk/ "Moskva" is administrator of popular groups "Maidan 3", "Ukrainian revolution", "Patriots of Ukraine"
Russian Fighter Jets Pursued A Swedish AEW Flight Near Bolnholm Last Week
Russian terrorists commander Girkin: "I'm sure, I know too much to get to Tribunal(alive)"
The Gagauzian authorities urged to stop violence in Chisinau
Meeting of Moldovan opposition with speaker of parliament
Chisinau protesters arrived at President's administration. Heavy police presence
Protesters going to the President's Residence to ask for preliminary elections #Moldova
#Donetsk. Gorsad - more frequent salvos, and closer.
Machine guns shooting near Horlivka
Picket of miners demanding unpaid wages at Lviv regional state administration
Aerial view of Chisinau protest
Protests in Chisinau moved to Moldtelecom office
Artillery heard in Stakhanov
Hug: there is no reason why Stanytsia Luhanska bridge is closed for normal traffic.
Hug: Despite legitimate security concerns, I ask that more crossing points be established along contact line,particularly in #Luhansk region
60 died in Ukraine cause of flu in last month
Anti-government rally in Moldova
6 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded yesterday - ATO HQ
Spanish Eurofighter intercept 2 Russian planes over Baltic Sea
Tribute to Cyborgs in Kharkiv airport
Russia provides 4 billion rubles (over $47,5M) to pay pensions, social obligations every month to Donetsk and Luhansk
Journalist of LifeNews were not allowed into Moldova for coverage of the protests in Chisinau
ATO spox: UA policemen found 3 grenades and a pistol in a house in Novhorodske village
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Yesterday, 2 flights of enemy UAVs were recorded near Shyrokyne
The march blocked the Bănulescu-Bodoni street #Moldova
Chisinau: The police is defending the Residence of the President
Lugovoi: the Litvinenko inquiry is an "absurd" attempt to get at Russia over Ukraine. He calls it "a theatrical farce with long interludes."
Protests continue in #Chisinau today. Column of protesters on move towards the parliament now. Police too
The General Prosecution Office of #Moldova started a penal case regarding the violent protests from yesterday
Kyiv authorities recommended to introduce mask regime because of the flu
Protest at Chisinau ongoing
Russia starts sudden battle readiness check of aviation of Southern military district
Viktor Muzhenko arrived at a meeting of chiefs of staff of the armed forces of NATO