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23 อาจ 2018

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OSCE reports about continued fighting around Shyrokyne and Donetsk airport
The international tennis Federation has recognized Crimea as part of Russia
US said they did not believe placement of TNW in Europe a violation of NPT
Refat Chubarov: for return #Crimea, needs to weaken Russia
"DNR" disgruntled prices on products
Russian sub interferes with Finnish science vessel #Aranda in Baltic Radio Sweden
France will supply helicopters to Ukraine
Russian MFA: U.S. troops in Ukraine breaks taken commitments by the Kyiv
Russian FSB - border guards AN-148 - registration RA-61707 circling right now over Belgorod
Russia has refused to hand over documents about Smolensk crash to Poland, - Prosecutor's office
Reports about fire in Kharkiv
Destroyed village Shyrokyne
Russian air-borne troops pushed to Rostov region
Destroyed village Shyrokyne
Military echelon in Shakhty of Rostov region
Naftogaz: Gazprom does harm to the Ukrainian gas market
NATO claims that Russian bombers carry "Nuke-able" missiles
Road accident in Kyiv
Police not confirmed information about bomb threat in Kharkiv
Tank battle in Shyrokyne - reports
Ukraine's President @poroshenko on air on @itele
Agreed that will bring French to conduct most transparent,most effective privatization - Poroshenko
Ukraine is searching for international operator for production of gas - Demchyshyn
Militants 32 times fired at Ukrainian position
In Kazakhstan in village Kushmurun tried to blow up monument to Lenin
29-th checkpoint was shelled with Russian ATGM "Kornet missile with a thermobaric warhead
Russian aviation near Ukraine-Russia border
Russian aviation near Ukraine-Russia border
#Volcano in Kamchatka was tied George Ribbon
On monument of Independence of Ukraine hoisted flag of Ukraine
On monument of Independence of Ukraine hoisted flag of Ukraine
The flag of Ukraine on Nika in Kharkiv
The flag of Ukraine on Nika in Kharkiv
Released from captivity "DNR" Sergeant told that he was tortured
Released from captivity DNR Sergeant told that he was tortured
SBU freed from captivity Junior Sergeant
EPP: EU should tell Russia we are ready to go to war
#Miners blocked Khreshchatyk
Truck with the white mark on the top of the cab seen in Donetsk
In #Rostov region spotted the latest armored Ural truck. Ural-63095 Typhoon
Moscow City Council approved the march of nationalists in May Day
#France is not considering the supply of arms Ukraine, because Kyiv is not requested - #Hollande
The organizers of the terrorist attack in Kharkiv on 22th of February faces life in prison
Donetsk militants "seized" equipment of "Kyivstar"
Bomb threat in #Kharkiv: searching for explosives in the premises of "Prosvita"
#SBU released from a three-month captivity of fighters platoon commander of the armed forces of Ukraine
Rally of Labour Kharkiv on Constitution square in #Kharkiv
Gerashchenko has accused the blogger Shariy financing of terrorism
Traffic police post was burnt near Kyiv
The court arrested the detainee ATR operator for two months
Concert in Crimea
The head of Donetsk regional state administration called the amount needed to restore the Donetsk region
#NATO showed pictures of the bombers of the Russian Federation with missiles over Europe
Joint press conference of Presidents of Ukraine and France
#Russian naval aviation out for a spin near #Mariupol:
Unknown set fire to the temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Babi Yar
Channel #Inter "gave" Russia East of Ukraine in concert devoted 9th of May - blogger
Kharkiv: The promised action Thunder Warta gathered more than 150 policemen. The activists has not yet appeared.
Yanukovych told Kwasniewski that won millions in poker
#Kamensk-Shakhtinsky: The transfer of tanks in #Donetsk
Kamensk-Shakhtinsky: The transfer of tanks in Donetsk
Fire in Kharkiv
Three activists gather lists against the demolition of Lenin in Slavyansk
Rada is asking the world to impose sanctions against Putin and his people because of Savchenko
#Gazprom offered to Naftogaz to pay for gas supplies in the Donbass
Missile, launched from Plesetsk fell in the Arkhangelsk region
#SBU found a hiding place of terrorists with weapons and satchel from Kazan
Miners blocked street
US Army Corps of Engineers install electrical power plant for Aegis Ashore missile defense facility in Romania.
The court sentenced Russian spy to nine years in prison
Russian military on the border of Ukraine in Belgorod region
Miners near Rada
Miners go to Rada
Reports of shooting in #Lysychansk
Lawyer of Savchenko informed that Savchenko will be accused the illegal crossing of the border on Friday
Russian militants blew up a chimmney tower in #Makiivka
Russian militants blew up a chimmney tower in Makiivka
"Museum of achievements DNR" will be created in Donetsk
Member on crutches has beaten colleague in the session hall of #Rada
Artemovsk recognized Russia as an aggressor state
The militants of LNR kidnapped the taxman, who has secret information
Lavrov said that Europe "want to pull Ukraine to pieces"
All four working cinema in #DNR and #LNR show movies with Ukrainian dubbing
"Donbass" replaced "Azov" in Shyrokyno of planning
The investigation denied the theory of the use of chloroform in the House of trade unions in #Odessa on 2 May
Exhibition of alternative energy sources in Kyiv
Police protecting Administration of President
Prez @poroshenko starts official visit in #France. Official ceremony at Les Invalides
[email protected] came to Kharkiv
Military echelon in #Barnaul,
Alexander Kharkovsky paints Zaporozhye in the colors of Ukrainian flag
Rally on Bankova street
Heavy Flamethrower System Buratino Tos-1
MLRS Grad echelon on the way to Ukraine
Another Lenin in Kramatorsk toppled
Members of Congress once again called Obama to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons
In Kharkiv completed development of the project "Safe region", - Rainin
Ex-MP of "Party of regions" Sivkovych got in road accident
USA refused to consider military exercise in Ukraine like violation of Minsk agreements
Accident on heating systems in Ternopil: 5 kindergartens and 6 schools were left without heating
OSCE reports on resumption of heavy fighting in Donetsk airport and in Shirokine
MIA of "DPR" now will intensify control on battalion Vostok
Tracers were seen over Budenovsky district of Donetsk
Militants 14 times fired at position of ATO forces
[email protected]: to Greece: we need to support Ukraine and encourage Russian Federation to Minsk agreements execution
Volunteer, who helped Ukrainian soldiers, was severely beaten in Dnepropetrovsk
Saakashvili in Severodonetsk
"DPR": American mercenaries began capturing territories of Donbass
Supply ship of Russian Navy was spotted close to territorial waters of Latvia
Russia ready to resume dialogue with USA, if initiative will come from Washington, - Peskov
Police detained village head and regional head of state land Agency for a bribe in $600 000
Icons on the windows of flats in Donetsk
Ukraine and USA began joint military exercises
Ukrainian convicted in Russia for preparation of terrorist attacks in Crimea
USA send Ukraine the additional aid of $ 17.7 million
The Prosecutor General's Office: a major of the National guard are suspected of "promoting terrorism"
Obama can join the "Normandy four" - diplomat
[email protected] meets Patriarch Filaret of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Zakharchenko: We are ready to take all of Ukraine as a part of the "DPR"
The First deputy commander of The National Guard aviation is suspected in terrorism - The Prosecutor General's Office
EU transfer 250 million euros to Ukraine
Poland to negotiate air-defence missiles purchase from US: Polish president
Video: The militants came in #Shyrokyne
Video: The militants came in Shyrokyne
A couple and their dog ride a motorbike with a side-car in the village of Nikishino.By @odd_andersen #AFP
The Russian Federation will send to Ukraine another "humanitarian convoy" at 23th of April, - Foreign Ministry
Bastions to protect #Mariupol were sent to Saudi Arabia because of the Ukrainian bureaucracy
Lyashko resigned coordinator of the coalition, because he didn't approve of the coalition "restores dictatorship"
Parliament postponed the entry into force of the new law on Prosecutor's office
#UN confirms only 30 thousand Ukrainian refugees in Russia
After the search, the head of the Department of lustration was summoned for questioning at the Ministry of internal Affairs
Militants in Donetsk will replace the monument of Stus to the Soviet spy
7 thousand square kilometers are needed to clear in the Donbass
Speech to the European Parliament by Patriarch Filaret
#Militants in cars with Chechen rooms taken in #Russia 25 children with disabilities - #OSCE
#Ukraine took place 71 in the world ranking of technology use
"Putin is neither mad nor stupid": Former Czech FM Schwarzenberg says Putin wants to conquer all Ukraine
#Lutsenko said that #the Prosecutor General's office wants to remove #of person with seven deputies
#Ukraine accuses #Russia in complete disregard of the Minsk agreements
Russian militants attacked Ukrainian soldiers near Krasnohorivka
The red Cross will increase assistance to Ukraine - President's meeting with the head of the ICRC P. Maurer
Kasyanov offered U.S. "list of Nemtsov" for the imposition of sanctions against journalists
Rally against illegal building in the capital near Rada
Road bridge demined in #Lysychansk in #Lugansk region
President Poroshenko called on the President of the Red Cross Maurer strengthen the work for immediate release of Nadiya Savchenko
Activists "renamed" the square of Heavenly Hundred in Kharkiv
Military of the Russian Federation was sentenced for two years for the killing of Ukrainian officer in Crimea - Feigin
Russian Prime Minister likened the annexation #Crimea with the fall of the Berlin wall
#Russian militia in "special operation to neutralize illegal military formations" in #Antratsyt.
The murder of the founder of the website "Obcom" Syhobok is revealed - interior Minister
The police began the search in the apartment of the head of the Department of lustration
The commandant of the city #Anthracite was arrested
Medvedev admitted that the annexation of #Crimea struck Russia's damage by 25 billion euros
Yatsenyuk did not catch Kikhtenko in the workplace and called him in the Cabinet
The militants are preparing a military parade on 9th of May
Poroshenko arrived on a working visit to Switzerland
Patriarch Filaret called EU to put pressure on aggressor and to establish peace in Ukraine
Russian military vehicles near Shirokino
Russian military vehicles near Shirokino
Yatsenyuk: the probability of a direct invasion of the Russian Federation on 8-9th of May is not very high
#Romania|n TR-85 Main Battle Tanks& #US Strykers in mounted combined arms rehearsal during Ex.Wind Spring.
"DNR" is going to export pig iron and coke abroad
Ukranian soldier shot down the colleague in Krasnoarmiysk
Mother Savchenko appealed to the UN and the White house to help free daughter
Teachers in militant-held #KrasnyLuch demand payment of salaries from #LPR. Threaten to call a city-wide strike.
1 soldier was killed, 1 injured in the area of ATO - headquarters
"The opposition bloc" threatened to go to court because the law on de-communization
Rally near maternity clinic against bribery in Kyiv
Bomb threat at the metro station "Darnitsa"
Ministry of energy plans to close three state-owned mines
#SBU eliminated drug lab and a marijuana plantation in Chernigov
Rally near the Kyiv city Council. Demand not to interfere with illegal construction projects
Russian mercenaries smoothed out militants in Anthracite
Russian mercenaries smoothed out militants in Anthracite
Kyiv plans for peacekeepers in Donbas defy Minsk agreements — DPR envoy
3 ex-Berkut officers were detained in Kharkiv on suspicion in shooting on Maidan
A large batch of explosives found under the bridge between Severodonetsk and Lisichansk
Tatar cameraman working for closed-down #ATR Crimea Tatar TV channel in #Crimea arrested by Russian Investigative Comitee
Rada excluded parents of children with disabilities from mobilization
#Azov reported on the infantry attack by militants under the cover of tank fire near #Shyrokyne
Kasyanov: Militants tag equipment for identification from the air
#Ukraine @FedericaMog meets Patriarch of Kyiv and all Ukraine, Filaret, in Brussels
To withdraw troops and to punish the guilty. Parliament adopted an appeal to #Russia
Members of the terrorist organization #DNR were detained in Kharkiv
Rally near Parliament. Demand not to slow down reform
Security forces are searching in the Ministry of justice
USA will additionally allocate Kyiv almost $18 million of humanitarian assistance
"Night wolves" bikers night club burned in Moscow
Russian forces escalates their assault on #Shyrokyne over the morning, now using tanks, trying to storm the Ukrainian front
[email protected] welcomed Anti-Corruption Bureau head appointment, encouraged rule of law reforms e.g. anti-trust/judicial reform
Tonight's (about 3:30) unknown persons blew up camouflage car in Kharkiv
SBU advise "Ukrainophobic people" to minimize their rhetoric for their safety in response to recent high-profile murders
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