Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 มิถุนายน 2018

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German journalist Russia Today banned entry in Ukraine
Putin presented the medal of Honor to Kadyrov
USA plans to provide #Ukraine additional humanitarian assistance in amount of $ 18 million
Separatist in city Council of Slovyansk: You will sweep from Donbas as dirt
Moscow issues travel warning over U.S. 'hunt' for Russians
EU agreed on allocation of Ukraine a further 1.8 billion euros
Construction on the border with Russia
Poroshenko: Oleg Kuzminykh was freed from the captivity
SBU: As of 21.45 commander of the 90th battalion, 81st brigade Oleg Kuzminich not released
Dmitry Medvedev: Russia will not take a tough stance if Ukraine refused to pay debt
Destroyed bridge in Slovyansk
Kerry failed to convince Russia – newspaper of U.S.
Ukrainian military not keep the prisoners in zone of #ATO - Defence Ministry
Meeting of the contact group has ended in Minsk
Riga summit supported construction of a gas pipeline bypassing Russia
Activists honored the memory of the dead sailors in Mariupol
Sanctions cannot be revised until the embedded conditions of second Minsk ceasefire
Russian MFA called Eastern partnership summit old song, and application of Crimea - rumbling
SBU asked Amnesty international to provide information about torture over Ukrainian soldiers
Germany will allocate money for the restoration of Donbas
Need to eliminate only technical obstacles for a visa-free regime, - @Poroshenko
[email protected] EU & Ukraine together in these difficult times, both politically and financially. EU will continue to support Ukraine
Negotiations of trilateral contact group has began in Minsk
In Togliatti detained correspondent of Rain TV Timur @olevskiy
[email protected] with PM of Greece discussed the situation in the Donbas
In Minsk agreed to a ceasefire in Shyrokyne, no attacks for 12 hours
#Avdiivka: fight with guns, machine guns, grenade launchers and mortars
The number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine has reached 1 299 770 people
Tank in the yard of Donetsk city hospital #18
Volunteers have restored military aircraft to rescue the wounded
Donetsk airport today. Photo Igor Ivanov.
Leakage of sulfuric acid occurred at "Sumykhimprom"
Avdiivka coke plant after attack
Six Ukrainian universities were ranked among the best in the world
Mine hit house in Kuybishev district of Donetsk
Both the Russian military was taken into custody. In the presence of the Consul of the Russian Federation
Ukrainian actress on the red carpet in #Cannes festival unfurled a banner calling for the release of #Sentsov and #Savchenko
#Jaresko in Riga refused to read his report in Russian, despite the request from the audience
The Coordinating Council of veterans of the ATO was established In Zaporizhia
Kherson region: military returned from the zone ATO
Oleg Skrypka sells car to help the ATO
Police is conducting a search in the apartment of the Vice-mayor of Odessa
Artist from St. Petersburg presented the costumes, decorated with slogans of opposition demonstrations
The search operation of the bodies of passengers of the Malaysian Boeing over, – Zubko
Shell came at the filtering station of Donetsk yesterday
Peskov called the detained Russians in Ukraine captives
RUAF An-124 82039 noted southbound near Buturlinovka.
A free trade area with the EU will earn in 2016
Moskal: military passwords, which I don't know, are leaked smugglers
Journalist and military wanted to fill up a monument of Voroshilov in Severodonetsk
Poroshenko: we just learned that today our cyborg Kuzminykh can be set free, probably tonight he will be home
Bodies of few of "cyborgs" were got from the rubble at the Donetsk airport
The court of Kyiv arrested Russian SOF Alexandrov until 19th of July
#Hollande urged to continue to put pressure on Russia
Chebotar received a summons for questioning and flew to Austria
#Gontareva announced annual #hryvnia exchange rate - 21,7 UAH/$
Declaration following the results of Riga summit signed - #Polish MFA
"Right sector" deny allegations of torture of prisoners
Pro-Russian activists are protesting against the "Eastern partnership" In Riga
President of Ukraine held a meeting with Prime Minister of Croatia
Militants of "DNR" have allowed to register guns without certificate of narcologist and the psychiatrist
The monument to Shevchenko was erected in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb
President of Ukraine @Poroshenko met with the PM of Sweden #StefanLöfven #EasternPartnership #RigaSummit
Poroshenko and Cameron discussed the possibility of peacekeepers in Donbas
Ukrainian soldiers blocked the bridge in Stanitsa Luhanska because of the night attack
Avenue near the University Shevchenko was flooded in Kyiv
#Svitlodarsk. Shelling
Kyiv investigators conducted a search in the Odessa city Council - media
Drivers of minibus in Zaporizhya reduced the price of travel, refusing to pay tribute to the new director
The new patrol will begin work in Kyiv in June – Zguladze
SBU denies torture of detainees and calling for Amnesty International to verify
The activists didn't allow to appoint the Deputy mayor of #Slavyansk replaced the 22-year-old Donetsk resident
Russian Railways train in Luhansk
"Last call" was held with the flag of the USSR in #Crimean school
#Poroshenko meets with Cameron
Navalny urged Putin to immediately exchanged captured Russian SOF on Savchenko
#Sweden's PM Stefan #Löfven gives thumbs up to Swedish bombers for warning off #Russian jets
3 soldiers were killed, 12 - injured in ATO per day
Zaharchenko and Plotnitsky have refused to go to the meeting in Minsk - media
The Russian company, which produces "Buk", in court trying to call off sanctions
Russians military convoy near Luhansk
EU granted microfinance assistance of EUR 1.8billion to Ukraine
6 "Gvozdika" were brought in Makiivka, in Alchevsk - 4 "Kushetka-B"
A battle held in Stanitsa Luhanska, one Ukrainian soldier was wounded
Developer is filling up the lake In Kyiv on Poznyaki
The Eastern partnership summit in Riga
Arrested saboteurs insist that they was not fired from Russian army
The DNR delegation headed with Pushilin arrived at the talks in Minsk
The United States insists on the extradition of Firtash - Pyatt
SBU detained in the area of the ATO administrators of anti-social networks
SBU detained Commissar-the bribe taker in #ATO
Schast'e was heavily shelled, one soldier wounded - Moskal
1 soldier wounded and APC was hit in Shchastya
#Tusk compared #summit in #Riga with beauty contest between #Russia and #EU
Echelon with military equipment on the route #Tolyatti - #Samara
Latvian navy spotted Russian small missile ship Passat 570 near territorial waters
Guided-missile destroyer USS Ross will enter the Black Sea May 23:
Interview of Russian @novayagazeta with captured Russian SOF
Interview of Russian @novayagazeta with captured Russian SOF
Estonia will help Ukraine to provide reforms
The fire at the hotel "Moscow" near Cremlin
Militants fired from mortars at Marianka and Pisky
Economic assistance is a priority question in EU strategy towards Ukraine , - Martin Schulz
Finance Ministry of USA J.Lew: US helps Ukraine, because it demonstrates a desire to decisively break with the past
Russian politician M.Kasyanov said that if he became President of RF, he no doubt would have returned Crimea to Ukraine
OSCE recognized captivity Russians like officers of SoF of Russia
#Vyshyvanka Day in #Berlin
Russian army in Donbas
Russian army in Donbas
Detained in Crimea Ukrainian journalists was released
#Kherson, #Vyshyvanka day
Poroshenko participated in a meeting of heads of delegations of the countries #EU in eve of #RigaSummit
Activists pattern traditional Ukrainian painted sidewalk in Slavyansk
Flashing at Yasynuvata post
Outgoing shelling in Putilovsky district of Donetsk
Shelling of Avdiivka today
Il-76 RF-86906 from Rostov-on-Don landed in Sevastopol
Russian Militants heavy shelling Dzerzhinsk. At least 2 wounded civilians
Heavy shelling in Shirokino
Shelling of Stanytsia Luhanska from Luhansk
Yatseniuk to EU leaders at Riga: don't fear Russia, and don't fear enlargement.
#Juncker: No European perspective for the Eastern partners
Shelling in Horlivka
Ukraine demands from the Russian Federation 1 trillion UAH
Ukrainians in Berlin showed the beauty of the textile of country
Shelling of Shyrokyne continued all day – press center of ATO
Militants shelled at Avdiivka: killed a man and injured two women
Day of embroidered shirts in Kramatorsk
Day of embroidered shirts in Kramatorsk
Kharkiv court left terrorist #Teresa under guards
Shelling in #Dzerzhynsk
OSCE: Russians SoF detained in Ukraine said that they were in reconnaissance
Ukraine paid eurobond coupon on thursday
#NATO's Baltic Air Policing Mission: Norwegian F-16s & Italian Typhoon Eurofighter jets in Lithuania.
Protesters trying to storm Rada
Reports of battle in Mariinka
#EPP #EasternPartnership Leaders meeting just ended
Vyshyvanka rally in Kyiv
Man killed at Avdiivka coke plant
Police detain protesters at the Rada building
#Ukraine Rada: Burning tires, smoke bombs, bottles flying, looks like there are injured
Hrushevsky street is blocked by protesters
Vyshyvanka parade in Lysychansk
Participants of the "Financial Maidan" has burned tires near the Parliament. Now fire was extinguished.
Unknown broke a jaw of #activist in Central #Kyiv
Poklonskaya has earned 2 million rubles per year
Vyshyvanka parade in Mariupol today
President @Poroshenko met with President of the European Council @eucopresident
"RAID" siren at Avdiivka coke coal plant. Shelling
Tyres near Kyiv citycouncil
Explosion on #Luhansk outskirts today
Ukrainians has transferred more than $500 millions from abroad in three months
Ukraine wants from Russia 1 trillion for the loss of enterprises in Crimea
Investors in international courts demand Ukraine 170 billion UAH
There was a fountain of boiling water In the middle of the Boulevard of Friendship of peoples in Kyiv
The owners of stalls have blocked the road near Kyiv City Council
The Moldovan government has agreed to ban Russian propaganda
Exchange of fire started in #Avdiivka. Shelling of Tonen'ke
"Guard" of "DNR" expects the offensive of security forces in late May
#Rada adopted in first reading the law about Ministry of Internal Affairs
Poroshenko started a working visit to Riga
#EU to unlock €2 billion worth of investment for small businesses in #Georgia, #Moldova and #Ukraine
Developer from Osokorki arranged the paid meeting, - activists
Another bus stop was graced in #Slavyansk
3 Ukrainian journalists of TV Channel Inter were detained in Crimea
Yesterday's battle of the battalion "Azov" for Shyrokyne
Yesterday's battle of the battalion Azov for Shyrokyne
Queue of pensioners for a pension near "the Bank of LNR" in Anthracite
The Lviv city Council has allowed to dismantle the Communist symbols
OSCE spotted antiair system Strela-10 of militants in Donbas
Washington called for a face-to-face meetings with Putin, - The Financial Times
#Russia eased restrictions on import of Ukrainian dairy products
Preliminary investigation of the case of Savchenko is completed, - lawyer
The court took Klyuev 40 hectares of land in the Odessa region
"Currency borrowers" blocked traffic near Verhovna rada
Russia to file claim for Arctic shelf expansion to UN this year — minister
The monument to the "Polite green men" appeared in Moscow
Ukrainians in Spane bought the the vehicle for "Alfa"
Russian soldier Alexandrov fought in the Donbas through mortgages and credit for Skoda, - SBU
#UKROBORONPROM is expanding cooperation with the leading Ukrainian #University
The monument of #Lenin was toppled in Hulyaipole
SBU uncovered the location of the GRU HQs based in Luhansk
Russian #saboteurs could set fire on the #Chernobyl Pushcha, - Environment Minister
.OSCE_SMM confirms Ukraine separatists have advanced anti-air missiles SA-13 Gopher
1 #Ukraine soldiers killed, 8 wounded in last 24 hours, most of them during combat in #Svitlodarsk
Players of #@FCShakhtar has urged the club to move from Lviv
Merkel said about the impossibility of returning to the format of the G8
Explosion in Donetsk - sappers blown up danger shells
Lawyer Novikov in Ukrainian embroidered shirtnear near Moskow detention center Matrosskaya Tishina
[email protected]_SMM reports @OSCE ODIHR blocked from visiting Luhansk by LNR
Ukrainian MPs in national clothes
Russian SOF Alexandrov had problems with repayment of the loan in the Russian Federation. He went to Ukraine exclusively for Mercantile interests.
Alexandrova Ekaterina Vladimirovna, soldier in the unit 21208 (wife of A. Alexandrov)
Celebration of traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt in Krasnyi Liman
Ukrainian forces exploded shell on the site near Vostochny checkpoint
SBU: The goal of Erofeev group - preparation of an seizure of Schastye
Land mines were planted by the group of Erofeev on Ukrainian territory (GPS location)
#SBU: Places of reconnaissance and sabotage activity of Erofeev group in the #ATO
Today Ukrainians celebrate The Day of traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts
"The Minister of Education of LNR," who plundered the Russian humanitarian aid, ran away, - Moskal
Rada has accused Russia of violation of human rights in Crimea
Money are collected on the memorial sign "reunification with Russia" on the Kerch ferry
Activists, who are protesting against building Osokorki, broke inside Kyiv Council
Presentation of Ukrainian embroidered shirt Pope Francis
The Day of #Vyshyvanka - traditional #Ukrainian embroidery - in Vatican
27th Russian supply convoy arrives In the Donbass
Russian forces suffered 3 KIA, 6 WIA in tank/infantry assault on #Shyrokyne yesterday. - Regiment Azov
Ukraine's Foreign Minister: #Ukraine wants roadmap to #EU accession at #RigaSummit
Dnipro-1 shot down Russian UAV Forpost near Avdiivka
Unknown location
Echelon of Ukrainian MLRS BM-27 Uragan
Russian airlines for flights over the Crimea will be fined half a billion
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