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16 สิงหาคม 2018

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Avdiivka military unit under heavy shelling, asking for reinforcements
There are heavy explosions in Donetsk
Ukrainian singer Ivan Dorn wears clothing with coat of arms on Jurmala festival
Russians fire AA gun vs. Ukrainian air force Su-25 in Pervomais'k
Russians fire AA gun vs. Ukrainian air force Su-25 in Pervomais'k
Large Russian army convoy drives towards #Novoshahtinsk at the Ukr-Rus border
Pentagon just now says Russia still sends heavy weapons across UKR border. 20 units today alone
UAF have striked terrorists positions near Dyakove and Dmytrivka
#CCTV today captures Russian army 9K35 Strela-10 / SA-13, still in #Donetsk
CCTV today captures Russian army 9K35 Strela-10 / SA-13, still in Donetsk
President of Ukraine held a phone conversation with Prime Minister of Netherlands
US officials: Intel suggests Malaysia plane shot down by terrorists, no link to Russia found
Lutuhyne has been abandoned by terrorists
Chechen PM Akhmed Zakayev: my advise to Poroshenko, do not negotiate to Putin until end of occupation
Explosion in Zaporizhye
20 BMP APCs stands on the railway in Bakhchysarai
In #Lviv, FC Shakhtar #Donetsk won SuperCup vs FC Dynamo #Kyiv. Before the match, fans sang the #Putin song together
In Lviv, FC Shakhtar Donetsk won SuperCup vs FC Dynamo Kyiv. Before the match, fans sang the Putin song together
Ukrainian forces near Chervonopartyzans'k are being shelled by MRLS Grad from Russian territory
"Moscow is Ukraine!", - shouted football fans before the match "Dynamo"-"Shakhtar" in Lviv
"The idea of freedom is stronger than the nuclear bomb"
The NSDC: new mobilization is for direct aggression of Russia
OSCE says there are still smaller body parts remaining on the #MH17 crash site
NSC: Russian BM-21 GRAD is only 200 meters to Ukrainian border, near Kharkiv region
Ukraine charges Konstantin Malofeev (former employer of Strelkov & Borodai) with financing the DNR
Helicopter pic Near Schastya
Donbass battalion using crowd-funded drone
Donbass battalion using crowd-funded drone
Ukrainian forces have destroyed 1 tank and 1 APC near Mar'inka
Russians attack the 25th airborne brigade
Russians attack the 25th airborne brigade
Activists hold a rally in Kharkiv against war and "public republics"
Dutch minister says EU is imposing new sanctions on officials over Russia's actions in Ukraine
Lenin monument in #Severodonetsk
Ukraine parliament today: pro-Russia MP Levchenko literally kicked out of the building
MIA Avakov has publish precise coordinates of Buk video
Terrorist Strelkov ordered to bring all stolen things from #MH17 to his fund
Ukrainian channels were turned on in Severodonetsk
Popasnaya completely liberated. Ukrainian flags were raised over admin. buildings
Railcar Repair Plant is burning in Popasnaya
#NATO Black Sea naval exercise
NATO Black Sea naval exercise
Detention center in Horlivka is under shelling by DNR, 4 dead.
Protest near the Russian Embassy in Malaysia
Malaysia Airlines wreckage "significantly altered."
About 200 armed men, 2 Kamaz truck of weapons have came to Alchevsk from Popasna
US Intelligence: Missile was launched from Snizhne #MH17 #boeing777
The military enlistment office was evacuated after "bomb threat" In Dnepropetrovsk
Battalion Donbass enters Popasna
Putin calling for Russia to strengthen military capability to counter NATO activity in Eastern Europe
"Let it B raining stones-we don't care as we're on our soil!"- adv in #Crimea
Putin: There is no direct military threat to the sovereignty of Russia now
Lenin statue was toppled in Orlivka
Lenin statue was toppled in Orlivka
Terrorists have planted the bomb on the bridge in Lysychans'k
Reports that there are explosions from mortar strikes near Hrabove #MH17
Near Kamyanka #Donetsk region at #ATO checkpoint, terrorists blew up a van with explosives. 3 #Ukrainian militants are killed
Troops from the Trans-Baikal and Far East military districts of Russia have been redeployed to the village Sudzha in Kursk region
#OSCE say wreckage has been cut into with power saw
2 Russian helicopters have violated the airspace of Ukraine
Ukrainian flag was raised over Severodonetsk cityhall
NSC: Terrorists have striked Dolzhansky checkpoint with artillery
EU sends police mission to Ukraine
#EU #Ashton: There will be no new sanctions adopted at today's meeting of EU FMs
LNR were forced to leave the Lisichansk
Ukrainian forces have captured Severodonetsk
Fighting in area around Alchevsk
#Ukraine intelligence: Putin is preparing to send to his rebels in Ukraine phosphor bombs, banned globally
Ongoing battle for the #Lisichansk
NSC: Special train with bodies arrived in Kharkiv at 11:20 #MH17
SBU detained 5 members of illegal armed groups, who were planning terrorist attacks in Odessa
Bridge between Severodonetsk and Rubizhne was blowned up
Ukrainian Parliament votes to dismiss the communist party. 232 MPs vote in favour of dimissal
Rada urged the world to provide troops and equipment for the war on terror in the East
Captured APC in Dzerhnisk
Ukrainian Parliament approved the Poroshenko decree on the partial mobilization
#RUS PM Dmitry Medvedev held a meeting on assistance to refugees from Ukraine
Timchuk: Militants have fired Ukrainian checkpoint from the sea
Airplanes have striked positions near Horlivka and Avdiivka
Shells hit residential area in #Severodonetsk
The Russian army built a pontoon bridge over the border river,leading a massive convoy of 44 vehicles into #Luhansk tonight
Russia wil conduct airplane war games from 22 to 28 of July
Terrorists gave black boxes to international experts
Militants announce ceasefire around MH17 crash site
Malaysian "would like to convey our sincere appreciation to His Excellency Mr. Borodai for obeying our request."
Ukrainian troops in Dzerzhinsk
@ChristopherJM is in #Donetsk and just talked to Malaysien delegation. They DON'T have the black box
Poroshenko: "#Ukraine may request status of Major U.S. ally outside NATO"
Russian UN Ambassador Churkin walks out of Security Council meeting on Ukraine.
Explosions in #Severodonetsk
The Malaysians drive off to Borodai's office. #MH17
Black boxes of #mh17 still not handed over
@AmbassadorPower: absurd that a resolution was needed to get access to investigate this horrible crime #MH17
Huge glow over Koksohimzavod chemical plant near Donetsk
There are explosions in Horlivka
@VP Biden describes to the New Yorker the time he told Putin he believes him to have no soul
#Poroshenko urges Ukraine's parliament to back partial mobilization decree
Strong fires near Makiivka
UNSC resolution condemning shooting down of #MH17 and requesting international investigation adopted unanimously. no veto from Russia.
Scrum at a hotel door behind which Borodai is talking to Malaysians. #MH17
Ambassador to the UN Churkin: #Russia to back #UN draft resolution on Boeing crash
"Enough blood"
Three roadblock were dismantled near Dnipropetrovsk
Monument to Sergey Nigoyan installed in Bereznovatka village of Dnipropetrovsk region
8 tanks, 6 APCs,12 armored vehicles 2 UAZ has left Donetsk towards Makeevka
Russian Boroday: DNR is in war againt NATO
Ukrainians of London require #JusticeForMH17
East #Luhansk is under fire
Apartment block in Luhansk was shelled by militants
Poroshenko had a meeting with Malaysian Foreign Minister and Minister of Transport
#MH17 train carrying 280 bodies of recovered crash victims has left Torez for city of Kharkiv
#MH17 black boxes to be handed over to Malaysian authorities at 9 pm Ukraine time: Malaysian PM
ATO forces enter Soledar
Civilians killed as fighting erupts near #MH17 crash site
Abandoned blokpost on Highway Donetsk-Horlivka
Terrorists have fired in civilians in Donetsk from this garbage truck
Blood on Donetsk streets everywhere
@poroshenko on @CNN #MH17
Director of the jewelry shop has shot an armed robber In Kyiv
Obama will speak on Ukraine
EU ambassadors have been summoned to an emergency meeting on Ukraine tonight
Ukrainian flag was raised over the Dzerzhinsk
Fire on the crash site of #MH17
Fans of @fcdnipro go into the #ATO zone with humanitarian aid
@David_Cameron will be giving a Commons statement on #MH17 this afternoon. Then will chair a meeting of the NSC
Rally near SSU. Demand to dismiss the Pro-Russian military Commissar of Poltava
#Putin to chair Security Council meeting tomorrow to discuss preservation of #Russia's sovereignty and territorial integrity -#Kremlin press
Some rebel tanks, buses and cars of militants heading back toward center of #Donetsk
Russians are moving T-64 and BMD-3 in #Taganrig, 30km from Ukraine
The Battalion "Dnipro" detained terrorists, involved in weapons supply to Mariupol
Something is burning in the side of Makiivka
The tank near the railway #Donetsk
Reports that these Ukrainian tanks in Horlivka
Dutch forensics arrive to #MH17 crash zone
NSC: convoy of heavy vehicles from Russia have tried to pass through the Izvarino
Convoy of 7 local emergency vehicles, including one cargo truck, leaving main crash site
Russians shelling heavily in Donetsk, Ukraine
#Donetsk.Tank of the Vostok battalion
English speaking tv channel Ukraine Today will start to operate from 24th of August
Poroshenko introduced 40km ceasefire zone around #MH17 crash site
Ukrainian Yarosh claims that battalions Dnipro, Donbass and Right Sector enter Donetsk
#Russian Naval Forces start mining #Ukrainian territorial waters in the sea of Azov
Tochmash plant is burning in Donetsk
Locals in #Grabovo at #MH17 crash site shouting 'Poroshenko is a terrorist!'
NSC: Russian militants has stolen the #Netherlands #NATO diplomatic mail at #MH17 crash site
Located near the airport in #Donetsk smoke rise into the sky. #Ukraine
Ukrainian army convoy w/heavy 2S19 Msta rolling through Artemivsk
Ukrainian army convoy w/heavy 2S19 Msta rolling through Artemivsk
Shell hit dentist clinic on Kuibysheva 223/225 in Donetsk. Burning
Russian Ministry of health: Ukrainian soldier died in hospital of Gukovo, Rostov region
#Ukraine @Poroshenko offered his plane for #MH17 international investigators
Airstrikes on Dzerzhynsk and Horlivka
Su-fighters over Luhansk
Shell hit residential building close to the railway station. Report of the victims
Car after shelling close to railway station Donetsk
Kharkiv Mayor Kernes accused MIA Avakov and Baluta of involvement in the assassination attempt
Civilian dead bodies seen close to Donetsk train station
Zebra-crossing in Ivano-Frankivsk
OSCE and Dutch forensics experts at Torez station #mh17
Militants convoy in #Donetsk
Battle in Dzerzhynsk
Battle in Dzerzhynsk
Ukraine PM: they are "Russian-led guerrillas... they are not rebels"
Ukraine PM says Kiev willing to hand control of investigation in #MH17 crash to Western partners, Netherlands could lead
"Western" bus station closed in Donetsk. Battles near by
MRLS Grad is shelling east of Luhansk
Jets over Slavyansk
Explosions in rebel stronghold of Donetsk. Unconfirmed reports that Ukrainian forces with tanks trying to enter city by rail station
Jewish volunteer battalion Metilan was created in #Odessa.
Terrorist with founded golden ring on #MH17 crash site
Something is burning in the area of military unit 2938 in #Avdiika
Terrorists have already move the debris #MH17
Donetsk, the airport: fight at the roadblock at unit A1402
Battle and smoke in Luhansk suburbs
Unexploded missile in living room in Lysyhans'k
Ukrainian flag raised over Rubizhne cityhall
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