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16 ตุลาคม 2018

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The #EU strongly condemn the murder of Mykola Zelenec in Luhansk
Russian militants tank In Illovaysk
SBU prevented a terrorist attack on the Independence Day in Odessa
Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko supports troops in the zone of ATO
@SenJohnMcCain: Can the world finally call #Russia's actions in #Ukraine what they actually are? A cross-border military invasion
Chinese fighter jet barrel-rolls over U.S. Navy spy plane
UN Secretary-General is concerned about the invasion convoy of the Russian Federation in Ukraine
Russian covert action agency LifeNews has its own surveillance drones in the #Ukraine
Russian soldier burned in the tank near Novosvitlivka
The fence near the Russian Embassy in Kiev colored in Ukrainian colors
Carl Bildt: The biggest story today is not the illegal aid convoy from Russia, but the confirmed presence of regular Russian army units in Ukraine
NSC Spox @CaitlinHayden: Today...Russian military vehicles painted to look like civilian trucks forced their way into Ukraine.
Today #Odessa commemorated killed at #Maidan and in the conflict zone
Ukraine practicing for its upcoming Independence Day parade in Kyiv
35 Russian trucks were unloaded in Krasnodon, 16 went to the Snizhne
United Kingdom: humanitarian convoy of the Russian Federation in Ukraine - provocation
White House press briefing. deeply concerned about Russian convoy in Ukraine
Ukrainian refugees prepare to board the train to Ufa. Most arrived in Russia in the last several days.
Putin told Merkel, why "humanitarian convoy" invaded Ukraine
The evacuation of the wounded in Illovaysk
NATO raised 16 fighter jets to intercept two Russian strategic bombers
Now #Ukraine ambassador to #UN speaking:
Churkin: cannot verify if #convoy trucks are empty or not. "Sometimes you need to have a spare trucks. It makes sense."
#Russia ambassador to UN Churkin says Russian troops and artillery are not in #Ukraine, challenges NATO to provide proof.
In Donetsk, one fighter says he's from Grozny. Other wearing GRU emblem 'Military Intelligence of Russian Federation'
Russian media: Shells exploded near trucks with humanitarian aid in Luhansk
Military convoy in Kyiv
Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin holds a press conference
Lithuanian honorary consul has been kidnapped and murdered in Luhansk by terrorists - Linkevicius
Pentagon: "Russia must remove its vehicles from the territory of Ukraine immediately."
The UN security Council to hold a meeting on the situation in Ukraine in 3 hours
8 Russian Paratroopers of the 76th Division from Pskov in Critical Condition at Luhansk Hospital
Russia Moves Artillery Units Into Ukraine, NATO Says
Several Russian military convoys going in the direction of Luhansk - NSDC
Russian MFA: The decision to block draft resolution on aid to Ukraine leaves no doubt #US wants to continue armed confrontation
NATO Secretary General condemns entry of Russian convoy into #Ukraine
Russia illegally using Red Cross emblem on its "humanitarian aid" convoy while entering #Ukraine
Ukrainian army in Rudakove
Ukraine has notified the UN security Council about the breakthrough of the Russian humanitarian convoy across the border
Green Russian trucks in Krasnodon
First trucks from the illegal Russian convoy reached #Luhansk
Dnipropetrovsk Region Administration and flags
Russian APCs in Rostov-on-Don
Statue of Lenin was decapitated In Kriviy Rig
Man in Saint Petersburg detained for wearing a yellow and blue cap
PM Yatseniuk: Russia planned intervention since 2004
Humanitarian convoy of Rinat Akhmetov continues to move
Yatseniuk: Mongols jumped in Ukraine on horses, and now Russia has on the trucks and tanks
Shelling in Donetsk. Near Military Enlistment office
Shelling in Donetsk. Near Military Enlistment office
"We urge #Russia to reverse its decision," says @EU_Commission on convoy entering #Ukraine.
DNR militants tell @OSCE_SMM they found a charred body of a Russian journo, prob missing Andrei Stenin, but no evidence
The first trucks of Russia "humanitarian convoy" arrived in Lugansk
Ukraine: Convoy's border crossing "indicates deliberate and aggressive nature of Russia's actions."
Russian convoy going through fields
Convoy of Russian army going to the border of Ukraine
#Ukraine's Cabinet of the Ministers holding an emergency meeting to discuss invasion of #Russia's convoy
Russia's trucks turned from Krasnodon to Mykolaivka to skip UA-controlled Novosvetlivka, u-turned, took to dirt road
Russia's trucks turned from Krasnodon to Mykolaivka to skip UA-controlled Novosvetlivka, u-turned, took to dirt road
State border service:145 Trucks have crossed UA border
The activists did not want to remove the tent at the request of the police in Kharkiv
Russia: Three unexploded shell fired from Ukrainian territory, were found in the Rostov region
Convoy was divided into at least two. One has already passed back through the Krasnodon, the other returns from Molodogvardeysk
#Ukraine authorities checked the contents of 34 out of 260 Russian trucks - @ICRC spox Ewan Watson
The humanitarian convoy at the border point Izvarino. Dozens of trucks already on the left side of Luhansk
Humanitarian aid from Ahkmetov passed Dnipropetrovsk
#Ukraine MFA-The whole responsibility of delivering the convoy goods to the destination is solely on #Russia
Terrorists captured Donetsk Jail and want to execute prisoners
The head of the SBU: Putin's Convoy in Ukraine - the invasion
The Russian Red Cross is ready to accompany the Humanitarian convoy
Militants shotdown Ukrainian combat helicopter Mi-24 near Lutuhyne yesterday. Pilots dead
#Ukraine military spokesman says info on #Russia aid convoy will be discussed at special conference at 2pm
@ICRC not escorting Russian #AidConvoy in #Ukraine 'due to the volatile security situation'
A fire at the station Gorodishe destroyed 25 houses
Some 60 trucks cross border with Ukraine
Snizhne: in the area of Khimmash chemical plant, a column of smoke
"Humanitarian trucks" accompanied by militants
Putin is aware of the fact that Colonna moved in the direction Luhansk, said Peskov
Russian state media says the first aid trucks have already entered Ukraine through Izvarino
Trucks with Russian aid for E. #Ukraine have started their engines
24-year-old soldier died near Tula during landing, Parachute did not open
The Moscow subway is switched to the mode of strategic shelters and check the readiness of the stations to protect citizens
Shelling in Donetsk
Shelling in Donetsk
Russian foreign Ministry: All kinds of excuses to delay the delivery of assistance on the part of Ukraine exhausted
Russian MFA: we decided to move humanitarian convoy to Luhansk
Shelling in Donetsk all night
Semenchenko: In Ilovaisk security forces are fighting with officers and soldiers of the Russian Federation
Rehearsal of naval parade in Odessa
Russian airborne forces have completed the formation of a peacekeeping force
In Cherkasy region after the train crush, the fire had spread to residential arra
Freight train derailed in Cherkassy region, 11 fuel tanks are burning
"Street art" in Cherkassy
Ukrainian army enters Illiria village, Luhansk region
Ukrainian military convoy
Ukrainian military convoy
Dnipropetrovsk, UKR. Lenin resists being recycled
The Russian defense Ministry denies that ATO forces captured Russian APC
#Donetsk MRLS shelling
Petro #Poroshenko to start selling his assets next week with help from the Rothschild Group
Terrorists bury their eliminated Russian mercenaries without names, by numbers
Japan jets intercept Russian nuclear-capable bombers
In #Donetsk terrorists shelled the Donbass Arena stadium with heavy weapons
Ukrainian flag raised in Stanytsia Luhanskaya
#Ukrainian band @okeanelzy are playing for 79 airborne brigade in #Mykolayiv
Rally in Moscow in support of Novorossiya
The Belarusian army moves dozens of 2S3 #Akatsiya
The Belarusian army moves dozens of 2S3 Akatsiya
Saur-Mohyla memorial collapsed
Museum of Regional History of #Donetsk
Leader of the Afghanistan veterans of Ukraine was killed near Luhansk
Repainted power line in Moscow
Ukraine carries out checks on Russian aid envoy
NSDC: In the area of Hryaschuvate terrorists fired at the car of refugees with a white flag. Killed man, woman and 5-years kid
Poroshenko met with the Ukrainian military in Mykolaiv
Russian militants coming from the sea, fired mortars at two checkpoints near #Novoazovsk,inj. several border guards and civilians.
The first truck with humanitarian aid crossed the Russian border and entered the territory of the Ukrainian checkpoint
Lenin in Mykolaiv
Russia's Gazprom says Ukraine's unpaid gas bill tops $5 billion
Russian army truck with weapons overturned in Voronezh region. Truck with Ukrainian plates
Poroshenko will dissolve Parliament next week
2 tanks with Russian flags passed Torez
Russian "humanitarian aid" trucks
2 Self-propelled howitzer were spotted in Suhodilsk. Going in direction of border with Russia
Water supply back in #Donetsk
Shells destroyed the roof and walls of the regional Museum in Donetsk
Ukrainian jets destroyed heavy armour and MRLS "Grad" of militants
Russian militants with T-72 capture damaged Ukrainian T-64 in Miusinsk
Echelon In, Kamensk-Shakhtinsk, Rostov region. Self-propelled guns, other military equipment
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