Map. History of Ukraine conflict

22 สิงหาคม 2018

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Donetsk airport
A number of Turkish naval vessels have entered the Black Sea
Russian forces started offensive on Avdiivka with large amount of tanks
Post-Soviet states military alliance not considering sending peacekeepers to Ukraine
#Russia to fully renew #nuclear #forces by 2020 - Rogozin
Nazar Fedorenko 19-year-old Ukrainian hero-scout
Dynamo Kyiv players wear T-shirts with tank today
#Tymchuk: Terrorists in Krasnyi Luch and Antratsyt fight each other
R300-B radio jamming complex
Peace March at #Hawaii
US to sell missiles to Poland amid Russia tensions
Village near the Mariupol was shelled with mortars
Donbass Battalion To Receive Training From Non-Active US Military Personnel - Says the Donbass Battalion Commander
Head of parliament Turchynov in Mariupol
Uglegorsk - almost a Ghost town. Russian militants too close
Dmitry Medvedev: the Situation in the tourist market is bad, hard
There is black smoke in the area of Donetsk airport
Putin discusses #Ukraine reconciliation, including compliance with peace plan, with members of Russian Security Council - spokesman
Russian Militants detained in Luhansk saboteurs with 15 kg of explosives - Russian media
American investment Fund @Blackstone closed business in Russia
Battalion "Kharkiv 2" detained saboteur in Slavyansk
Rally in San Francisco
Aksyonov: Majlis as an organization does not exist
Romania opens trial over communist-era crimes
French sigint ship Dupuy de Lome entered the Black sea for 5 time this year
Shots and explosions in Donetsk
Russian tank column passed Malohvardiysk in direction of Luhansk
Pushilin and guy with a flag of the '#Kharkiv People's Republic'
Ukrainian army repelled Russian attack in Debaltsevo. Russians retreat
Monument for Holodomor genocide unveiled at Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg
Drivers of "humanitarian convoy" and yesterday explosion of a chemical plant in Donetsk
Antalya, Turkey. March "No to war"
Europe to lose its share of Russian market due to foolish sanctions - Russian PM
Rally in New York. "Putin. Lalala"
Schastye today(Schastye is Happiness)
Rally in #Boston
#Latvian Air Force intercepted #Russian military aircraft for the third time today. #Latvia sent two SU-27 fighter jets
Shelling in Donetsk continues
In road accident in Dnipropetrovsk region killed two soldiers of the Odessa special battalion
In Oslo rally against Russian aggression, which was attended by representatives of the Chechen and the Ukrainian Diaspora
Shooting in Ingushetia. One Russian policeman dead
Russian armed forces go offensive on the Mariupol
Rally on the Cyprus
The monument to Lenin in the Central square of Kharkiv with pro-Ukrainian labels
Veche in #Slavyansk
Poroshenko: Ukrainian forces lost 65% of vehicles on frontline
Rally in Madrid
Semen Semenchenko in Washington, DC
"Our army can take Kaliningrad in 48 hours": the Polish media responded to the threat of Putin
Istanbul, rally
Interview with the President of Ukraine on UT-1 tv channel live
Rally in #London
Vladimir Putin has discussed the situation in Ukraine with Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe
Rally in Berlin near reichstag
Rally in Cologne
Rally in #Prague
The DC Peace March column marching towards the Russian embassy
Members of the Peace march DC crowd coming up to @iponomarev to chat, thank him for being the only MP to oppose war.
Estonians also protested against Putin today
Peace march in Milan
Rally in DC
Sydney today
Rally in Dublin today
"Azov" and "Alpha" neutralize saboteurs from the "Vostok" in Mariupol
March detained provocateur in Moscow
Rally in #Paris
Shells hit civil houses in Debaltseve
Chernihiv is celebrating the 71st anniversary of its liberation from Nazi invaders
#PeaceMarch in #Rome, #Italy
Police at the rally in Moscow
About a thousand in Kharkiv at the march of peace
Now in the heart of Moscow, near the Kremlin, people singing ukrainian song about Putin
Small clashes with provocateurs in Moscow
Kids "for peace with Ukraine"
March in #Munich #Germany
Police detained one war supporter
March of peace started - "No to war with Ukraine"
Peace Rally: Kremlin Special Police Forces readiness for full combat
Russian military shelling Ukrainian checkpoints near Mariupol
#peacemarch in #Moscow. Russian guy with Polish flag: thanks Poland for support to #Ukraine & democratic Russia
Crowd in St. Petersburg shouting "Glory to Ukraine!"
Along the route of the march wall campaign of "DNR"
Kuchma proposed putting Russian-Ukrainian border under control of UN troops, not OSCE
March against war in Moscow. Soldier that lost leg in Ukraine
Lots of Ukrainian flags and national dress at protests in Russia today.
Peace march in Vienna Austria
Police and titushki at peace march in Kalininngrad
Moscow today: people against Putin's war
Lots of Ukrainian flags at rally in Moscow
#Volgograd. "War in Ukraine - shame for Russia"
A small pro-separatist demonstration of about 25 people just left from Pushkin Sq. With a handgrenade flag.
First arrested in St. Petersburg on rally in support of peace in Ukraine
Odessa organized thousandth March for peace
Kamchatka. One woman on demo against war
Krasnojarsk. Anti-war demonstration
Anti antiwar march in Moscow
Anit-war March in #Ekaterinburg
Anti-war march in Petersburg
#PeaceMarch in Perm, #Russia
Peace march in #Novosibirsk was disrupted by police and titushki
Rally in #Kharkiv
Exercise Rapid Trident held in Yavoriv
In an accident with an armoured military vehicle "Tiger" in Rostov killed two
Putin discusses Russia-Japan relations, international affairs, situation in Ukraine with Japanese Prime Minister
In Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Symbol of USSR - Cruiser Aurora has left its St Petersburg mooring and is on its way to a repair dock
Unusual Patriotic rally in #Kharkiv
Shelling in Mariupol. Part of city is out of water supply
2 TU22 Backfire Of Russian airforces in Baltic Sea
"Titushki" attacks demo in support of peace in Barnaul
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