Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 September 2017
Cargo in #Donetsk the wreck #MH17 accompanied marked the #OSCE &the "police" so-called #DNR
Antonov An-225 in Leipzig
Not earthquake, but Artillery fire shaking Donetsk
On the Central square of #Slavyansk a rally-Requiem and a prayer service dedicated to the victims of Holodomor in Ukraine
Intensive artillery fire near Debaltseve-Torrez-Shakhtarsk
Police not allowed activists to set tents near Odessa' MIA
Canada has offered Ukraine the F-18, ex - Deputy head of the defense Ministry
Special forces storms Odessa oil refinery that belongs to Yanukovych's henchman Kurchenko
Special forces storms Odessa oil refinery that belongs to Yanukovych's henchman Kurchenko
#Ukrainians of #Strasbourg mourn #Holodomor victims
Tanker overturned On the ring road of Moscow
Lonely Russian woman on the street in St. Petersburg congratulates Ukraine with 1. anniversary of the Maidan
Earthquake hit Romania (Magnitude 5.5M, Depth:40km)
Right now in Sol (Madrid) remembering the victims of Holodomor
Volunteers sent Drone and night vision devices for scouts to the East
President @Poroshenko in statement said Ukraine will never forgive Russia for #Holodomor
New armored trucks, based on KrAZ for National guard
Ukrainian special forces in Severodonetsk
DNR is ready to take humanitarian aid from Kyiv
#Russia T-72 tanks & vehicles in #Novoazovsk near #Mariupol #Ukraine
Ukraine party of retired people confirms 64 people in #Chervonopartyzansk, #Luhansk regions have died fr starvation.
"Humanitarian aid" from Russia
This Ukrainian "fascism"
Russia has brought S-300 AA complex rockets to Crimea
"Putin killed" - protest in Brisbane, Australia
Evening in memory of the victims of the Holodomor near the Shevchenko monument in Kharkiv
Massive missile attack on Debaltsevo - a minimum of 5 residents suffered
Headquarters ATO: Militants fired TPP in Schastye
#Russia deploys S-400 Triumph AA/MDS to #Finnish & #Norwegian border
US suppply Ukraine anti-mortart systems
Heavy smog in Moscow again
Fire in Luhansk now
Another military convoy entered Ukraine from Russia, heading to Luhansk
Maidan today
Two explosions in Kharkiv: in the airport area and southern railway station
Rally in Moscow today. Effigy of Putin was burnt
Someone raised flag of "Novorossiya" in Odessa
Topless FEMEN activists kidnap 'priest' to protest Pope’s visit to EU Parliament
Two fighters of Right sector were killed near the Donetsk airport
In Chernivtsi was held March of Dignity and Freedom
A huge coat of arms of the ever-burning fires at the Maidan
Mykolaiv aircraft plant repaired a supersonic bomber
Russian spies were detained by SBU in Odessa
"Mistral" could be transfered to Russia on 27 of November
The U.S. will provide Ukraine with $ 23 million on reform and immigrants
Sergey Kurchenko became a citizen of Serbia
March of dignity in Kiev
March of dignity in Kiev
Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite called Russia a state with signs of international terrorism
Senior producer MIA "Russia today" committed suicide in Moscow
Merkel orders Russian-German forum to be canceled
Biden in #Kyiv. Again, lethal aid no. Humvees yes
Biden in #Kyiv. Again, lethal aid no. Humvees yes
Russian UAV reconnaissance over Donetsk region cont., 9 cases in last 24 hours. MI8 helic. and SU25 flights spotted near northern UA border
Artillery shelling from Russian territory registered first time since the 5 Sep. ceasefire. Shells were shot in eastern part of Luhansk obl.
Strong artillery cannonade heard in Shakhtersk
In Moscow burned 13 supercar, total cost 150 million rubles
The head of state laid flowers at the memorial cross and lit a candle in memory of the fallen Heroes of the Heavens Hundreds
#Mistral ships ordered by Russia now both afloat & #SEVASTOPOL now where #VLADIVOSTOK was
Large earthhole in Solikamsk. Mine Uralkali.
Coalition created. Ukraine will cancel the non-aligned status and integrate into NATO and the EU. Five parties have agreed.