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25 มิถุนายน 2018

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[email protected]: US failure to help #Ukraine is shameful. "Pro-Russian rebels reject peace deal, launch new offensive"
Deputy commander of the airborne forces of Ukraine, Colonel-General Galushkin, carries a wounded soldier
Nearby #Debaltseve. A lot of female soldiers among Ukraine troops
Mogilevich lives freely in Moscow despite an FBI rap sheet the features nuclear trafficking
Russia firing artillery in direction of #Mariupol
New evidences of explosion of jet of President of Poland
Russian driver license was found near Donetsk airport
Ukrainian army BMP-1KSh goes to the battle
Russian army column in #Luhansk city
Russian army column in Luhansk city
Explosion In Odessa, Pastera street. There were no injuries.
Last way of S. Nikonenko in Myrhorod
Russian Media: "Poland Presidential candidate : we need to send soldiers to Ukraine"
NATO international headquarters to be established in will be established in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria
Russian howitzers in Tahanrig, Rostov region
Russian "Uragans" that were shelled on Ukrainian city
Ukrainian forces recapture the 31-th checkpoint - press center #ATO
Militants breaking though #Ukrainian-controlled #Popasnaya defensive positions. Multiple direct hits on Ukr fortifications
Kharkiv. Unknown attacked the volunteers, he was tied and waiting for the police and journalists
Defense Ministry: Ukrainian military have killed more than fifty militants
Consequences of attacks in #Krasnogorivka
In Smela at railway station was found a bag of grenades and explosives
Hillary #Clinton have parodied #Putin
Hillary Clinton have parodied Putin
In Odessa supporters of Euromaydan blocked the exits from Malinovsky district court, waiting for the defendants of Kulikovske
Photo evidence of Russian soldiers in Ukraine
Militants have shelled Dzerzhins'k. Shell hit the kindergarten, pipeline is damaged
Ukrainian artillery have destroyed more than 20 Russian soldiers and militants, 10 people are captured
Confectionery "АВК" has stopped in #Donets'k
"We would be on the verge of war" if US, EU exclude Russia from SWIFT system - Andrey Kostin, Chairman, Russian State Bank VTB
Zaharchenko threatens to to give orders not to take prisoners
1,000 people will be mobilized in Mariupol'
Lifenews: 3 civilian Russians delivering supply+mayor of Pervomaisk
Lifenews: 3 civilian Russians delivering supply+mayor of Pervomaisk
The militants have shot Stanytsia Luhanska direct fire. 40 houses destroyed, there are dead, - Moskal'
Russian Army Troops Breached The Front South West Of #Horlivka, Killed Many Ukr Defenders In #Krasnyi Partizan
Serheyev: Russia recalls signature on schedule of Minsk agreements implementation,
There was a major break-through pipes in Kyiv
There was a major break-through pipes in Kyiv
Wounded Dmitry #Yarosh in a hospital ward
#NATO says, heavy weapons have been moving into #Ukraine from #Russia, as they have prior to previous rebel
Destroyed vehicles after clashes between "Cossacks" and "LNR army" in Rovenky
Google will disable Crimeans from Google Play store from the 1st of February
72-year-old Ukrainian "spy" held in the SIZO over six months
Controlled by Ukraine territory of Luhansk region is completely power off, - Moskal'
Putin accused Ukraine of deaths in the Donbass
"Conscripts" are forced to sign contracts near St. Petersburg and to go to the Donbass, - Russian MP
#Krasnogorivka, the consequences of fire
Another car accident in Donetsk with Russian military
The Russian army is using "Smerch" in the east of Ukraine, - the National Security Council
Putin's in speech at the security Council named "DNR" and "LNR"
The ringleaders of the Kharkiv separatists are hiding in Belgorod and occupied Donbass, - the Interior Ministry
The number of Russian occupation troops in #Donbass has reached the highest level
Zakharchenko is already preparing for the introduction of the death penalty in "DNR"
Yatsenyuk ordered to prepare plan of transition of the economy to "military rails"
Russia decided to replace the school bell on military tunes
#School was shelled during the shootout between the Cossacks and militants of #LNR. There are wounded
School was shelled during the shootout between the Cossacks and militants of LNR. There are wounded
#Donetsk. Militants vehicles crashing into the bus
SA-22 Greyhound on the border with Ukraine
Ukrainian partisans has undermined the Ukrainian train. It was not a train of LNR, - Moskal'
United Nations says more than 5,000 people have been killed in #Ukraine since April 2014 with 262 people killed in last nine days
Lenin monument felt in Novyi Buh
Apartment door of the Russian human rights activist Zvyagina was smeared with faeces
#Yatsenyuk instructed the heads of regions to prepare for the transition to a "military rails"
Soldiers of Ukraine
World oil prices have risen after the news about the death of the King of Saudi Arabia
Just heard Russ dep-PM Shuvalov. Implied Putin would be eliminated by own Russ power circle if he yielded to demands for freedom/democracy
Ukraine says "Russian terrorist groups" have launched new offensive across the frontline in the east
#Gorlovka was shelled. There are dead and wounded
Zakharchenko: We need to take Slavyansk before we take Mariupol. We need Slavyansk's water supplies. This is why we aren't pushing there now
Zakharchenko: Negotiations with Ukraine about the truce will no longer be
Russian army warehouse & weapons in Sukhodilsk, Krasnodon
Dnipropetrovsk giving blood for wounded soldiers from Donetsk
Leaders of Crimea plans to triple raise electricity tariffs
#Alchevsk. Frunze Street. 2 self-propelled artillery of Russian forces
Brand new #Russian Army 2B26 Grad-K system takes part in shelling #Donetsk
Brand new Russian Army 2B26 Grad-K system takes part in shelling Donetsk
Parubiy in these minutes is directly on the front line
A bill reaffirming #US commitment to Ukraine ter. integrity by nonrecognition of Russia’s annex. of Crimea introduced in U.S. #Congress
Russian Army column moving through Donbass
Russian Army column moving through  Donbass
Today in Mariupol
PayPal accounts in Crimea were. Due to US sanctions
New currency of DNR/LNR was shown in Sevastopol
#Ukraine tanks on the way to reinforce troops at front in #Donbass
Ukraine tanks on the way to reinforce troops at front in Donbass
Captured in airport militant is from Yasinuvata, was paid 2500/uah a month
George Soros 'top concern @davos dinner: Putin's "new resurgent Russia" is "a mafia state," threatens "new Ukraine," debt-laden EU
Ukrainian forces reportedly captured a Russian fighter on #Donetsk airport territory tonight. Some killed
Ukraine's #Unityday in Rome
Human chain today in Zaporizhie
Residents of Khmelnytsky at the knees say goodbye to "cyborg"
US lawmakers urged to provide weapons for #Ukraine
Transnistria Security Service - "We Have Info On Possible Provocations At The Border With Ukraine "
Ukrainian Embassy and community has honored the memory of the buried soldiers of the UNR in Warsaw
Supermarket "Spar" in #Shastye. 120 mm mine hit next to the building and killed two people
Odessa, Potemkin stairs
Vice-Speaker Parubiy: enemy plans 2 encirclements - #Schastia, #Debaltseve, offensive on #Volnovakha to encircle #Mariupol
The MLRS 9K58 "Smerch" in Makiivka
The MLRS 9K58 Smerch in Makiivka
MFA of RF: Left to admit that #ATO is actually a terrorist operation of Kyiv
Vigil on Maidan in Kyiv
Russian soldiers in Donetsk
Poroshenko: If the enemy does not want to keep the ceasefire, we will fight
Reading the names of all killed
[email protected]: Welcome Berlin agreement, but real test is implementation of all #Minsk provisions
Rally on Grushevskogo street
Russian soldier with DNR flag in Rostov Region ready to enter Ukraine
Vigil in Odessa for first victims of Yanukovych regime
#Poroshenko assemble security immediately officials to develop a plan against Russia #ATO
NATO has detected Russian air defense/electronic warfare systems. May be related to Russian troop movements
Russian military gas mask PMK-3 in the terminal of Donetsk airport
Mercenaries from Chelyabinsk are going in Donets'k airport
Mercenaries from Chelyabinsk  are going in Donets'k airport
Militants artillery shoot from Yenakijeve
The most winning biathlete of Ukraine left the sport for the sake of volunteering #volunteers #ATO #sports
Leaked Correspondence Shows that Yarosh account was hacked last year on demand of Russian president administration
The fugitive #Azarov was met in Moscow private clinic
The fugitive Azarov was met in Moscow private clinic
The boy was killed by militants shelling in Mar'inka. His brother and grandmother were injured
Gorlivka after artillery barrage.
Gorlivka after artillery barrage.
#Putin uses the strategy of a madman" to intimidate the West, - @FT
Preparation of fresh "local Separatists" in Lipetsk/Russia
Crimean "authorities" failed to read Ukraine's response to the claim on gold of Scythians
Militant artillery have shelled Novozvanivka. There are no UAF in this village.
Piski today
Turchynov told the details of the fire of his APC near the Donets'k airport
#NSDC predicts that soon the Russian-militant troops will begin a powerful attack
Militants of #DNR repeated his war crime in Independence Day
The President had to cancel his visit to Dnipropetrovsk due to the inclement weather
Self-defense, students and ultras honored the memory of the first victims at #Grushevskogo
84 miner stuck below ground due to firing of the mine in Dzerzhyns'k
Observed woman shouting Ukrainian POWs at scene of shelling. As she walked away, rebel grabbed her, pulled her back, insisted keep shouting.
Residents of Dnepropetrovsk ready to combine both banks of the Dniper by embroidered towel in honor of Reunion Day
The militants receive two thousand boms a day, and all this iron flies on our heads, - fighter of "Right sector" about the battle for Pisky
"Cyborgs" can be under the ruins of the Donets'k airport, but it is impossible check out now, - the NSDC
Interfax - 17 Ukr POWs are headed to Kuibyshev St in #Donetsk to be paraded
Ukr forces hold to their positions in Avdiivka, Pisky near the airport. Combat is on there - ATO spox presser
Militants justice in #Donetsk: Ukr military prisoner hauled before cameras to be shouted down and beaten
Militants justice in Donetsk: Ukr military prisoner hauled before cameras to be shouted down and beaten
People began to gather at a rally in honor of the day of unity of Ukraine
8 civilians are killed, 7 - wounded as a result militants shelling trolley in Donetsk
Gunmen opened fire on the city Board of police in Debal'tsevo, some people are injured
[email protected] at scene of #Donetsk bus stop scene. Their calculation seems to indicate shell came from NW direction
Civilian houses are shelled by militants in the village Talakivka
#Life has stopped working completely in the occupied Crimea
The Popasna was fired projectiles of a new model, and "Grad" killed a woman in Zolote, - Moskal'
Ukrainian MoD: Fighting for Donetsk airport continues, Ukrainian army controls part of airport premises
DNR guys on the scene say trolleybus was attacked by a diversionary group from inside the city.
Trolleybus got hit in #Donetsk this morning, 13 dead
Trolleybus got hit in Donetsk this morning, 13 dead
A large column of Russian "Grad" has come to Donets"k
A large column of Russian Grad has come to Donetsk
The militants opened fire on houses in #Debal'tseve and #Avdiivka
Ukraine in the UN Security Council: 237 soldiers and 148 civilians were killed during the "truce"
NATO: Russian military equipment and soldiers has significantly increased оn the East of Ukraine
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