Map. History of Ukraine conflict

15 December 2017
Chechen Voluntary Battalion of Dzokhar Dudayev during the protests in Kyiv: Putin is ISIS, ISIS is Putin
Zacharchenko claims that local elections in Donetsk and Luhansk region will be hold on April, 20
#Vakarchuk appealed to #Poroshenko with a sharp statement: Mr. President, where are changes in the country?
Russian militants at firing range
Militants activated electronic warfare measures near Luhansk
Ukraine to reclaim Donbas this year - Poroshenko
Russian militants with flamethrowers RPO-A "Schmel" at Donbas
Constitutional Court of #Moldova : No violation in the voting process of Filip Government
Pro-#Russian militants in #Lugansk praising the head of Chechnya #Kadyrov and #Putin
Poroshenko threatens war with Russia in case of failing constitution amendments
In Ivano-Frankivs'k region SBU seized arsenal of weapons
At the Mariupol entrance someone asks pro-Russian people go back to "Novorosiya"
Tensions at court on members of "Right sector" in Dragobrat
Near Starohnativka militants used heavy self-propelled artillery yesterday. Total 37 ceasefire violations
[email protected] live-fire mortar training in Yavoriv is helping Ukrainian army become more effective on the battlefield.
Central Donetsk: shooting and flares after. Possible fireworks
Kerry says effort and good faith could lead to lifting of sanctions on Russia: #WEF16
Estonian soldiers fire the anti-tank missile FGM-148 Javelin for the first time
Bill Browder met in #Davos with Estonian President Toomas Ilves to discuss Russian aggression and Magnitsky sanctions
72 killed by H1N1 flu in Ukraine - Ministry
Today, Estonian Defence Forces @Kaitsevagi performed 1st live firing of US-supplied Javelin anti-tank missile system
It's propaganda
Basurin: DNR intel—US military involved in research at lab in Shelkostantsiya near Kharkiv. Produced Biological weapons H1N1 "California"
#Ukraine intelligence reports #Russia'n -militants #Grad MRLS still located in #Donetsk, #Makiivka and #Horlivka
After only 4 days stay in Sevastopol, Russian NAVY BF Minsk 127 transits the Bosphorus en route to #Tartus #Syria
Russian navy ropuchas back in business. Azov and Minsk heading south. #SyrianExpress
Putin convened security council on Moldova events
Column marching through Chisinau, Moldova
UA mil intel: To prevent the spread of pro-UA ideas among people of occupied Luhansk region, militants blocked access to 113 UA Websites
UA mil intel: Space reconnaissance confirms presence of 10 enemy tanks and 3 self-propelled guns near Mospyne
Another day of protests in Chisinau, Moldova. Column marching to Constitutional court of Moldova, Moldova1 TV station
ATO spox: ATO forces found a cache near Stanytsia-Luhanska: 2 boxes of grenades, 3 rocket launchers and ammo for them
ATO spox: Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, 1 UA soldier was wounded; 1 UA serviceman was wounded in a land mine blast
ATO spokesperson: Militants non-stop fired at UA positions to the east of Krasnohorivka and Maryinka
ATO spokesperson: The enemy intensified shelling of UA positions: occasionally mortars and BMP are used
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Military situation in the eastern Ukraine deteriorated
Celebration of Ukrainian Union day in Lisichansk
Moldova: Pro-Russian and pro-European leaders of the protest on the same stage
Usatîi proposes a People's Court to judge the current politicians and to nationalise their properties #Moldova
Russian tanks near Krasnyy Luch
There has to be fear of breaking the law, or we will not fight corruption and tax evasion @njaresko #WEF16
Sanctions for Russia should be combined with more support to #Ukraine urges George Soros.
Ukraine did remarkable job in a short time says @richardbranson
69 violations of ceasefire yesterday. 120mm mortar used near Starohnativka
Russian tanks in Donetsk region