Map. History of Ukraine conflict

22 September 2017
Diver finds 'footprints' in Swedish sub hunt area, expert: could be from electric sub motors.
Shelling began in Mariupol at 21-00 Kyiv time
In Kharkiv Police shot dead a terrorist
Fire in Donetsk
The first @OSCE_SMM drone flys east of Mariupol
The first @OSCE_SMM drone flys east of  Mariupol
Heavy fire in the area of Donetsk Chemical Plant
Donetsk: "somewhere explosions heard. Approximately North-West from freedom square"
#Ukraine's PM warns #Russia may try to destabilize Sunday's election
Funeral in Lviv. V. Gurnyak from Bat. Aydar was buried honorably attended by 100s of citizens
Russian observers to take part in #OSCE observer mission to Ukrainian parliamentary elections – Russian Foreign Ministry
In Dnipropetrovsk test of Emergency alert
Armored vehicles and riot police on high alert in Chisinau
Russia prevented to expand zone of OSCE monitoring to the whole border with RF. OSCE monitors 1 km out of 100 km under terrorist control - NSDC
[email protected]_SMM: We are preparing to host local/intl media shortly for the maiden flight of our UAVs near Mariupol. Liftoff planned in a little over 1hr.
#Donetsk forces plan to attack Slaviansk, Kramatorsk, Mariupol
It's fake
#LAVROV: Fulfillment of Minsk agreements not going smoothly, #Kyiv continues to use heavy artillery in east Ukraine
Russian regular army officers are preparing militants in Luhansk
ATM was robbed this night In the building of the state Duma of RF
Putin's militants were preparing terrorist attacks on polling stations
Canadian flag half-mast in Kyiv to honour terror victim Cpl Cirillo
SBU detained Russian sabouter near Debaltseve
[email protected] met with Benjamin Netanyahu
#Kasparov says #Crimea isn't #Russia's, therefore pro-annexation #Khodorkovsky + #Navalny aren't the opposition.
The DNR will supply the Crimea with 50,000 tonnes of coal from the mines of the Donbass.
Russian media: Head of Total could be killed by Ukrainian special agency
Today on the match Metalist - Lechia, Polish fans hung this banner saying Vilnius and Lviv is Poland.
Convoy of armors passed Hartsyzk
Jewish leader Joseph Zissels compares eastern Ukraine to Gaza
Demo of Russian billionaire Chichvarkin in London
[email protected]: Russia's aggression in Ukraine needs to end. That's why we've worked with Germany.
Russian plane entering Estonian airspace yesterday viewed as most serious incursion into NATO airspace since Cold War
Artillery duel In #Dokuchayevsk. But Ukrainian forces only watching, and are not involved.
"Ukroboronprom" will use NATO manufacturing standards
In the Crimea, one more Crimean Tatar activist was arrested
[email protected]: I met some Russian soldiers on duty inside Ukraine. Speech: They gave us an order: who wants to go volunteer?
#Poroshenko Bloc, Radical Party and People’s Front to enter parliament, latest poll
Four monuments to Lenin were demolished in Kryvyi Rih this night
#Strelkov warns about Ukraine defending itself and kicking Russia out
#Strelkov warns about Ukraine defending itself and kicking Russia out
#Sanctions-hit oil giant #Rosneft asks for $49 bln from Russia's National Wealth Fund - Fnance Minister
The North-Crimean canal. Dried up. Nova Kakhovka,
Mike Tyson is to become a member of the Russian Union of Writers for some reason.
The cluster bombs that were shown by @hrw were produced in 2013 in Russia and never imported to Ukraine since 1991.
GDF Suez proposed by the European Commission as an intermediary in the supply of Russian gas to Ukraine
Some Lenin monuments were demolished in Luhansk region
Boeing officially opened its office in Ukraine
Roscosmos refused to deliver rocket engine to Ukraine
Novorosiiya flag t the CSKA Moscow vs. ManCity game that was closed to the public because of racism
Minsk agreement will be in the focus of the summit of EU leaders -
"Azov" brought captured militants armored vehicles to Kyiv
The OSCE denied the use of cluster munitions in Donbass
New armored vehicles KRAZ "Spartan" for Ukrainian army
Russian Duma bans display of symbols of Nazi cooperation groups
Aksenov promises to return the loans to the Ukrainian banks
Russia banned meat from Moldova
Russia increased the activity and movement of troops and equipment at the Donbass
Cable TV showing anti-OCs trying to remove barricades in Mongkok. Police standing by #HongKong
Ukrainian outpost in Piski , not far from Donetsk airport
In the East of Moscow there was a fire
Russia moved to the Donbass 500 mercenaries with 50 tanks and armored personnel Carriers - Tymchuk
Putin wants to repeat the Donbass script Crimea, ex - Pentagon chief